Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork: Journey into Spiritual Awakening

Sat Apr 20 2024 at 05:00 pm to 07:30 pm

State of Yoga | Miami Beach

Mukthi Meditation
Publisher/HostMukthi Meditation
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork: Journey into Spiritual Awakening
Join us for an immersive evening of breathwork and cacao ceremony, designed to guide you through a deep self-healing process .
About this Event

The breathwork session is a powerful technique that helps us release stress, anxiety, and negative emotions from our body. Through conscious breathing, we will move to the patterns, traumas or memories that are holding us back. It is an intense ancient practice to help me you move beyond our minds.

What are the benefits of breathwork ?
  1. Stress reduction
  2. Improved mental well-being
  3. Increased energy and vitality
  4. Enhanced focus and concentration
  5. Improved physical health
  6. Emotional release and self-exploration
  7. Cultivation of the mind-body connection

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine with profound spiritual significance. For these communities, cacao was not merely a beverage or food item, but a conduit for connecting with the spiritual realm and engaging in ceremonial practices. The consumption of cacao played a pivotal role in their rituals and ceremonies, allowing individuals to establish a profound connection with deities, commune with ancestors, and access higher states of consciousness. Let's explore the rich spiritual and ceremonial traditions surrounding cacao in indigenous cultures.

What are the benefits of Cacao?
  1. Spiritual connection
  2. Communion with deities
  3. Communication with ancestors

When and Where is it ?
  • Date: March 16th , 2024
  • Time: 5.30pm until 7.30pm
  • Location: State of Yoga Studio, Miami Beach
  • Price: Contribution From $30 up to $48

What to Bring

Water bottle, comfortable clothing, and an open mind

About the Teacher:

Bruno, born in Argentina and raised in the USA, has dedicated his life to guiding people on a transformative journey of self-discovery through mystical practices from India and South America. Inspired by his gurus, Amma Bhagavan, his passion is to help individuals free themselves from suffering and move towards enlightenment. With millions of people having experienced his practices in numerous awakening and meditation events, Bruno's role as a leader is to unite individuals in community, strengthening their faith in themselves, the group, and a higher intelligence.


1)Allergies/Sensitivities: Some individuals may have allergies or sensitivities to cacao, which can cause adverse reactions. It's important to inquire about any known allergies before offering or consuming cacao.

2)Medical Conditions: Certain conditions like cardiovascular issues or high blood pressure may contraindicate cacao consumption or breathwork. Consult a healthcare professional if there are concerns or pre-existing conditions.

3)Medications/Substances: Some medications or substances may interact with cacao or breathwork. Be aware of potential interactions and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

4)Pregnancy/Nursing: Exercise caution during pregnancy or nursing. Effects on pregnancy or infants are not well-studied, so consult a healthcare professional.

5)Personal Comfort/Readiness: Respect individuals' comfort levels and readiness for cacao or breathwork. Create a safe space where opting out is okay without judgment.

It's always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before trying new practices, especially with underlying health conditions. Respecting boundaries and promoting informed consent is crucial for a safe and inclusive environment.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

State of Yoga, 727 4th Street, Miami Beach, United States


USD 30.00 to USD 50.00

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