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Magda M\u0119kal Horses
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Discover the world of OneHorseLife - specifically, the two leading OHL techniques: the Optimal Performance Program and Residual Tension Release Therapy (RTRT)!

Inviting all those interested in Anna Marciniak's OneHorseLife training methods to a unique seminar introducing the world of conscious relaxation!

The Optimal Performance Program comprises 8 relaxation techniques addressing the main tension networks in horses, allowing them to become both wonderful companions and fantastic athletes. ??

The Optimal Performance Program focuses on teaching horses how to DETECT & DIFFERENTIATE regular muscle activity tension from SPECIFIC TENSIONS occurring in the body that are not connected with movement, action, engagement, or sportive activity. Horses (and humans) tense SPECIFICALLY in response to different stress triggers. The Optimal Performance Program teaches horses to recognize THAT SPECIFIC TENSION that occurs precisely as a result of the trigger and is then maintained by the body. Horses unfamiliar with OPP experience this SPECIFIC tension, feel how it stimulates their body, and act upon it. Horses trained in the OPP, however, feel the specific tension, recognize it as SPECIFIC TENSION ("it's not a real life-threatening situation; it's just a tension that is separate from my body and life safety"), and then use one of the 8 OPP Relaxation Techniques to release that specific tension.

This leads to a CALM & AWARE partner, who is able to quickly self-regulate the central nervous system and relax, even in the face of newly presented stimuli.

RTRT - Residual Tension Release Therapy using a bit ? An innovative, simple, and effective technique that allows you to release tension from the horse's body through your own. If you want to truly understand what contact is and why horses can be GRATEFUL for using a bit, participate in the clinic! There's no other technique as effective, brilliant in its simplicity, and universally applicable to horses of all ages and training stages. You can use the technique standing next to the horse, on long reins and while riding.

Whether you're a recreational rider, amateur, or professional, regardless of your discipline (show jumping, dressage, western, or trail riding), this seminar is for you.

We are in a unique situation, and raising the standards of working with horses in sports and beyond is crucial for our passion to remain not just an Olympic sport but something that provides us with aesthetic and emotional fulfillment.

Do you want to bring your training into the 21st century, like top athletes working with biofeedback, learning to consciously relax during exertion for optimal results?

Or perhaps your horse frequently gets injured, has issues with certain obstacles/walls, jumps perfectly in training but falters in competitions, displays worrisome behaviors, or has eating habits causing concern?

OPP & RTRT will be the answer to all of these questions!

Seminar content:

✅ Discussion of basic theory, exploring the fundamentals of Anna Marciniak's training methods.

✅ What is OPP and RTRT, what relaxation techniques does it include, and who is it for?

✅ What is true physiological relaxation and why is it important!

✅ Relaxation, horse health, and movement, common horse problems, and their solutions.

✅ How you can release residual tension from the horse using the bit and what are residual tension?

✅ The importance well fitted bits an what types we use in RTRT.

✅ What is fear, how it works, and what are the solutions?

✅ How to make your horse a healthy and happy athlete!

✅ Practical examples, the ideal training plan, and its options.

Price: 450 euro/module, each module is 3h of theory.

There is possibility to book a 1-1 session the day after the seminar for the price 250 euro.


Magdalena Mękal OPP PRO

Kamila Jarzębczyk RTRT PRO


Email: [email protected] or

Whatsapp: +48509562106

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