Change Your Love Story to Change Your Love Life

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Change Your Love Story to Change Your Love Life Transform your love life from the inside out, by changing your Love Story, so that you can finally manifest your person!
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What's the story you've been telling yourself about what's possible for you in love?

If you're like most singles, you might be living inside of a story you're telling yourself about what's possible or not possible for you, regarding having love in your life!

Examples of STORIES that singles tell themselves about why they don't have love:
  • I live in the wrong place
  • Men just want sex
  • Women just want me for my money
  • All the good ones are taken
  • Online dating is dead, rigged, and hacked
  • I'm too old/young/fat/thin/etc.
  • Men are intimidated by successful women
  • Love never works out for me
  • Etc...

I'm pretty sure YOU have a story you've been telling yourself too... but you might not even be fully aware of exactly what that story is.

I imagine you also have a lot of real evidence for that story.

But if you continue to tell yourself that story about why you don't have love, then you are guaranteed to get more of the same.


You can change your story... because YOU are the author of that story.

The reality is that you're living a “Choose your own adventure story”... and YOU get to decide each time you turn the page.

If you're ready to change your story, then I can help you transform your love life from the inside out, so that you can change your Love Story!

THIS is how you can get on the fast track to manifest Soulmate Love!

This online event will support you to:
  • Discover the stories you've been telling yourself about your possibility to have great love in your life, so that you can change those stories.
  • Awaken to your true possibility to create the love you desire.
  • Get on the fast track to manifesting Soulmate Love!

This event is presented by Certified Calling in "The One" Coach, Jennifer Zundel.

What people are saying about Jennifer:
"I chose to attend a workshop with Jennifer because I've been struggling to create a new life after a divorce. I found the experience inspiring and informative, learning specific action steps that are not complicated, but are pretty specific in order to get fantastic results. Jennifer has an amazing combination of warmth, wisdom and clarity in her teaching. I highly recommend her workshops!!" ~ Joe Martindale - Salida, CO

"I am in my mid sixties and have attended MANY classes, workshops, courses, and retreats, as well as years of therapy, bodywork, spiritual work, trainings, etc. I was very impressed with the way Jennifer presented the material, the exercises she lead us through, and the way she created safety in the group. I could definitely feel shifts in my energy from her questions and meditations. This to me is at the bottom of how to create real change. You have to change your way of thinking and shift your energy. But you have to be aware of how the different energies feel in order to shift them. With the exercises we did, Jennifer helped me distinguish different energies, what was serving me, and what wasn't. I think this material is the real deal for change." ~ Laurie

"A year ago I was in a bad place emotionally. Covid took a toll on my relationship and my partner moved out. I felt shellshocked, I didn't even know what had gone wrong. Coaching with Jennifer was one of the best things I have ever done. She taught me to see what I was doing to sabotage my relationships, how to turn things around, and fall in love again. My partner and I ended up getting back together, and working out our differences. Jennifer helped facilitate that, and our love has grown leaps and bounds in just two months. I never knew I could have such a happy and amazing relationship and be so in love with my partner. Jennifer is an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to find fulfilling relationships, and grow in love." ~ Diana K. [Update: Diana's boyfriend PROPOSED just ONE month after she wrote this testimonial.]

"I would recommend Jennifer to people who are ready to be in the relationship of their dreams and have been working for years to get there and are just not successful at it. I did not know how I was being in life and relationships that was causing me to not be in a long term relationship. Doing this course, and having Jennifer as the person to lead me through it, I discovered why and now am not willing to accept crumbs anymore." ~ Rachel, Denver

"I found the experience with Jennifer and going through the Calling in the One course life changing and now have a new found sense of what a healthy relationship should look like as I now go back into the dating world. She has a gift for taking the most complex material and presenting it in a way that is relatable so anyone can understand and apply to their own personal dating history." ~ Debbie S., Downers Grove, IL

"Jennifer helped me get clear on why I've been attracting the wrong kind of men into my life and given me access to a set of tools to approach dating in a whole different way. I can now leave the past where it belongs and be more present in the moment with other people. I don't think I could have gotten that by just reading the book on my own. The interactions with other participants in the course and Jennifer's coaching helped me understand that we're all dealing with similar challenges. I now listen to my intuition, trust my own judgment more, and have been told my increased confidence is attractive. I had not expected that!" ~ Melissa N., Los Angeles, Market Research Director

"Jennifer has been a blessing, helping me discover how I was showing up and relating to men in ways that were not clear to me. Since working with Jennifer, I feel more empowered, confident and calm relating to men and dating, and recently started a relationship with a man that could be “The One”. I highly recommend her as a coach!" ~ Maya, San Diego

“Within a month of doing Calling in The One, I had more dates than I have had in a year. I showed up fully, confident and did not hide as I used to and observed how even more attractive and desirable I felt and was complimented. I remembered a man saying to me after a date “you are extremely beautiful, sorry that I couldn’t take my eyes off you”. I haven’t heard that word in like forever, and it felt so good to hear. I now have a man in my life who being with is as easy as breathing. He is very affectionate, makes me laugh a lot – deep belly laughter. He is so generous and listens to everything I say. He likes me as I am. This is magnificent. I mean our connection. I cried the other day in his presence... never before as that happened. Coaching with Jennifer was totally worth it." ~ T.O.

“Thank you for your time and patience as I delved into my thoughts and attitudes that have kept me from loving myself as I would like to be loved. The meditations and visualizations are proving very helpful in this time of confinement. I’m looking forward to the future and the opportunities to love. It was worth MUCH MORE than I paid.” ~ Karen, Denver

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