Seed to Stage - A Storytelling Boot Camp (1 day)

Sat Aug 24 2024 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm UTC+08:00

Projector X: No Spoilers Bar | Singapore

What's Your Story Slam
Publisher/HostWhat's Your Story Slam
Seed to Stage - A Storytelling Boot Camp (1 day)
How to tell a story from a seed or an idea and take it with you to own the stage. This is a one-day storytelling boot camp.
About this Event

Have you ever wanted to learn to tell a story and captivate your audience?

Yes, you do!

This bootcamp will teach you how to take your experiences and create meaningful stories for an audience. You'll surprise yourself with how engaging your tales can be!

Whether you're aspiring to be a What's Your Story Slam champion, a start-up founder looking to pump up your pitch, or someone who wants to feel confident up on stage -- this class will help.

In this in-person class, you will learn:

  • the essential elements of telling a story
  • how to surprise your audience and make them care
  • how to be confident in your skin on stage
  • how to discover and share the real meaning behind your experience

Your Storytelling Journey at Seed to Stage

Unlock the Power of Narrative Across Contexts

Whether you're a professional aiming to captivate an audience, a business leader looking to inspire, or a creative soul eager to express yourself, Seed to Stage offers diverse storytelling applications. Here’s what you can explore and achieve:

  • Personal Narratives for Public Speaking: Enhance your public speaking skills by learning to weave engaging personal stories.
  • Entrepreneurial Pitching: Master the art of storytelling to pitch your business ideas with impact and emotion.
  • Leadership Through Storytelling: Discover how to use narratives to inspire and lead, sharing vision and values effectively.
  • Comedy and Entertainment: Dive into the art of crafting humorous and captivating stories, perfect for stand-up routines or entertainment.
  • Social Impact Narratives: Learn to tell powerful stories highlighting important issues and driving community engagement.
  • Digital Storytelling: Elevate your content creation with storytelling techniques that resonate with your online audience.
  • Cultural and Historical Narratives: Preserve and share heritage or personal family histories through engaging storytelling.
  • Educational Storytelling: Transform educational content into memorable and engaging learning experiences.

At Seed to Stage, you’re not just learning to tell a story but unlocking a universe of possibilities. Find your voice, tell your story, and make an impact in ways you've never imagined.

But don't just take my word for it. Hear from those who've experienced the transformation firsthand. Watch the video or read the testimonials below from previous participants of Anna's Storytelling Courses

"Anna is a gifted storytelling coach. She has the exceptional ability to simplify the complex and draw one out of their comfort zone. I took the program as I wanted to gain confidence in public speaking, I have noticed improvements in a short amount of time. Never did I imagine myself telling a story on stage let alone look forward to with excitement. The program was loads of fun, I will be joining again."

- Farrah

"Seed to Stage” is an excellent basic course for aspiring storyteller who wishes to reach out to their audiences on a soul-to-soul level, I enjoy thoroughly at each session. The lessons were easy to understand and Anna was kind enough to coax the story out of us. "

- Horus

"The class is awesome in helping me develop, pivot, and make my story punchier. Great tips for stage presentations!"

- Isabella

This class will make public speaking a safe and enjoyable experience.

The class will include techniques and exercises from improvisational comedy, examples of performances from some of the finest storytellers, and various methods and approaches to prepare yourself on stage.

You'll get at least one polished, five to six-minute story and the fundamentals needed to develop future tales.

We finish the boot camp with a show and tell to your fellow participants and an option to tell the story at the next What's Your Story Slam show.

You'll be surprised by how addictive storytelling on stage can be.

I'll meet you where you're at and ensure that this will allow you to feel comfortable sharing your story out loud.

But that's not all. In addition to the boot camp, I'm excited to offer each of you a personal touch to your storytelling journey. You'll get a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with me, where we'll dive into your specific storytelling needs. This session is your chance to get tailored advice, fine-tune your story, and make it shine.

And for those hungry for more, you can continue with one-on-one coaching. Imagine having a personal storytelling guide to help you perfect your craft. Whether for the stage, the boardroom or just around the dinner table, these sessions are your gateway to captivating any audience, anywhere.

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More testimonials!

"I have always loved listening to and telling stories. The storytelling workshop conducted by Anna Ong truly played on my interest and skill. During the Covid-19 lockdown, I decided to hone my skills and also learn something new. This virtual workshop was just what I needed!

Anna is a dedicated coach. She invested her time and energy in each and every one of us. Our stories evolved wonderfully over the course of 4 weeks, culminating into a successful showcase.

Thank you, Anna! You are amazing."


"Anna is a great coach. I was inspired by her personal stories and storytelling style. Her comments helped me shape my story into a fun, short and lively personal narrative to share in a live show. She is also an amazing entertainer, making the audience feel part of the show from the moment they join."


"Anna creates a very comfortable and safe environment for her storytelling classes. She puts in a lot of thought to craft a lesson that is both interesting and relevant to people looking to apply storytelling to their work. Despite the varying level and background of the participants, she is able to work off everyone's dynamics and adapt the class so that everyone gets a lot out of it. Most of all, it was very enjoyable and Anna is never without a smile or good humour. I recommend this class for anyone who'd like to develop their narratives, especially in a corporate environment as Anna's extensive work and life experiences and her intuitive teaching will help you put form to your stories."


"Anna is a magic worker. I’ve never stood in front of an audience to share a story before. Anna went out of her way to make sure it’ll be successful and that it’s comfortable for me. She helped me by choosing a good story, by sharing the best method in story-telling 101 and by coaching me to curate a beautiful and impactful story."


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Projector X: No Spoilers Bar, 8 Grange Road, Singapore, Singapore


SGD 600.00 to SGD 900.00

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