Seeding Freedom Festival #2

Sat Jun 29 2024 at 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

LOBE Block | Berlin

Reclaim - Ecofeminist Alliance
Publisher/HostReclaim - Ecofeminist Alliance
Seeding Freedom Festival #2
Join us the second edition of Seeding Freedom Festival in Berlin. One day where joy, art, and activism come together to inspire change.
About this Event
Seeding Freedom #2

Joyful, artistic, participatory and political, Seeding Freedom is Berlin's one and only ecofeminist festival, inviting participants to question our world and weave a better and more inclusive future as citizens.

Come spend the day at LOBE Block for interactive workshops, talking and artistic circles, roudtables, live DJ sets, a special ecofeminist pub quiz, and so much more - all for free!

Join us and be part of the change!</h4>

Through five major axes - movement and body, art and creativity, civic engagement, debate, and activism - the second edition of Seeding Freedom is driven by the desire to explore and reflect collectively on ecofeminist topics, always from an intersectional perspective.
Together with activists, researchers, local communities and associations, political actors and artists, we will build an ecofeminist future for all.

  • Discover our [Please note that prior registration to individual workshops is not necessary, simply reserve your spot for the whole event.]

Practical information

  • Organised by the nonprofit Reclaim e.V. and supported by Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF).
  • Free admission
  • No prior knowledge of ecofeminism is necessary
  • Vegan food and drinks will be available on-site
  • This event is wheelchair-accessible and uses the Sunflower Lanyard to raise awareness about hidden disabilities
  • Family and animal-friendly

<h4>What is ecofeminism?</h4>

The word ecofeminism can create confusion. People often wonder how it brings the concepts of "ecology" and "feminism" together. Well, ecofeminism actually goes beyond just linking these two ideas.
Ecofeminism connects the systems of exploitations and oppressions by showing how the mistreatment of the planet and the unfair treatment of people, whether based on gender, class, race, or other factors, are intertwined. It is about sustainable living and gender equality. It is about emphasizing the need to respect and nurture both the Earth and all its inhabitants.
A concrete example of ecofeminism in action is the Chipko Movement in India during the 1970s. In this movement, village women hugged trees to prevent them from being cut down by loggers. They recognized that the health of the forest was crucial for their community's survival and that protecting it also protected their way of life and economic independence. This act of environmental and social resistance highlighted the link between the well-being of the environment and the well-being of women.

<h4>What does an “ecofeminist future” mean?</h4>

An ecofeminist future is about creating a world where everyone, regardless of their gender, race, or class, is treated equally and with respect. It recognizes that women* often bear the brunt of environmental problems and are also key protectors of nature in many cultures. So, an ecofeminist future aims to address both inequalities and environmental issues together, understanding that they are connected, and so need to be the solutions.

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LOBE Block, Böttgerstraße 16, Berlin, Germany


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