Mindful Dose & Meditate:

Sun Dec 31 2023 at 08:00 am to 10:00 am

918 F St NW | Washington

5th House Venus
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Mindful Dose & Meditate:
Mindful Dose & Meditate: Healing with Resonate Frequencies & Fungi
This event holds space for healing, self-integration, and relaxation.
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Mindful Dose & Meditate: Healing with Resonate Frequencies and Fungi

Join us for a mindfulness journey that harmonizes healing sound frequencies and sacred technology. The last Sunday of every month we have gathered for a sound bath experience, that used frequencies and fungi to Journey inward and this time will be no different, kinda.

Date: December 31, 2023

Time: 8:00 am Sound Bath Start Time: 8:45 am Please be on time. The sound bath is set to start at 8:45 am to give your tea enough time to steep and for you to get settled.

Sound Healing is a therapeutic approach that uses sound waves and vibrations to promote healing and relaxation in the mind & body. This practice is based on the idea that everything in the universe vibrates at its own unique frequency and that these frequencies can be harnessed to restore balance and harmony in the body. To do this we will sit before a “Chamber Orchestra” that includes Cello, Harps, Singing Bowls, Drum, and Piano. These instruments will create sound vibrations that cause a resonance with our molecular biology and harmonize it into a state of self-healing.

The 31st of December ushers us more inward, shutting down the external reality and using this time to focus internally. In combination with sound healing we will utilize the earths mindfulness technology to journey inward, reflect, experience mental clarity, peaceful states of consciousness, and relaxation.

Each Guest will be offered a free beverage: Herbal Tea, Ceremonial Cacao or a Mindful Dosing Tea served hot or cool, to enjoy throughout their sound bath experience.

Guest are encouraged to bring a yoga mate, blanket, pillow, whatever supports your relaxation. The space we will be in hard wooden floors. The event will be held in Washington Dc and the address will be updated by November 20th.

Mindful Dosing can be a wonderful practice for Increasing mindfulness and self-awareness. For some, Mindful Dosing can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms: Some individuals with anxiety or depression have reported that mindful dosing helps alleviate their symptoms. However, it's important to note that self-medicating should not replace professional mental health treatment or be done without your healthcare providers guidance. There are no magic pills in this universe, so you still have to do the work. Mindfulness tools have been found to promote neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to form new neural connections and reorganize itself. Mindful Dosing may have similar effects, potentially boosting creative, positive mood, and increase emotional resilience.


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918 F St NW, 918 F Street Northwest, Washington, United States


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