Otaku Squad X Drunken Unicorn X Hedone Presents Pr*son School Kink Party

Sat Dec 09 2023 at 08:00 pm to Sun Dec 10 2023 at 04:00 am

secret location | Brooklyn

Otaku Squad
Publisher/HostOtaku Squad
Otaku Squad X Drunken Unicorn X Hedone Presents Pr*son School Kink Party Pr*son School Kink Maid cafe event
About this Event

The transformation of their lives in the series into Pr*son life culminates in an intense drama of jailbreak, romance and violent beauty. The plot of the manga focuses on the comical attempts of the five boys to find a love interest and integrate into the school. For this event, guys will dress in a Pr*son jumpsuit and will get dominated by kinky girls in schoolgirl uniforms. We will relive the anime in live action!!We will give a $10 discount for guys and girls that cosplay as Pr*son school. So come on out and live out your fantasy in a Pr*son school way!!

For this Event we are teaming up the with best Kink promoters

Drunken Unicorn & Hedone It will Be a Three-way Surprise

Pr*son School Cafe Features


Food by Otaku Ramen Orgasmic Ramen

Sexy Maids will Serve.

Maids Otaku_girl365 & Ekolife + Many more

Sexy Maids will Serve.

Orgasmic Ramen

★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻ ⋰⋰

Pr*son Chicken Cury Rice

★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻∹⋰⋰

Pr*son Gyoza,

★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻∹⋰⋰

Pr*son Steam Dumplings

★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻∹⋰⋰

Theme Cocktails

★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻∹⋰⋰


★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻∹⋰⋰


★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰ ★∻∹⋰⋰ ☆∻∹⋰⋰★∻∹⋰⋰



Live Dj


Kinky Pr*son School live


Will be a Pr*son orgasmic event to never forget !!

All sales are Final !!

Event Venue

secret location, location will be released to ticket holders., Brooklyn, United States


USD 7.50 to USD 25.00

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