Frey Faust (Shoe Making & Axis Syllabus/gait mechanics Workshop)

Fri Jul 01 2022 at 10:00 am to Sun Jul 03 2022 at 03:00 pm

ReMo Studio | Amsterdam

Frey Faust (Shoe Making & Axis Syllabus\/gait mechanics Workshop)
We are honored to announce the two-part workshop that Frey Faust; American choreographer, dancer, writer and craftsman will facilitate at ReMo Studio
Frey's workshop will be divided into two independent but interconnected parts at ReMo Studio from the 1st to the 3rd of July from 10am to 3pm. You can decide to take part in one of them or both.
This workshop will combine his Axis Syllabus Method (preparation, training, performance potential and limitations of the human body) and a shoe manufacturing project. This practice is of great interest to performers, choreographers, therapists, artisans, designers and all those interested in re-studying the relationship between walking, movement and anatomy.
The investment for the full 3 days workshop is €150 and €80 for only one of the parts. Contact us at [email protected]
Two-part workshop
Changing habits
The difficulty anyone who attempts to change the way they move will face, is in the review of unconscious coordination habits. Making some muscles stronger or changing our standing posture might help, but ultimately will not solve this problem. Relearning how to walk will require us to retrace some of the stpet that we used to learn how to move, but we can also lean on science, the collected experience of others, as well as new and old teaching tools to make the process shorter. Frey Faust

- Shoemaking: practicality, durability, flexibility, anatomical support, health
- Walking: flow, buoyancy, strength, study and optimize your gait mechanics

Frey will teach you the basics of shoe making and introduce you to game changing insights from the science and practice of walking.
For the walking session, we will go outside often. We will study bone and connective
tissue design and relationships, as well as integrate the basics from applied physics.
The Shoe makers' session will include information on: anatomy-friendly design, cutting, gluing, sewing and finishing techniques.

To participate in this workshop, you must prepare/outsource:
- Think about and acquire: materials for closure: buttons, buckles, laces, zippers...etc.
- Acquire and bring your materials and tools:
• Thin, flexible leather for upper parts, about 3 sq m
• Thin, tough leather for the soles and heels (can be obtained from leather bags or other items too)
• Light, thin rubber sheets for the soles
• Hook awl
• Thick waxed cotton thread
• 4 large tubes of contact glue
• Heavy duty scissors
• Needle-nosed pliers
• Large blunt needle

THE AXIS SYLLABUS is, first and foremost, a document that is the result of a knowledge-gathering effort focussed on the preparation, training, performance potential and limitations of the human body.
“Axis” is a reference to vector coordinates allowing the calculation of dimension, direction, inertial values and kinetic energy equations, and “Syllabus” means a list or lexicon, that organizes these references and correlates them with various kinds of documented practice.
Frey Faust is a veteran of the New York contemporary dance scene, with a strong European renommée and intercontinental touring circuit. His focus for the last twenty five years has shifted to the educational value of applied science in the arts, with an emphasis on anatomy and physics, including aspects of sociology and cognitive science. With the help of colleagues from the arts and sciences, he consolidated The Axis Syllabus, an interdisciplinary reservoir of information to facilitate various approaches to teaching movement skills in the late 1990's. "Axis" is a reference to vector coordinates allowing the calculation of inertial values and kinetic energy equations, and "Syllabus" means a list or lexicon, organizing these referents and correlating them with documented practice. Having a non-specific cross-sector impact, his work has met with an enthusiastic, international response from various performance oriented artists, as well as a wide cross-section of the scientific community. Twelve years ago, prompted by a convincing popular interest in this work, He founded the AS - Research Network, which has since developed an instructor's certification process with operational centers in seven countries and participants in development and study numbering in the thousands.
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++ we have possibilities in hosting some participants in our studio for the WS, let us knwo if you need a place to stay.
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ReMo Studio, Slijperweg 7, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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