Meet the Serpent

Wed Jan 10 2024 at 06:00 pm

Vivacious Living Centre | Perth

Shannon Vallance
Publisher/HostShannon Vallance
Bring the medicine of Serpent into your life…

Over the centuries the serpent has been presented to us in a multitude of ways. She has often been perceived as evil but that could not be further from her truth. A sensual and powerful energy, she travels with her belly directly connected to Mother Earth. She is an old and wise teacher and she teaches us about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. She is the bringer of fertility, sensuality and vitality. She gently calls us back into our bodies to connect with the wisdom that lies within.
Through our bodies she can become the bridge between Mother Earth and Father sky. Awakening us to the flow of creativity, sensuality and the energetically orgasmic possibilities within us and all around us. She brings the full realisation of womanhood into being. Encouraging us to embrace the feminine way of being and release the habitual masculine practices we have adapted to out of necessity.
Over this 6 week journey you’ll be guided to meet with the energy of the Serpent, to connect to her wisdom, healing and medicine.
For 3 hours each week we will work within the different energy centres, preparing and clearing the energy centres and body to receive her energy.
There is a process to coming back into your body and shadow work forms a large part of this meditation experience. Week by week, we work through the layers of self to enable you to go deeper.
Moving towards the final destination of the energy of serpent connecting you into the heavens and receiving the magnificent energetic flow that comes with that. You’ll receive downloads and shifts of energy you have not previously been able to access.
You don’t need special skills to attend, Shannon will guide you into a deep trance states enabling you to connect with the non ordinary worlds with ease. Making the journey quite extraordinary, you can experience the inexplicable.
This is deeply sacred work and you will be introduced to your own women’s council, there to support, guide and hold you through the journey.
It’s a completely transformational experience, enabling you to shed and release what stands in your way from living in a way that your heart desires.
I look forward to guiding you through this sacred rite.

Meditation 1
Connecting to the vision of the heart, waking up your heart consciousness to open you to your own heart energy, to feel into the invisible worlds. This session is an introduction into embodiment practices through the compassionate and loving attention of the heart.
Meditation 2
Journey to the portal of your womb space to meet your “council of women”, filled with your ancestry, star family, and past life connections.
Meditation 3
Meet the serpent during this third initiation and become familiar with the powerful energy she holds.
Meditation 4
Intuitive session-Each class 4 differs depending on the group
Meditation 5
Meet the serpent during this initiation, as she activates the energy and “wakes up” your sexual and sensual energy. You and the serpent learn to become one.
Meditation 6
Receive the serpent symbol during the final initiation, a complete and total immersion with you and serpent as you connect with heaven and earth simultaneously. The symbol sealing the union and grounding in your practice so that you can receive your downloads ready to be expressed through your body and into your lived experience.
-Grounding-how to work in and through the body
-The truth of Serpent and the deliberate suppression of feminine power
-How to manage the changes in your relationships when you do the deep work
-Processing and integrating shadow parts of self
-Self observation
*Transform your relationships
*Find your voice, develop strong boundaries internal and external
*Get completely aligned with who you are and who you are becoming.
*Gain clarity around your true calling and purpose
*Become more soul led and less ego driven
*Uncover your true sexual expression
*Ignite your passion and feel your direction and purpose
*Deepen your experience of self-love and self-worth
*Uncover your power
*Feel supported with these incredible meditation tools to support you for the rest of your life.
*Develop your internal support system to resource you for your continued personal growth
*Remember the truth of the sisterhood

You must be over 18
Be willing to let go
Be comfortable with explicit conversations and language
Not suitable for those with significant mental health presentations such as psychosis.

We start Jan the 10th

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Vivacious Living Centre, 9/9a Riseley Square,,Perth,WA,Australia


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