Boundaries & Connections Artists in Residence Group Exhibit

Sun Oct 01 2023 at 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm

Governors Island | New York

ArtCrawl Harlem
Publisher/HostArtCrawl Harlem
Boundaries & Connections Artists in Residence Group Exhibit
Join ArtCrawl Harlem for the Opening Reception of Boundaries & Connections 2023 Artists Group Exhibit with Artists Talk at 2:30pm
About this Event

ArtCrawl Harlem Art House presents the Boundaries & Connections 2023 Artists in Residence Group Exhibit on Governors island, NYC. The exhibit will feature the artwork of Visual Artist DaQuane Cherry, Sandy Clafford, Courtney Minor, Fitji Saint-Louis and Martryce Roach with special presentations by Literary Artist in Resident, Missy Burton and Painter, Daniel Robin Clurman. The exhibit is curated by Quincy Ballon.

ArtCrawl Harlem House , 406b Colonels Row, Governors Island, NYC, Doors open at 11:00am with Artist Talk from 2:30pm -3:30pm

Quincy Ballon, Curator

Quincy Ballon is a true multi-hyphenate, with a decades long career across advertising, multicultural marketing and fine art & interior design. For the latter, he was the former owner and creative director of the Brooklyn-based shop, Gallery QB. Since then, he has spent his days as a marketer and evenings/weekends as a creative advisor, serving as an art consultant and as an interior designer to private clients.

As a marketer with an agency and client-side background, Quincy has worked with renowned brands like HBO, Volkswagen, Universal Music Group, Delta Air Lines, GE and, currently, Comcast/Xfinity. Throughout, he's earned a reputation for being a forward-thinking strategist and creative problem-solver with an eye toward creative excellence as well as diversity & inclusion. And as a creative, he's applied much of the latter in his practice by focusing on the work of Black designers and artists.

Quincy is that rare example of a dual-functional creative & marketer, and is thrilled to partner with Art Crawl Harlem and its 2023 artists.

2023 Artists in Residence

DaQuane Cherry

DaQuane Cherry (b. 1998, Elizabeth City, NC) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who specializes in figurative painting/Portraiture storytelling, Hairstyling, fashion design, acting, poetry, and photography, based in Manhattan. Cherry redirected his focus on figurative painting during the peak of the pandemic in 2020, here DaQuane found his footing and continues to strengthen his skillset. Cherry’s work is rooted in emotional intellect, mental health, healing and relatability all while invoking playfulness. Contemporary figurative and portraiture is the base of his style of acrylic painting. During his time of self-taught study and finding his style, DaQuane found his motif that has become his most notable work to date, his teddy bear signature. The teddy bear represents the imagination and keeping the inner child alive. DaQuane was the winner of THE 2023 STEVE MADDEN X HARLEM FESTIVAL OF CULTURE DESIGN CHALLENGE WINNER where he created a 3-piece limited edition capsule collection (Denim Jacket, Combat Boot, Belt Bag).

DaQuane debuted and funded his first solo Exhibition in 2020 at Blank Slate Brooklyn Studios. Cherry has followed that up with a show with Raul Avila Cafe, Production Designer for The Met Gala (2022); Aloft Hotel, Wall Street (2022); Waco Theater Annual Art Gala (2022); Selina Chelsea Hotel (2023).

Artist Statement

I believe that this world revolves around imagination and delusion in the most innovative way. The teddy bear I have created represents said imagination. As kids we give them names, we create a storyline and as we grow older, we forget them, so I rewrite and paint their journey. The three colors are the primary colors in which are the foundation of art and without would leave the world black and white. I have found that within creating this way, I know I am healing not only parts of me, but parts of the world.”

Sandy Clafford

Introducing Sandy Clafford, a visionary interdisciplinary visual artist hailing from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York. Embodied by her dynamic pseudonym, "The Queen's Artillery," Clafford ignites a creative explosion that fuses her Afro-Latin heritage with an unwavering passion for self-expression. Rooted in the soul of Brooklyn during the influential 80s, her art reflects an undeniable connection to its rich tapestry of life, celebrating empowerment within the Black community.

Building on her initial success, Clafford's collection "The Predecessors – Deck of Queens" breathes new life into timeless archetypes, infusing them with her unique perspective and unwavering dedication to representation. Her highly anticipated an ever growing collection, "The Queen's Court – Reclaiming My Time," fearlessly reimagines history, crowning Black luminaries of modern culture. While Clafford's Motherhood series challenges societal norms influenced by patriarchy, ageism, and racism. Confronting barriers and harmful stereotypes, she amplifies the complexities of Black motherhood, conveying emotional pain and reflecting on femininity through self-portraits. Symbolizing the delicate beauty of motherhood, her meticulously textured backgrounds envelop her, while Afro-Latin cultural keepsakes like azabache bracelets and baby colonia emphasize the importance of spirituality and heritage.

With each stroke and creation, The Queen's Artillery blurs the lines between art and social commentary. Inviting viewers to contemplate, celebrate, and challenge the status quo, she leaves an indelible mark on the artistic landscape. Immersed in her practice, she pushes the boundaries of creative expression by seamlessly weaving vibrant textiles, mesmerizing background designs, and intricate details, including sequins, glitter, microbeads, diamond dust, and dried flowers, creating captivating works that defy conventions and captivate the imagination.

Courtney Minor

Courtney Minor is Multidisciplinary artist specializing in collage, photography/film, assemblage and product design, based in Jersey City, NJ, USA. Her work is rooted in her emotions, psychology/mental health, memories, travels, and love of science fiction. Her style is primarily contemporary abstract with street art & surrealism elements. Courtney was named 2023 TOP 15 BLACK AMERICAN ASSEMBLAGE & COLLAGE ARTISTS BY SAATCHI ART BY SINGULART GALLERY.

Minor was born in Houston, Texas, USA, in 1984 and is a self-taught Collagist at her core. She has shown at several galleries nationally, been published in art publications and shown at The Other Art Fair winning Director’s Pick in 2021. She opened the Courtney Minor Design Studio at Mana Contemporary in August 2023 & is open for private studio tours.

Artist Statement

"I explore alternate worlds with my art using collage elements photographed by me, paint and found objects adhered to objects. I put those worlds into physical form whether with abstract figures, graffiti style motifs or a combination of both. I translate this into original art works, fine art prints, home and personal goods. I hope you love what I've created and it brightens your day a little bit."

Fitgi Saint-Louis

Fitgi Saint-Louis (b.1989, New York, NY) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Queens. She received her BFA in Design at the School of Visual Arts in 2011 and has been an adjunct professor at the school since 2020.

Saint-Louis’ work considers the layered and intertwined legacies of the African diaspora influenced by her Haitian American heritage. Further expanding portraits of Black figures through vibrant, joyful and playful imagery. She utilizes color and form to visualize subjects at rest, in dreamscapes, in movement and mediation. Her abstracted figures honor the multifaceted ancestry of the Black experience and work formats influenced from her expertise in design for the built environment. Her practice includes paintings, textiles, sculpture, dance, video and public installations.

Her debut solo exhibition was presented at the Underground Gallery, New York (2022). Select group exhibitions featuring her work include Kente Royal Gallery, New York (2023); The Africa Center, New York (2023); Lower East Side Girls Club, New York (2019); School of Visual Arts (2011). The artist has installed a public mural in Elmont, New York (2023).

Saint-Louis has collaborated on an expansive range of design and advocacy projects, being awarded the Rising Star Award from Interior Design Magazine (2020). A true multi-hyphenate she is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and educator with film and television credits, has taught internationally, at the Alvin Ailey Extension Program and Peridance Capezio Studio (NYC).

She is an organizer in the Design as Protest Collective, a fellow in the Urban Design Forum, member of the National Organization of Minority Architects and Dark Matter U. Saint-Louis is dedicated to the democratic accessibility of art education to all, sponsoring and teaching workshops in conjunction with solo exhibitions for young artists within local communities.

Martryce Roach

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop music, the “2023” Artist Residency Program theme is “boombox”, redefining elements of sound, music, voice and rhythm within African American community. As a visual artist who already incorporates rhythm and movement into the composition of my work, I am so excited to explore this in my own style.

This new body of work is called, “Under the Surface”. Under the surface of people lies the wounds, the joys, the sorrows, the growth that we experience. I am taking an unconventional approach to portraiture, breaking open the protective masks that we often wear and diving deeper into inner feelings and hidden experiences. This work explores the social and environmental elements that occur at the intersection of African American culture and hip-hop music. Pulling from a playlist of conscious hip-hop songs that give voice to the socio-economic conditions within many of our communities, the struggles of mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, inequitable access to adequate healthcare, wealth, and education many experience, and also the celebration of joy and community, I plan to amplify our stories. The body of work will be a connective display to show how togetherness, resilience, and validating support are also major parts of the culture.

Missy Burton, Literary Artist in Residence

Missy Burton is a multi-talented creative visionary whose artistic journey seamlessly weaves together the worlds of photography, poetry, and self-publishing. With a profound ability to capture emotions, stories, and moments through a camera lens and the power of written words, Burton has carved a unique and compelling path in artistic expression.

As a self-published author, Burton has taken control of her creative journey, bringing her vision to life in her 1st book, "I Am Woman: Ode to the Female Essence." This book showcases her seamless fusion of photography and poetry that is certain to evoke conversations wherever it is featured. “I Am Woman” is a testament to Burton’s commitment to craft, from carefully selected words to meticulously curated visual elements. Burton’s self-publishing endeavors have garnered a dedicated following, further solidifying her status as an artist who dares to defy convention and forge a path.

Missy Burton's ability to transcend traditional artistic boundaries has captivated audiences in numerous exhibitions and literary events, showcasing her work prominently. Her portfolio is a testament to her ceaseless exploration of the human experience and an invitation to embark on a transformative journey through the power of photography, poetry, and prose.

Daniel Robin Clurman, Artist and Advisor in Residence

Daniel Robin Clurman is a self taught Black - Jewish Queer artist working and living in Brooklyn, NY, he has been making work for over 25 years. Clurman makes drawings & Paintings of himself, his family and people he admires either from history or social media. Clurman’s process begins by researching a subject through images and imagining them as part of his visual world. Clurman is discovering humanity and the intersections of race and gender within the images he chooses. The visual representation of Clurman’s BIPOC queerness has been the fundamental reason for making his work.

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