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Ofelia Plads | Copenhagen

Dansk Danseteater
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Presented by Danish Dance Theatre, Solange & Cupid Owens for Copenhagen Summer Dance 2024!
Do you remember the Addams Family? This is them now!
Solange and Cupid Owens invite you to celebrate the monsters, magical creatures and outcasts that have been lurking in the shadows for millennia’s, hiding in sacred tombs, dark forests or under your bed. Tonight, we unleash them to conquer the runway, so let your primal instinct take over and start rockin' gold teeth and fangs, 'cause that's what a motherf**king monster do!
- Prince Onyx Owens 🇫🇷
- Cassandra 007 🇳🇴
- Up and Coming Icon Mother Nikki Gorgeus Gucci 🇫🇷
- European Father Typhoon Basquiat 🇳🇱
- Legendary Kylee 007 🇫🇷
🧟‍♀️ MC :
- QueenBitch 007 🇪🇸
🧟‍♂️ DJ :
- Lazy Flow Owens 🇫🇷
🏆 Beginners Runway OTA - MONSTER HIGH 🎀☠️🎀
Are you a Fashion Freak? Are you one of the Ghouls? It's a new year starting at Monster High and Runway class is in session! Bring it in a look inspired by the iconic dolls and a walk that is fresh off the box.
🏆 Runway OTA - VAMPIRE SLAYERS 🔪🩸🧛🏻‍♂️
Come on slayer, you've got some slaying to do! Inspired by two iconic and supernatural Vampire Slayers of the 90s, Buffy Summers and Blade, get ready for a fashion fight on the runway. Prepare a streamlined slayer look and rehearse you combat moves: the faith of the world is in your hands.
🏆 Fashion Killah OTA - FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER ⚡️🧟‍♂️⚡️
From Prada FW19 to McQueen SS99 and Gucci AW18, Mary Shelley's creation of the Frankenstein Monster has had a lasting influence on fashion. Wether it is by piecing garments together, turning the volume with electrical details or twisting Victorian fashion staples, it's your turn to get inspired by this famous monster.

🏆 Beginners Performance OTA - MUMMIES 🏺🤕📜
Who dares wake you from your eternal sleep? Stretch your limbs and dust off those bandages to show the judges what you can do on the floor. Bandages mandatory.
🏆 Old Way OTA - ZOMBIES 🧟🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
The Old Way will never die, and neither will Zombies. Attack the floor with wathever functioning limbs you still have and show us that your undead moves are not to be messed with. Blood, guts and exposed brains are welcome.
🏆 Vogue Femme OTA - MONSTERS, INC. 🩵🧌🩵
Welcome to Monsters Incorporated factory, Monstropolis prime power plant that turns screams into energy! Tonight your mission is to harvest the screams from the crowd and the judges to keep the factory running! The employee uniform is clear : bright colors, furs, tentacles, horns or extra limbs.
🏆 Hands Performance vs. Arms Control OTA - SPHINX 🏛️🦁🪽
The Spinx is a Greek mythical creature that challenges those who encouter her with a riddle that they must solve or face death. Tonight you need to weave stories with your arms and hands and try to defeat your opponent's riddles. Dress the part in greek-inspired effect that shows your wisdom.
🏆 Lip Sync OTA - CHANGELINGS 🧑‍🎤🎤🧑‍🎤
In European Folklore, Changelings are human-like creatures that kidnap and take the appearance of their victims, replacing them with their perfect disguise. Using the power of the Changelings, you need to embody one of the following singers and make us believe that they are standing on the stage. Be Glamorous or Edgy, but no boring looks allowed!
10's Songs :
- Superstition / Stevie Wonder (00:23-02:16)
- Maneater / Nelly Furtado (00:00-02:10)
- Monster (Nicky's verse) / Nicky Minaj (03:26-04:56)
- Head's Will Roll (A-Track Radio Edit) / Yeah Yeah Yeahs (0:00-01:44)
Battle Songs :
- Disturbia / Rihanna (01:23-3:24)
- Monster / Lady Gaga (00:00-02:12)
- Thriller (Single Version) / Michael Jackson (00:00-01:58)
- Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / Eurythmics (00:00-02:04)
🏆 FQ Realness - MERMAIDS 🌊🧜‍♀️🐚
Mermaids are beautiful aquatic creature that charms poor sailors into perilous dangers. Tonight you need to channel the mermaid energy to cast a spell unto the judges. Bring it aquatic or beachwear look that shows your connection to the sea and all its mysteries.
🏆 Transmen Realness - WEREWOLVES 🌲🐺🌕
Werewolves are creatures that are able to shape-shift from their human-form into a wolf, usually influence by the movement of the Moon and the power of the forest. Come in a look that shows your connection to the nature and your primal animal side and turn the judges to Team Jacob.

What a tragedy it is to die so young and so beautiful! Thankfully your ghostly presence remains and reminds the living of your eternal virtue. As you glide along the foggy runway, make the judges yern to join you in the afterlife and spook away the evil spirits of the competition.
Your Body is a weapon of mass destruction! Tokyo, New-York and London stand no chance against your curves, your muscles, your size and your strength! Come in a look that will terrorize the competition and might break a skyscraper or two.
🏆 Best Make Up OTA - ELDRITCH GODS 👽🐙🪽
Eldritch Gods, also known as the Great Old Ones, are powerful creatures created by H.P. Lovecraft whose appearance goes beyond human comprehension. Let your creativity and skills run free to produce a Make Up look that could live among this Otherworldly Pantheon. Wether you create a beautiful ethereal creature or a revolting bizarre monster, you will be judge on creativity, precise application and overall effect.
🏆 Sex Siren OTA - GREMLINS 😈😈😈
Oops, those idiots fed you after midnight and now you are ready to let loose and wreak havoc. Your needs are insatiable and your sense of humor is wicked: there is no limit to what you can do! Get inspired by the 80's grunge aesthetic of this cult film and release your sinful ways unto the floor.

The underground ballroom scene has it roots as far back as to the 1920 in Harlem, New York, and was created by the Black and Latin Trans women and Drags, as a new safe space due to racism they faced within the white pageant scene. It evolved into many new categories and became not only a space for trans women of colour to enjoy the safeties of community but of all queer people of colour to create and express what was not allowed at the time to express in the public. While the community is not as segregated as it used to be, we remind you that the space was created and are ruled by people of colour, and we remind you that the underground ballroom scene will not accept any types of racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming or any types of discrimination. Ballroom welcomes everyone and respects everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, body, sex or status. Ballroom is a place of love, unity, creativity and mutual respect. If you are not a person of colour and/or person of queer experience, we would like to reinstate that you are a guest within the ballroom community and should follow rules as everyone else. Please be mindful of the space you take as a guest, and you will be welcomed with open arms.
🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟THE MONSTER MINI BALL🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟
Husker du den bizarre og macabre film the Addams Family? De vender nu tilbage i Ballroom format!
Solange og Cupid Owens inviterer dig til at fejre monstrene, de magiske væsener og outcasts, der har luret i skyggerne i årtusinder, gemt sig i de hellige grave, i mørke skove eller under din seng. I aften løslader vi dem for at erobre catwalken, så overgiv dig til de primitive instinkter, og begynd at rocke dine guldtænder, for det er det, en monsterf**ker gør!
Den underjordiske ballroom-scene har sine rødder helt tilbage til 1920'erne i Harlem, New York, og blev skabt af sorte og latinamerikanske transkvinder og dragqueens som et nyt sikkert rum på grund af den racisme, de stod over for inden for den hvide skønhedskonkurrence-scene. Den udviklede sig til mange nye kategorier og blev ikke kun et sikkert rum for transkvinder af farve, men for alle queer personer af farve for at skabe og udtrykke, hvad der på det tidspunkt ikke var tilladt at udtrykke offentligt. Mens fællesskabet ikke er så adskilt som det plejede at være, vil vi gerne minde dig om, at rummet blev skabt af personer af farve, og vi minder dig om, at den underjordiske ballroom-scene ikke vil acceptere nogen former for racisme, homofobi, transfobi, ableisme, kropsskam eller nogen former for diskrimination. Vores Ballroom byder alle velkommen og respekterer alle, uanset race, køn, etnicitet, krop, køn eller status. Ballroom er et sted for kærlighed, enhed, kreativitet og gensidig respekt. Hvis du ikke er en person af farve og/eller queer, så vil vi gerne understrege, at du er en gæst inden for ballroom-fællesskabet og bør følge reglerne som alle andre. Vær opmærksom på det rum, du indtager som gæst, og du vil blive budt velkommen med åbne arme.

Event Venue

Ofelia Plads, Amerigo Vespucci, Kvæsthusbroen, 1252 København K, Danmark,Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark


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