Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop

Sun Feb 25 2024 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm UTC+02:00

Mielenlento | Helsinki

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Educator and Coach
Publisher/HostCarmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Educator and Coach
Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop
Learn how to flow with your cycle's natural rhythms instead of struggling with them!

✨After this workshop, you'll leave with a better understanding of how your reproductive hormones impact different aspects of your life and practical tools to strengthen your connection with your cycle and yourself ✨

The menstrual cycle is more than bleeding once a month, PMS, or making babies. Did you know that it has four hormonal phases and that you change physically, mentally, and emotionally in each one of them?
Many of us grow up ignoring how our bodies actually work and understand so little about the cycle that we struggle to have a good (or even neutral) relationship with it.
But what if I told you there is a powerful way to flow with the natural rhythm of your cycle? What if there was a way to help your hormones work for and not against you?
Incredible shifts happen when you can predict, work with and embrace the changes within yourself each month.
How would your life be different if you gave your menstrual cycle a chance?

🌻 Learn about the four hormonal phases of the menstrual cycle and the physical, emotional, and mental changes you experience in each phase.
🌻 Discover your unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and needs in each phase of the cycle and how to use them to live more sustainably.
🌻 Learn how tracking your cycle can help you strengthen the connection with your cycle and identify things that might be off with your hormonal health.
🌻 Be gently guided through exercises to integrate the day's teachings into your own experience.
🌻 Have the chance to ask questions, share your experience (only as much as you want), and connect with others.
🌻 Spend a cozy afternoon relaxing, being held, drinking tea, and recharging together.

✨Open to women and menstruators✨
You're welcomeif you have a regular or irregular cycle, if you don't have a period at the moment/anymore, and even if you're on hormonal birth control. All menstrual experiences are valid and welcome.
If you have questions about your particular situation, check the FAQ below, or send me a message.
🔔 Content Warning 🔔
Please note that the workshop may touch upon topics such as pregnancy, childbirth, infertility, miscarriage, blood, and other body fluids, depending on participants’ questions and discussions. Creating a supportive and safe space is my priority, and I understand that these topics can be sensitive for some people. Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or if you’d like more information about the workshop content.

❣️When and where
Sunday February 25, from 10-13h
Mielenlento (Otavantie 5, 00200 Helsinki see map). A two-minute walk from the Lauttasaari metro.
Carmen Lorenzana, Menstrual Educator and certified Fertility Awareness Teacher by FEMM.
❣️Payment and registration
Early bird price: 57€ (valid until Jan 30)
General price: 65€
(VAT included)
Book your spot through my online shop:


❣️ How people have experienced my workshops:

"Attending Carmen's workshop on the menstrual cycle was a game-changer for me. I gained a deeper understanding of my hormones and how they impact my mood, energy levels, and overall well-being throughout each phase of my menstrual cycle. This knowledge has helped me to be more kind to myself during those times when I might feel a little less energetic or more emotional than usual. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel more in tune with their body and overall health."
-Inês Wellenkamp Jales, Portugal

"I came out of the workshop with many new insights and a new understanding of how to relate my experience of the cycle to other events in my life. I am already communicating quite openly about my experience of PMS, for example, in the private and work setting. In fact, I already shared some experience from the workshop in a customer meeting :) Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!"
-Mareike Bruns, Germany

“I was having a horrible relationship with my period, I’d get anxious and irritated a few days before it would come. After attending Carmen’s workshop, I learnt so much about how to deal with it and how not to be too hard on myself those days of the month. Now I have a great relationship with my period, and I live those days as a natural way of my body to work. Thank you Carmen!“.
- Chiara Montecchiari, Italy

❣️About Carmen Lorenzana:
I’m a Menstrual Cycle Educator and Coach on a mission to normalize conversations about periods, cycles, and fertility.
My work is a combination of the science and the magic of the menstrual cycle.
As a certified Fertility Awareness Instructor, I’m here to help you understand the biology, physiology, and hormones involved in your cycle, so you can better care for your reproductive health and enhance your quality of life.
And as a Menstruality Mentor, I’m also here to help you connect with the profound wisdom and intuition of your cyclical nature so that you can embrace your unique rhythms, find balance, and lead a meaningful life in sync with Nature.
Welcome to this space. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

- Can I participate if I have irregular cycles?
A: Absolutely! Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a tool to educate yourself and understand your hormonal health, and you can practice it even if you don’t have a “textbook” cycle. By getting to know each phase of your cycle more intimately, you’ll soon realize that cyclical self-care is possible for you and can bring harmony to a not-so-consistent flow. In the workshop, we’ll explore tools and practices for this.

- Can I participate if I'm on hormonal birth control?
A: Sure! Just please consider that when you take hormonal birth control, you replace your reproductive hormones with synthetic ones; in other words, you are not experiencing a natural menstrual cycle. The information in this workshop will still be helpful, but certain things won’t necessarily be applicable in the same way, as you are not cycling naturally. However, we’ll explore how to honor the different phases of the cycle, even if you are not cycling naturally :)

- Can I participate if I don't have a cycle at the moment/anymore?
A: This workshop is for anyone who has (or has had) a period. The content is grounded in the four phases of the cycle, but if you don’t have a cycle at the moment/anymore, we’ll explore practices to still honor the energies of each phase. An experience of a menstrual cycle (present or past) will help with integration.

❣️If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to message me at [email protected]

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Mielenlento, Lauttasaarentie 29, FI-00200 Helsinki, Suomi,Helsinki, Finland


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