Rebel 2 Remarkable AUCKLAND

Fri Feb 16 2024 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

55 Wellesley Street East,Lecture theatre WA224 WA building,Auckland CBD,1010,NZ | Auckland

Rebel 2 Remarkable AUCKLAND An interactive workshop for business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches or anyone wanting to grow personally & professionally.
Are you tired of the roller coaster ride that your mind takes you on in regards to going after your hopes, dreams & future happiness?
Are you surrounded by well meaning family, friends & work colleagues who tell you all the fucking time how to live your life?
Do you have a sense that you're meant to do something significant & impactful with your life but very little seems to be going right for you? In fact, despite that strong desire you regularly doubt that it's possible at all.
I know first hand all of the above & came to the place 15 years ago where I decided FUCK IT I'm going to DO IT MY WAY. I'm going to crawl, climb, fall, & fail my way to the person I want to become in this world.
I'm a rebel at heart, I hate being told what to do & instead of suppressing it & pushing it down I embraced it & it's become a major part of who I am today. I go all in on things & live without regrets but truth be told I'm not that dissimilar to you.
I've struggled with all kinds of issues in my personal & professional life from dyslexia to ADHD to imposter syndrome & an overwhelming fear of failure.
But guess what?
I'm doing the very thing I was born to do & I'm fucking REMARKABLE at it & you can be as well.
Now if that puts you off or throws up a red flag that perhaps I'm full of myself or arrogant then please understand that's definitly not the case. I am however very aware of my strenghs & weaknesses & therefore I'm confident about the areas of my life that this event adresses.
I learned that the obsticles I faced were not the end of the road for me & I develeoped strategies that would play into my strenghs & have never looked back. I'd love to share them with you so you can come up with your own version of them for your own life.
Rebel 2 Remarkable is for people who are committed to personal & professional excellence.
This live presentation will go inside what took "John (McFat) McMahon" from being bullied every day at school, kicked out of 2 high schools, kicked out of home, gangs, violence, attempted suicide at 18 yrs old to the transformation that has led him to become a one of a kind specialist in his field of expertise.
John McMahon is a motivational speaker/coach who specialises in mental toughness, mindset & personal development. His seminars for families fill theatres all over Aus, NZ & now the UK. He prides himself on being raw, real & down to earth. This is what makes him so relatable & leads to the hundreds of reviews & testimonies that come in each year.
There will be some laughs, possibly some tears & some jaw dropping moments as we journey together in a vulnerable look at how John turned his life around. But more importantly how he continually reinvents himself to remain on the cutting edge within an ever-changing industry.
Who is this for?
- Those who are stuck in their personal & professional life
- Those who've had a dream, and given up on it
- Those who doubt themselves & self-sabotage opportunities
- Those who want to dominate in their business, workplace & or personal sphere of influence
- Those who lead & are led by others
- Those who underestimate, procrastinate & waste time
- People who question, doubt or second guess themselves & the significance of their abilities
- People who dont tolerate or celebrate being average
- Anyone who wants to take real control of their future or reinvent their life
Take Aways
- The most honest & unapologetic answer to any question you have re personal or professional development
- A very specific strategy for achieving personal & professional goals
- How to reduce anxiety before & during meetings/presentations
- Real life lessons on how to build a disruptive, authentic, successful brand
This event is not another thing to "just try"..if that's your thoughts then save yourself the ticket fee & stay home or at work. This is for people who are familiar with or want to be familiar with thinking for themselves & making hard shit happen.
I look forward to coming to Auckland, I know this will be a significant opportunity so why not grab it & book in today. John McMahon
WARNING - There will be some coarse language used during this workshop, if you think this will upset or offend you then please don't book in.

Event Venue

55 Wellesley Street East,Lecture theatre WA224 WA building,Auckland CBD,1010,NZ, 39 Wellesley St E, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand,Auckland, New Zealand


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