QUANTUM HEALING: Hypnosis & Sound Immersion

Thu Dec 21 2023 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

390 Northeast 59th Terrace,Miami,33137,US | Miami

Tantra Studios
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QUANTUM HEALING: Hypnosis & Sound Immersion
Guided Hypnosis by Mario Baum with Sound Bowl Session by Irina Korneeva
A source of comfort that awaits in the form of transformative sound baths and hypnotic experiences.
As participants are enveloped by captivating melodies, not only does tension dissolve, but a profound tranquility also embraces the body and mind.
This immersive journey offers not only deep relaxation and stress reduction but also cultivates heightened mindfulness through the synergy of sound and hypnosis.
Beyond these advantages, the sessions contribute to refining sleep patterns, easing physical unease, and nurturing creativity.
A profound state of relaxation to aid participants in achieving their individual objectives.
Mario Baum is a Board Certified Hypnotist by the NGH, trained in many aspects that allow each one to discover his inner purpose. Hypnosis, in a group, is a guided uni directional experience, where you are allowed to let your imagination run free without putting any barriers. In a group session, each participate feels, sees what they are ment to see. As a group, the whole elevation aides everyone to enjoy such an experience in their own manner. By being guided, although you are free to explore, this guidance to the unknown allows everyone to feel the safe space and simply, enjoy. Hypnosis, brings an opportunity to each one to learn more about oneself and further grow to learn to balance mind and body.
As a hypnotist practicing in German, English and Spanish he enjoys serving others to be able to beat understand any and all aspects of their lives.
Amongst other things as an inner life coach by the Atlantic University, and the Edgar Cayce A.R.E., having learnt ways of meditation and being an inner life coach.
Irina Korneeva, the founder and sole owner of Tantra Studios is a sound artist, certified life coach and detox specialist. Her deep passion for sound and spirituality, holistic lifestyle and wellness was a foundation for creating this studio.
Please arrive 10 minutes earlier, bring eye mask and a bottle of water.
Free parking.
For more info please call or text 305-992-0754

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