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UW Medical Center - Montlake | Seattle Hospital, Northeast Pacific Street, Seattle, WA, USA | Seattle

Dr Churchill
Publisher/HostDr Churchill
DR CHURCHILL'S STARTUP MASTER CLASS Dr Churchill's Startup Master Class is an immersive 24 hour in-person BRAIN SOFTWARE, Technology, Pharma, & Medicine Weekend of Innovation.
About this Event

BRAIN SOFTWARE is the penultimate STARTUP MASTER CLASS for all things Advanced Tech, and especially for Innovations, Inventions, & AI utilization in the fields of Computing, Aeronautical Engineering, Space Science, Electrical Propulsion Vehicles, EV Battery Tech, General Electrical Engineering Tech, Life Science, Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, and evrywhere Disruption of the existing Status Quo is imminent.

CoCreating Technology StartUps, is based on Innovation, because an Entrepreneurial Startup is just that:

PURE INNOVATION as an incremental experience of Growth, Abundance and Marketplace acceptance.

And if you want to parse the recipe further -- a Tech StartUp is a blend of Innovation, Invention, Engineering, Intellectual Property Experimentation and Discovery, along with a great deal of elbow grease doing old fashion business, blended with blood, sweat, & tears, and a lot of honest trading, day in and day out.

So, if you seek to create a Tech StartUp company in the FinTech, Internet, Mobile App, Medical Devise, Aerospace, Electrical Engineering, Teleocmmunication, Crypto, Block chain, DeFi, Mobile Finance, Mobile Apps, or any other kind of Technology Startup -- you ought to bring your full confidence, your deep expertise, and your keen enthusiasm for the subject, in the field of passion, your zeal & your abundant Courage, and Dr Churchill will provide all the rest.

Because at the end of the day -- it's all about Business Acumen, Entrepreneurship, and the Iteration of the successful & profitable Experimentation in Business.

So, in this iteration of Dr Churchill's Startup Master Class -- we focus on all things TECH, and especailly on the Mind over Matter, "Brain Software," HealthCare, SONIC MOLECULAR MEDICINE, SONIC DEMATERIALIZED DRUGS, SONIC DIGITIZED MEDICINES, SONIC DELIVERY OF CHEMO, SONIC RADIATION, SONIC DELIVERY OF PROTEINS, CRISPR, DNA editing, DIGITAL HEALTH, SONIC STEM CELLSS, SONIC MED-TECH & all other Technologies that make Life better for all the people and not just for the First World.

Frequency & Vibration -- Wave & Particle -- Sound waves & Magnetic Resonance represent the BIGGEST DISRUPTION in the fields of MEDICINE, HEALTHCARE, & PHARMACOLOGY, in many CENTURIES, and Dr Churchill is advancing ahead of the general progress in this nascent field of Life Science today, that is growing by leaps and bounds towards General Acceptance in Society, first amongst Molecular Medicine Scientists, then amongst Pioneering Medical Professionals, then Physicians, Patients & Life Scientists, and lastly amongst Hospital Admins, Insurers and Provider Organizations.

If you want real results this year, you need a new approach ... and a new focus area, because "Where focus goes, energy flows."

Focusing on these two key aspects of what you want will help you get results faster.

You need: A vision of what you want and a purpose behind achieving it.

In other words, what do you want and why do you want it?

Answer this for yourself and then share it with Dr Churchill in simple words:

Enunciate clearly your WHY and your GOAL, and then watch it take shape.

"Ideas released into the Ether become words, words become things, & things become Revolutions, Societal Disruptions, & eventually the new Status Quo"

-- Dr Churchill

You know and you have heard it being said, because this is somenting Dr Churchill always says, believes and teaches.

Let's get together and geek it out...


--Dr Churchill

"The clearer you are about what it is you want and why you want it -- the easier it is to achieve it."

--Dr Churchill

Bring your future forward today, because words become things, and THEREFORE, IN ORDER TO experience your future today -- You are invited to apply to join us for an exciting in-person event where Dr. Churchill will be hosting a Startup Master Class focused on BRAIN SOFTWARE.

BRAIN SOFTWARE, includes all sufficiently advanced TECH, all Internet & Mobile Apps, all AI solutions, all Internet Consumer plays, all digital medicine, all dematerialized therapeutic drug molecules, all the Medicine that works thought the effect of sound (sonic) medicine on Cancer, on general Medicine, on Life Science, on Pharma, on Molecular Medcine, on delivery & alteration of Proteins, on CRISPR, and DNA editing, and all other aspects of Mind over Matter Medicine.

Join Dr Churchill at this Startup Master Class for an immersive in-person event, where you'll delve into the fascinating world of Entrepreneurial StartUps in all areas of Technology, Life Sciences, and Mobile Apps, and you shall benefit from the Intellectual Property available for all the Major areas of potential Disruption in our Society, Economy, Lifestyle Advancement, and Innovation for all New Medicine and New Ph*rm*cy fields of Invention and Progress.

Additionally, you shall be meeting, selecting, and choosing to become part of other Founders StartUps, or invite others to become part of our Start Up in your field, or even promote your own Startup that you have been working on for some time, or join a freshly minted Health-Tech StartUp spawned from Dr Churchill's verdant Intellectual Property portfolio.

Yet, in order to accomplish all this, we invite Master level scientists, Medical Doctors, PHDs, PostDocs, and all kinds of specialty Doctors, who do research and development in these areas of Life Science and are all invited to apply herewith.

During this StartUp Weekend, we shall explore, focus, co-create, "found and fund" a dozen New Pharma, Life Science, Med-Tech, BioTech, & Digi-Tech Statups.

Of course, during this weekend Startup Master Class -- we actually create the "StartUp Dozen" where all of the new Startups under Dr Churchill aegis, direction, and support, graduate into Funded Companies, because immediately after Dr Churchill's Startup Marathon Weekend Master Class, the graduating class of Startups will receive a "Seed Investment" from our Business Angel Seed Investment Fund, a Primer on "How To Be Funded" and introductions, presentations, and meetings with the VC community, as a Funded Company and a stable Startup supported, mentored & funded, through Advance life Science Venture Capital, and American Angels Networks of Business Angels.

During the 24 hours of this Brain Software Startup Marathon -- all victuals will be provided in order to flow-work uninterrupted. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, pops, refreshments, desserts, tea & toast at regular intervals, cookies, ice-cream and all other necessities, will be provided by Dr Churchill for all participants, teachers, mentors, and their guests.

Startup team participants, assistants, professors, presenters, attendees, & instructors -- will be able to avail themselves of side meeting rooms reserved for each StartUp, as well as Rest Areas where participants can get naps, shut-eyes, or regular snatches of sleep, during this 24 hour long stretch of Dr Churchill Master Class StartUp Weekend Marathon.

This event will be held at the UW Medical Center - Montlake Hospital, located on Northeast Pacific Street in Seattle, WA, USA.

Upon registration, and emailing your Government issued identification, such as State Driver's licence, or Passport -- You shall receive Secure Door Code Instructions, Directions to Building & Room numbers, as well as a printable personal Security badge, with your name, number, or Alias / Avatar, and your personal QR acting as a scan for your own Resume, Contact Info, and Personal Identifier.

Looking forward to thinking, ideating, visualizing, working, co-creating, and walking along the path of Innovation while building a dozen brilliant New StartUps, in the fields of Digital Medicine, Pharma-Tech, Molecular Sound Medicine, Molecular Sonification Pharma, CRISPR, Digi-Protein Medicine, & all Dematerializing, Digitizing, & Democratizing Pharmaceutical StartUp Companies.

Please email the Organizer, with your One Paragraph Application of WHY...


Why do you do what you do?

Why do you wasnt to solve this problem with your StartUp?

And most importantly:

Why is it, that you want to become a member of Dr Churchill's StartUp cohort, ventured entourage, and funded StartUp colleague?

So, please share with me your "Why"


Thank You


Dr Churchill

If you wish to speak with the Organizer -- please get on the Schedule through his Calendar herewith:



If the event is full -- please message the Organizer in order to be placed on the waitlist, in order to be considered for an upcoming event, or even as a (fall-back) participant for this iteration of the Master Class or the following weekend sessions.

Please include your WHY in your email to us.


INCLUDED in this version of Dr Churchill Advanced Startup MasterClass you will experience the two hour Business Fund Raising Crash Course, where You shall Learn How To Raise Funds for Your Startup Business that was ideated, co-created, founded & funded, or even grown & strengthened in this 24 hour Seattle StartUp Marathon session that looks like the Race of LeMans.

<h4>Come Join us ...</h4>

  • Come along if you want to join a Tech Startup at the earliest stage of development.
  • Come along if you have an idea for a Tech Startup Business.
  • Come along if you've got the serious mindset and subject matter expertise to grow your Technology into a Tech StartUp company.
  • Come along if you have an MVP, or even a design prototype.
  • Come join us, if you are at, or past the MVP stage, & you want to raise Capital, find funds, secure $$$s, and receive Economic Support through Angel, Pre-Seed & Seed financing rounds.
  • Come join our Tech StartUp Master Class if you want to solve problems learn more with us, even if you already have a Startup Business that is seed funded, capitalized &/or revenue generating StartUp.
  • Come join us, even if you are securely funded and you need to raise more funds in F&F, Alpha, Seed, or Series A rounds ($10,000 - $50 Million)
  • Come join us even if you already are part of Dr Churchill StartUp MasterClass, past entourage.


The StartUp Design & Finance PRIMER bellow is your Gift from Dr Churchill...



</h4>Practical Design for Founders

Practical Design for Founders</h4>

Examples and frameworks to make design an asset.

Most founders who haven’t built products before (and even some who have) underestimate the importance of design.

And even if you’ve read the book on Johnny Ive or Build by Tony Fadell, you may not have a practical understanding of how to work with designers.

  • When should you trade-off aesthetics for functionality and vice versa?
  • Should you invest in building custom components?
  • What the heck is “breadboarding” anyway?

Phil Hedayatnia is one of my oldest friends in the startup world — we met years ago in SF and he became my first roommate when I moved to NYC.

I’ve seen him grow Airfoil into a full-service creative agency and incubator working with major brands like Solana, with over 40 employees in 12 countries — they were doing a productized service years before it became popular and he was a resident “design guy” at South Park Commons in their early days.

He’s one of the best at working with early stage founders to help them design and build new products.

Practical Design for Founders

Q: When Should Founders Engage a Designer?

Good designers can help with shaping a problem statement if needed, but typically you want to hand things off to a designer once you have a minimum usable solution.

Phil brought up “breadboarding” which is when there’s a functional but ugly product that gets handed over to the designer to, well, design it — the functionality is already there, so the designer has a clear understanding of what the product is meant to do.

Ideally you give them free reign to improve the UX and UI at that point, while maintaining functionality.

The concept originally comes from the team at Basecamp’s free book Shape Up, where they also mention “fat marker sketches” — simplistic versions of your future design that are just drawn with a simple sharpie (or digital equivalent) and only capture the core components and layout.

I love fat marker sketches — here’s an example of an early one we used for Megaphone’s user dashboard:

The eventual UI ended up putting the middle section in a modal

Even though I’m not a good designer, this took me less than a minute and gave my designer a clear idea of the functionality I wanted on this screen.

Tools like Whimsical are great for fat marker sketches because they severely constrain your options. Needing to make fewer design decisions can lead to clarity.

Q: How Should Founders Evaluate and Hire Designers?

Have them do some work for you. Pay them for a take-home assignment or a work-trial (like Linear):


Many told me that work trials won't work or won't scale.

Over the last 4 years, we hired 50+ people with work trials and with a 96% retention rate. Everyone from engineers to C-level candidates goes through one.

The best way for both parties to test if there is a fit.

Linear @linear

How do you identify the right people to hire?

At Linear, every hire goes through a work trial. In this new post, we share the thinking and the mechanics behind them.

Remember, the quality of the work you get from them in an interview setting is likely to be as “tidy” as you’ll ever get from them since they want to impress you.

As a result Phil looks for:

  • Did they use auto layout with standard spacing values?
  • Did they include a Loom video describing their thought process?
  • Is it labeled in a way engineering can take it and run with it?

Phil also says to look for taste — that may sound hard to look for but all it means is that you want them to express opinions. Ask them which designers they admire, and why, or what design trends they dislike.

You want them to be honest with you in this setting. That tells you more than anything else.

But most importantly, just like with any other role for a startup, ask them how they evaluate long-term vs short-term tradeoffs in their work. How do they make decisions? If the answer is a long process where they listen to data then they may be a better fit for a big company than a startup.

You need someone who will be opinionated.



  • Family, Friends, & Business Angel Investing: You will learn who comes under the purview of early stage finance from family members, friends, & bootstrapping & how it is effective for your Startup Business.
  • You will learn how to raise funds through bootstrapping with equity or convertible debt/notes for your Startup Business.
  • Get to know the methods of self-bootstrapping or self funding to your Startup Business.


  • Learn WHY you should reach out to Professional Investors in order to get exponential growth
  • Learn who all professional investors are available to fund a Startup Business
  • Learn what are the best ways to reach out to Professional Investors to get funds for your Startup Business
  • What to do and what not to do when dealing with a professional investors when raising funds
  • Learn what all methods or alternatives you can propose to a professional investor to raise funds for your Startup Business
  • Learn the psychology of a professional investor; like what he thinks while funding to a Startup Business
  • Calculate how much money $$ is required and on what all conditions for your Startup Business


  • Learn the prerequisites of fund raising from Angel Investors
  • Learn the Psychology of an Angel Investor
  • Learn how to find & reach to an Angel Investor
  • Learn the Investment Process with an Angel Investor
  • Learn "what & when" to present to an Angel Investor when you meet in order to get funds for your startup business
  • Learn how to convince an Angel Investor by playing with his psychology
  • Learn how to Negotiate with an Angel Investor
  • Learn how to make the best use of the Angel Investor's Network to grow your Startup Business on an Exponential Rate


  • Learn the prerequisites of fund raising from Angel Investors
  • Learn the Psychology of a VC (Venture Capitalist)
  • Learn how to find & reach to a VC (Venture Capitalist)
  • Learn the Investment Process with a VC (Venture Capitalist)
  • Learn "what & when" to present to a VC (Venture Capitalist) when you meet in order to get funds for your startup business
  • Learn how to convince a VC (Venture Capitalist) through their own judgement methods
  • Learn how to Negotiate with a VC (Venture Capitalist)
  • Learn how to make the best use of a VC (Venture Capitalist) Network to grow your Startup Business on an Exponential Rate


  • Learn the prerequisites of fund raising from Angel Investors
  • Learn the Psychology of a PE (Private Equity Investor)
  • Learn how to find & reach to a PE (Private Equity Investor)
  • Learn the Investment Process with a PE (Private Equity Investor)
  • Learn "what & when" to present to a PE (Private Equity Investor) when you meet in order to get funds for your startup business
  • Learn how to convince a PE (Private Equity Investor) through their own judgement methods
  • Learn how to Negotiate with a PE (Private Equity Investor)
  • Learn how to make the best use of a PE (Private Equity Investor) Network to grow your Startup Business on an Exponential Rate


  • Learn what documents are desired by the Professional Investors
  • Learn what should be and what should not be the part of Pitch Deck & Business Plan
  • Learn what to be looked into the TERM SHEET when it is offered and what things must be taken care of
  • Learn how to avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE after you sign the TERM SHEET
  • Learn when you are going to GET THE REAL MONEY from the investor
  • Learn POST INVESMENT how You are supposed to deal with the professional investors


  • Learn the methods for crowdfunding (Online & Offline) for your Startup Business
  • Get to know when to go for Crowdfunding and when to avoid it
  • Learn what is at Stake when going for Crowdfunding which could affect your startup business in long run


  • Learn how to sell your product, in the air, before you have even produced it in your startup business.
  • Get to know what not to do, when raising funds through this method else it will hit hard your startup business.


  • Learn what all types of financial and non-financial institutions are there to fund your startup business
  • Learn how to play wisely with the terms of the institutions to raise funds $ for your startup business

Angel Investor, Startups Mentor, Fund Management, with more than a few decades of extensive experience and help people & businesses through Investments, Mentoring & Consultations, such as this Startup Master Class, from Ideation, IP endowment, Creation, Fund Raising, to the New Medicine StartUps, where we will teach how to raise funds for the Molecular Biology Startup Business.

In specific terms of How to do Fundraising, Series Rounds, Seed Capital, Seed Round, Venture Capital, Angel Investor, Venture Capital Investments, Private Equity Investors, Startup Equity Investors, Common Shares, Prefferred Shares, Entrepreneur Investors, Startup Webinars, Startup Master Class, Entrepreneur Conference, Startup Conference, Business Conference, Business Networking, Social Capital Startup Networking, and Closing the Deal.

About the Master Class Innovation Teacher, Invention Hunter, Startup Gatherer, & Business Finance Generator:

This Startup Master Class is offered by Dr Churchill

7.5 MM Followers, through Social Media, Blog, & Votes.

Dr Churchill is a serial Entrepreneur, a serious Innovator, an Inventor of Physics, Medicines, Surgeries, and New Pharma, as well as Molecular Sonification Medicine, and a multiple portfolio Patent holder of Medical Science & Technology Patents.

Additionally, Dr Churchill is a seasoned Venture Capitalist, a respected and selfless Startup Mentor, a Business Angel, a Master Coach & Corporate Consultant, an international Angel Investor and Private Equity Fund Manager, a Philanthropist and a Public Health Doctor.

He has delivered value of over $ 3,500,000,000 in investments to hundreds of startups & businesses of the American Angel networks, across the world.

He has personally delivered over 1500 startups, into the world. His Business Angels Investment Network is called American Angels, and his Startups have been spawned in over 50 cities.

He is an inspirational Path Finder for many current & future startups & SME's CEO's. He is an active Investor & Mentor for startup Founders, Business CEOs, and Corporate C-level team members of All Fortune companies and Non Profit NGOs alike.

Dr Churchill invests in startups as well as pre-IPO companies in order to teach, nurture and grow, the young seedlings, like a Good Gardener, that helps the young green shouts to grow, and achieve their place in the Ecosystem of Great Companies.

Dr Churchill serves at both Executive and Advisory boards, as well as a Co-CEO and President of quirky, interesting and non-selfishly important, Startup companies.

Dr Churchill brings great value, adds support, and creates wealth generation tools, for any startup, tech company, or entrepreneurial business. His startup business acumen, and his founding DNA designs for any organizational style, are born out of long practice and success experience, and his proven strategies for growing one of a kind brilliant Startup Companies is what matters here.

I hope that his MasterClass and the book for the graduates called "StartUp" will inspire you to act, to go forth, and to make that move, that fulfills your vision.

Dr Churchill does this because he wants to take you closer to your goal of starting a billion-dollar unicorn, building a revolution, and changing the World -- by helping all of us, to better understand that "changing the world" same as any kind of change, always starts within you.

So, change your tune here & now.

Be who you want to see in the mirror.

Be that Startupper.

Because the ones who think differently like Homer, Ulysses AKA Odysseus, Buddha, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Zeno, Isocrates, Jesus, Einstein, Churchill, Orwell, Huxley, Fermi, Oppenheimer, and even Steve Jobs -- its always the Startuppers who are not only the ones that drive the wheel of History & Progress forward -- but they are also the ones who teach us all, alongside the rest of the world, that today is Your turn, to push that wheel of Progress & History forward, uphill, or sideways -- as you see fit.

And as you can already surmise this is a terribly hard Sissifian task, in your journey uphill to the top of the Pyramid.

So, whether You -- yes You -- can take us to another Universe, or bring us Chinese food by teleportation from another planet, or make your car fly, or time travel, or just make your family less dysfunctional, or turn your neighborhood a nicer, happier place -- you can be a Startupper yourself.

Our "STARTUP" book is the first step, because it helps you take that first baby step.

"Get something started"

Of course, this baby step, will be different for everyone.

It might be to call that customer. It might be to draw up a design concept. It might be to talk to your boss.

With my book as a Primer -- I hope to guide people to think big, to drive change and to go full speed ahead.

I am giving You a pledge to work for good, and I am giving you some of the tools you need to accomplish your goals.

This Startup book is hard. It takes you through a variety of activities, questions, stories, challenges, puzzles and poems -- that will rework both the right and the left side of your brain, in unison, in harmony, and thus create the melody that is the humming of a well engineered StartUp.

The activities I propose are challenging, difficult to execute, and sometimes downright embarrassing.

The questions I ask are probing and provoking. The stories I tell are used as examples to guide you toward what I call Startup Heroism. So, why would you read this book?

Well, maybe because I have worked upwards of 4 decades, founding and funding StartUps, and working in productive ways with real life serial Tech Startup entrepreneurs, who went ahead to create killer Companies, like what you aspire to do and what others before you did, such as Cellular One, to Western Wireless, to WellHeart, to Seattle Wireless, to Twitter and beyond -- all of these great Companies who have been first been created, iterated, and spawned, from inside one of Dr Churchill MasterClass in a major University in Stanford, Washington, Berkeley, Tsinghua, Shanghai, and in other centers of learning, East, West, North & South and in all spots of interest across the globe, from Sorbonne Paris, Heidelberg, Sapienza, Oxford, Cambridge, Baghdad, Medical Uni Moscow, Kabul, Isfahan, Tehran, Delhi, St Galen, Berlin, Lahore, Banghalore, Madras Uni in Chennai, and my most interestimng experience as an advisor to the King Abdulah who created the KAUST uni at the edge of the red sea....

Together, we have created, supported, funded and coached Startup CEOs throughout all of my working life. I have tested the teachings of the StartUp MasterClass in real life, over & over again, and now I have even written the Book "StartUp" for all the StartUppers, who are Inventors, Innovators, Spontaneous Entreprenerus, Seasoned Leaders, Methodical Practitioners, C-Level Business Leaders, PHD students, Master level scientists, and all the higher researchers of the global University community.

Yet this book and associated master Class is also for all those others who are the Drop-Outs, the Misfits, the Angry and Unusually smart, and the generally unruly folks -- who dare to see the world in a different way than what it already is.

And also for those few of my unusual students who have turned out to be some of the most interesting, dynamic, and motivated people the world has ever seen.

In fact, we have had about 3,000 students from over 91 different countries come through the MasterClass program at this writing, and who have started more than 1,500 startup companies through the American Angels network.

I wrote this book so that some of the Experiential Teaching that I have applied to Dr Churchill StartUp MasterClass, could be spread wider, in hopes that the message would reach other potential Startuppers, who will surely make an impact on the world, amongst all those leaders who are proactive about their work, or at the very least, improve the lives of everyone they touch through their products and services.

So, I implore you, to go ahead and join the MasterClass, or at least start your StartUp, try the StartUp, do the StartUp thing, live the StartUp lifestyle, play the role of the StartUp CEO, absorb this weekend MasterClass experience, and walk the talk.

Do this, because it might surprise you, it might thrill you, it might drive you, it might make all your dreams come true, or it might even K*ll your already dead old ideas, and replace them with freshly baked, brand New Ones.

Come join me because the Weekend with Dr Churchill, at the very least, will give you a perspective on how real progress is made, and at the very best, it might just change your life.

We meet at 9.30am at the PLAZA CAFE entrance on the vestibule of the South side of the UW main entrance from the South side facing the Montlake cut.

There is plenty of parking available across the street from the entrance to the Hospital on the South, at the Montlake canal side of the Hospital's Plaza & the Cafe.

Event Venue

UW Medical Center - Montlake | Seattle Hospital, Northeast Pacific Street, Seattle, WA, USA, United States


USD 0.00 to USD 550.00

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