The Mindful Creative Workshop Series

Sun Dec 10 2023 at 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library | Washington

Charles Muhammad
Publisher/HostCharles Muhammad
The Mindful Creative Workshop Series
Free Creative Wellness Events !

MLK Library
4th floor
room 401-D

About this Event

Mindful creativity employs creative media and art-making in combination with mindful practices, to help express emotions, gain self awareness, unlock skills and memories, and create intentional actions. The purpose is to expose the transformative and intersectional power that mindfulness has, while creating a safe and accessible creative environment for people to explore new things.


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I'm Charles, your mindful wellness guide in the DC area. My intention is to facilitate the exploration of awareness, align people with their values, and encourage them to take intentional action. I use methods like visualization, guided breathing, yoga movement training, functional mobility, conversation coaching and mindful routines. I want people to connect to their preconditioned self, and move from mechanical behavior patterns to a more realized way of living.


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OCTOBER 22nd- Collective Imagining: Breathing Room

An Innovative, creative, empathic, community centered, and wellness centered curator, Erica creates ethereal and expansive experiences that allow for the exploration of our senses, joy and pleasure. Though navigating severe chronic illnesses and disability, Erica believes that regardless of circumstance, people should have access to exploration, joy, and pleasure.

As a sommelier, bartender, and food & beverage professional, she focuses on bringing together accessible anti-colonial education and activation to folx of all backgrounds and identities, all while focusing on what makes us feel good and connected.

Collective Imagining is a curated gathering space to bring creatives of all nature together to dream and build collectively, beyond the bounds of obstacles, no’s, and judgement. We gather freely and engage with our ideas of wellness and needs together. Collective Imagining allows us to expand outside of the dreaming & creating “in the box” an “outside the box” narrative; we dream and create as if there is no box!

We will gather, start with guided collective breathwork and move into a "roundtable" discussion about dreaming and building expansively, ridding ourselves of the "dreaming inside" and "outside the box" concepts when, really, we should be considering dreaming as if there is no box. We will bring folx together to discuss their dreams and needs so we can leave the session better understanding how we can support ourselves and support each other.

This event is for people of all ages.

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NOVEMBER 12th- Media Literacy and Mindfulness

Starlight Williams is a travel writer and yoga teacher whose goal in life is help other’s nourish their soul garden, while cultivating a safe space on the mat where self-love and inner peace flourished wildly. "I call myself an inflexible yogini because I want it to be a reminder that yoga is for everyone and yoga can look like anything."

This media literacy and mindfulness workshop will equip individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the media landscape more effectively while also promoting their well-being and mental health in today's digital age.

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DECEMBER 3rd- Sexual Liberation: Owning your Identity

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dwight “Coach Dwight'' Venson received his Master of Science in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from John Carroll University. With almost a decade of professional experience in the Public Health field, Coach Dwight is an expert peer support counselor and fierce community advocate. He is most passionate about issues impacting Black LGBTQ+ communities, including HIV prevention and the opioid epidemic. He has led numerous educational training opportunities, including the widely popular “Owning Your Identity'' sexual liberation series, which was workshopped at the 2019 National Sexual Health Conference in Chicago, IL. In his spare time, he enjoys the dramatic arts, various forms of dance, and creative writing. Coach Dwight presently resides in the Greater Washington DC area.

Sexual Liberation: Owning your Identity invites participants on an introspective journey to holistic healing through the consideration of their sexual health and well-being. In this workshop, slut-shaming is the catalyst for which sexual liberation is called into question as a possible solution. Coach Dwight walks participants through a robust analysis of the fantastic 4: sexual liberation as a phrase to be defined, a complex social movement, personal actions, and one's identity.

This event is for people 18+ only.



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DECEMBER 10th- Artistic Grants Demystified: A Guide to Swift Success

Mariah Barber is a dynamic, multidisciplinary artist and teaching artist based in the DMV area, where she has been actively contributing to the local arts community for the past six years. Her creative endeavors span a wide range, including spoken word poetry, radio hosting, content curation, and more.

As a passionate advocate for unheard voices, Mariah channels her artistic talents into uplifting and amplifying underrepresented perspectives. She has a special knack for teaching and has been instrumental in upskilling her community through engaging workshops. Mariah's dedication to the arts and education is reflected in her mantra: "Some People Do, Some People Never Do, Some People Overdo, How Do You Do?". This philosophy underscores her belief in taking purposeful action and finding balance in one's creative pursuits.

Her presence in the DMV arts scene is marked by her commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive artistic community. Through her various roles as a teaching artist, mentor, organizer, and public speaker, Mariah has played a pivotal role in shaping the region's creative landscape. Their work continues to inspire and empower artists and learners alike.

In this power-packed one-hour workshop, participants will embark on a focused journey into the world of grant writing tailored specifically for artists. Drawing from firsthand experiences and successes in securing grant funding, this session will cover the fundamental elements of crafting a compelling application. From distilling your artistic vision into a concise statement to mastering budget allocation, participants will gain practical insights into the grant application process. This workshop is designed to equip artists with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently pursue funding opportunities, ensuring their creative endeavors receive the support they deserve. Join us for an hour of invaluable guidance, leaving you poised to take the next step in your artistic journey.


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DECEMBER 17th- Winter Solstice: Going Within

Sihnuu Hetep, the founder of Seed & Soul Yoga, is a highly regarded yoga and meditation instructor with a 500-ERYT/YACEP certification. She skillfully combines the wisdom of Kemetic principles and Ancient Chinese philosophy to guide her teachings. As a dedicated educator, mother, and visionary, Sihnuu is committed to leading individuals on a transformative journey of self-reclamation, harmonizing ancient traditions with contemporary tools. Her profound mission revolves around nurturing self-sustaining healing practices that empower individuals and uplift entire communities. By using nature as her guiding light, Sihnuu Hetep's approach is deeply rooted in the natural world, connecting people with the wisdom of the earth. Sihnuu Hetep's expertise has garnered recognition in renowned publications and campaigns, including Yoga Journal, Mantra Wellness Magazine, Essence, Girls United by Essence, Athleta, and more. Through Seed & Soul Yoga, she extends her passion and knowledge to the D.C. community and beyond, fostering a harmonious balance between mind, body, and the environment.

Join Sihnuu Hetep (and Charles!) for a serene Winter Solstice Yoga and Meditation class, a special session to embrace the tranquility of the season's longest night. As the world quiets down and nature's energy turns inward, we'll align our practice with the rhythms of the Earth.

This class will blend gentle, grounding yoga postures with meditation techniques designed to cultivate inner peace and reflect on the past year's journey. We'll use the solstice as a symbolic moment of renewal, harnessing its energy to set intentions for the coming year.

Come and experience the profound stillness and inner warmth that winter's embrace can offer. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this class is open to all levels, providing a space for self-reflection, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with the natural world. Let's celebrate the Winter Solstice together in harmony and serenity.

This event is for people of all ages.

IG: @yogasihnuu

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JANUARY 28th- Visual Poetry

Briget Heidmous [1989] is an artist, creative entrepreneur, and freelance brand manager in Washington, DC. With a BA in Studio Art from Hastings College, she has participated in visiting artist programs at Tyler School of Art and Burren College of Art, Ireland. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions and through ad-hoc performances in Washington DC, Ireland, Philadelphia, France, and throughout her home-state, Colorado. She is a thought leader at Femme Fatale DC and co-founder of ARTARIANICA, a visual poetry collaboration. As assistant curator for experimental programs at Colorado College (January 2013- November 2017), she worked closely with organizations, academics, and artists, including Senga Nengudi, Raven Chacon, Basim Magdy, Ruben Aguirre, Ryan Banagale, and MASS Design Group. Heidmous is known for developing concept-driven proposals to achieve high-level collaborative outcomes.

Visual Poetry is the hybridization of visual art and language, useful for poetic expression. Promoting skills in composition, drawing, collage, and creative language use, Visual Poetry is a fun and low-stakes way to explore our more adventurous and ineffable cognitive connections.

In this workshop

Participants will enjoy a facilitated creative environment and leave with a visual poem of their making.

The structure

● looking exercise (15 mins)

● Instructions (7 mins)

● time for creative flow and supported work (remainder of time)

○ time for show and tell.

The materials

● Paper

● Pencil

● Your mind

What are the benefits?

For all ages, this might look like exploring our sense of humor, mapping a thought, and enjoying aha moments about how we relate words and images outside the context of advertisements, reading, and formal environments. Art making opens our mind/body connection, encouraging the Flow State. As we foster flow states in creative spaces, we more readily enter this flow in all aspects of our lives. Surprising or not, creative making instills greater self-confidence and interest in our surroundings and social connections.

This event is for people of all ages.

How can people support Briget’s work?

Daily, anyone can support my work by shopping ASTRAL THEORY, stickers, and art using my online store or buying from my local stockists, Femme Fatale DC (Cleveland Park) and Relume Co. (Eastern Market).

Send donations to:

Venmo: brigetheidmous


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