Soul Flight (Scotland)

Wed May 01 2024 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Greyfriars Kirk | Edinburgh

Tim Morrison
Publisher/HostTim Morrison
Soul Flight (Scotland)
Join us for a 3 hour Shamanic Immersion into the power of journeying with Ceremonial Cacao, our Breath and Sacred Sounds.
About this Event


Join us for a 3 hour Shamanic Immersion into the power of journeying with Ceremonial Cacao, our Breath and Sacred Sounds.

A gentle heart expanding ceremony guided by the power of sound and Cacao. Sacred sounds guide you to release, realign and anchor who you are.

Cacao wishes to bring you back into harmony. To nourish and nurture the fullness of who you are.

Cacao was originally used by the ancient Mayan shamans to journey between the worlds, lifting the veil over consciousness.

Our ceremonial cacao is infused with spirit, inviting you on a journey inwards to open your heart and remember who you truly are.

Join the experience to discover that there is far more to consciousness then what resides in the physical body.

Are you ready to reconnect to feel the depth of who you are?

To truly feel your soul pulsating inside of you?

Together we sit in ceremony, we connect and we journey into our heart space. Surrendering gently into the process and enabling the sacred sounds to wash through us transmuting all that no longer serves.

Sound has the potential to dissolve and transmute any negative or heavy energies as the frequencies if the Sacred sounds will bring us up into a higher vibrational state and in doing so all that does not match this, will naturally fall away.

The great gift of combining Ceremonial cacao and Sacred sounds is that they are both high vibrational energy tools.

They both enable you to release, realign and rejuvenate with ease and grace. They both gently carry away what no longer serves from a deep internal journey.

As we drop deeper into ourselves the emotions are simply carried through the sounds and we relax deeper and deeper, with no need for the body to activate a cathartic release.

Ceremonial cacao and sounds are a deeply meditative, nurturing and nourishing journey.

Cacao journeys us to the door of our heart, allowing us to step through, discovering all of its mysteries, ready to embrace the space of openness of pure love. We journey together to a spiritual dimension.

This special event will incorporate ceremonial cacao, vibrational medicine, meditation, breath and a shamanic soundscape taking you on a journey back to yourself.

Suitable for all levels and backgrounds. You will be provided with a deeply transformative and supported space and tools to take home with you to use day to day.


• Stay away from caffeine on the day of ceremony

• Eat a light breakfast

• Bring a Yoga Mat

• Bring a water bottle

• Wear comfy clothes

• Bring any comfy blankets or cushions you wish to prop yourself up with

• Bring an eye mask if you wish

• Bring a note pad and pen incase you wish to journal any insights or guidance you receive during ceremony


Tickets may be transferred to someone else but this is up to the ticket holder to organise.



Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


AUD 95.00 to AUD 220.00

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