Sun Feb 25 2024 at 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm

The Wee Red Bar | Edinburgh

It is a Sunday evening conscious and curious dance floor where we connect deeply to ourselves and the magic around.
About this Event

?☁️ Portal to the Cloud Realm☁️?

Join us on the last Sunday of the month, from 5 to 10 pm, at Portal: a conscious clubbing dance event where reality's boundaries blur, and the ineffable unfolds. Immerse yourself in body movement and expression, as dance music and art merge to create a sensory journey. All are welcome to explore the depths of subconscious and forge connections with one another in this transformative experience.

Welcome to our mystical gathering, where we invite you to embark on a journey through the ethereal realms. As you gather at the entrance, a sense of anticipation fills the air, for tonight, we shall transcend earthly boundaries and delve into the enchanting Cloud Realm.

Once inside, the soundscape envelops us, guiding our transition into this mystical realm. Soft melodies and ambient tones cocoon us as we acclimate to our new surroundings, fostering a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Within the Cloud Realm boundaries between self and surroundings are blurred. Here, amidst swirling visions and whispered echoes, we float, glide and soar through our dreamscapes into the depths of our subconscious.

As the journey progresses, dance music and light intertwine, transporting us to new heights of sensory delight. Swirling mists and ethereal projections envelop us as we ascend, rising above earthly constraints and embracing the boundless expanse of the Cloud Realm.

There will be ceremonial cacao sold to warm up and open the hearts.

As we navigate the ethereal landscape, an art corner awaits, inviting you to unleash your imagination and express yourself creatively.

As our time in the Cloud Realm draws to a close, a guided meditation grounds us back to the earthly plane. With each breath, we reconnect with our physical bodies, gently descending from the celestial heights to once again walk upon solid ground.

With spirits uplifted and hearts open, we emerge from the Cloud Realm, ready to mingle and share in the collective magic we've experienced.

There are places you haven’t been where you already belong.

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The Wee Red Bar, 74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


GBP 17.00

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