Stems and Seats - New works by Alecia Koenigsberger

Thu Apr 11 2024 at 05:00 pm

The Frame Workshop & Gallery | Auckland

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Stems and Seats - New works by Alecia Koenigsberger
NEW ARTIST SHOWCASE | Stems and Seats by Alecia Koenigsberger | 11 - 28 April
OPENING NIGHT Thursday 11th April from 5pm-7pm
We are pleased to announce Wellington artist Alecia Koenisberger to our Herne Bay gallery. Alecia will be presenting a series of new paintings in the gallery, learn more about Alecia and her influence for this collection below.
At the age of 9, I attended a painting class on Saturday mornings. It’s a memory that resonates with me. The teacher would paint in front of us and we would copy what he did and finish up with a variation of his wonderful painting. We were living in Zimbabwe at the time and painted on paper made of tobacco. The paper was a khaki light brown color. It had a slight rough texture. It was beautiful. I loved the fact that the colors were never clean on that paper. At the end of the day, we would roll up our dry paintings and take them home. I have 2 of them framed in my home.
We had a short period of time to paint a complete painting and I have no doubt that this helped create the ethos of my paintings as an adult. I am quick to get my idea on the canvas, it’s the continuous layering and scratching that builds the composition and takes my time.
If I’m not painting, I’m often in the garden.
My mum is a wonderful gardener, I’ve grown such a love of flowers and plants indoors and out from her. Watching them through every season, the way they drop change and grow a new.
This in conjunction with my constant awareness of my visual surroundings is the backbone to this body of work, namely Stems and Stools.
My home is my favorite place, always full of flowers, whether they are from my favorite florist, out of my garden or from beside the road, I love to have them throughout my living space.
I am extremely visual, often grouping things together in my mind, by color stories or by size if they are random colors. I straighten and give things order, I love clean lines and clear spaces. The way in which an object or a piece of furniture is placed is key to my home.
I love sunlight falling through leaves and the shadow it casts on the wall and of fresh fragrances lingering in different rooms. I can’t paint fragrance, but these elements that are untouchable have such a big influence on my senses.
Stems and Seats bring these components together.
The loveliness of a freshly cut bunch of flowers in a favorite vase on that sturdy wooden table.

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