Toronto Outdoor Exploration Game for Groups & Families

Wed Nov 29 2023 at 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm

Cherry Street Gate | Toronto

Questo - City Exploration Games
Publisher/HostQuesto - City Exploration Games
Toronto Outdoor Exploration Game for Groups & Families
Challenge your friends & family and stroll through Toronto's Distillery District: crack codes, solve riddles and learn fun stories!
About this Event

If you’re tired of just wandering around aimlessly and hoping for the best, then get ready for a city adventure that will blow your mind (just figuratively - we are legally obligated to mention this!)

Discover the history of beverage distilling in Toronto, wander through Victorian architecture and explore the favorite haunts of Toronto’s local ghosts. Whiskey, sake, ghosts, vinegar, historic entrepreneurs, cutting-edge machinery, explosions, molasses — this game has it all.

Are you ready to drink in Toronto’s spirited past?

We’ve got puzzles, riddles, and challenges that will make you scratch your head, laugh out loud, and maybe even question your sanity a little bit.

You will also visit cool places in the city and learn their fun or weird stories.

Strap on your walking shoes and let’s hit the streets like a pack of wacky wild dingos.

And don’t worry, we promise not to leave you stranded in some sketchy back alley - unless, of course, you’re into that kind of thing.

We’ve hosted 50.000 outdoor exploration games so far. So, we’re pretty sure you will absolutely love it too!

If you don’t, let us know and we’ll live the rest of our lives in shame.

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The entire scavenger hunt experience is delivered through a mobile app.

1. Book your tickets ?

2. Get the instructions via email (where you’ll also find out the name of the couples experience)

3. Download the Questo mobile app (as instructed via email) and head to the starting point on the day that you choose?

4. Invite and challenge your friends & family.


-Discover Toronto’s independent artists

-Learn about the history of whisky production in Canada

-Sample Sake naturally fermented by yeast in the walls

-Wander the cobbled alleys of Toronto’s old buildings

-Watch skilled chocolatiers whip up sweet treats


- Available 24/7.

- Pause and resume anytime.

- Private.

- A bunch of cute & instagrammable places.

- A ton of interesting facts and fun stories.


This is a great activity for a bunch of occasions, such as a:

- hangouts with friends

- family outings

- birthday parties

- bachelorette parties

- teambuilding events

- whatever else you can think of!


People of all ages can attend the event, from munchkins to grandmas. Kids under 10 can tag along too, with the mention that they usually don’t interact with the puzzles and challenges in the app as much as the others, as they may be too complex for their age.


The event will not feature live actors or decorations, as the entire fun is delivered by the app only. The puzzles and riddles make use of the environment around you, so, during the game, you will observe and interact with the buildings, statues and murals you'll discover along the trail as you follow the clues.

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Cherry Street Gate, 49 Tank House Lane, Toronto, Canada


CAD 13.99 to CAD 39.99

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