KAP Kundalini Activation Process Open Class (IN PERSON)

Sun Jul 10 2022 at 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Vibe Dance Studio & Creative Space | Los Angeles

Marlyn Culton
Publisher/HostMarlyn Culton
KAP Kundalini Activation Process Open Class (IN PERSON) KAP Kundalini Activation Process Open Class (IN PERSON)
About this Event

Hello lovely friends!

Join me as I host this in person Open KAP class at The beautiful Vibe dance studio and creative space in the heart of West Los Angeles. It's right where the 10 and 405 freeways meet, between Mar Vista and Westdale. The studio is one of the first of it's kind that is completely remotely controlled, air conditioned, sanitized, free parking lot for up to 40 cars, and some pretty cool looking décor. It is owned by a well known dancer :) Pictures of the studio are at the very bottom of this event listing. I am so excited to welcome you to this space!!

You must be 18 years old or older to attend a KAP Open Class.

A separate email will be sent to you close to the day of the event with further details.

Please bring your own yoga mat and plenty of water to drink.


KAP is a transmission of life force energy that activates the Kundalini awakening process. It’s a transmission process, not a self-willed/self-generating process.

It’s different than other self-generating willful practices or kundalini experiences such as kundalini yoga, tantra, or chi gong...where you are generating your own energy to rise. KAP is the path of surrender, not a self-willed/self-generating process.

In KAP, the energy comes in from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra, it gradually builds and eventually starts flowing both ways.

It’s a very natural process. The energy will build gradually for each session and has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs in the moment. Each class will bring about different experiences.

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a kundalini awakening from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations are seen regularly in participants.

KAP is generally considered safe, though given that it is such a powerful transmission, please be aware that it can sometimes bring up difficult or unprocessed emotions. This is a healthy part of the process so it is advised to give yourself time afterward to support integration if you happen to have a strong session.

KAP is safe for pregnant women up to 7 months.


*Greetings and brief intro.

*You lay down on your yoga mat, close your eyes, some music is played and I come around one by one and work on you both individually as well as the group field. As each person activates, you may also activate as we are all connected.

*Closing share.

*Keep your eyes closed throughout the whole class. Relax your muscles, and surrender to the process without expectations. Whatever arises let it arise and be expressed.


Some of the types of experiences that might happen:

- Energetic (still, but feeling energy running through the body)

- Visual (active third eye, seeing lights/images, going on astral journeys, visions)

- Emotional (Anger, sadness fear, laughter, joy, etc... do not suppress this, feel it and it will be released. You might want to scream, cry, laugh, all emotional release is welcome.)

- Kinesthetic (involuntary body movements, stretches, yoga poses, shaking, mudras...pay attention to where you’re feeling it and how your body wants to move without letting your mind interfere)

- Bliss states


Come on an empty stomach.

Please avoid the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and plant medicines 24 hours prior to class and also after class as well.

Ceremonial plant medicines (Rapé, Kambo, Ayahuasca, etc) must be out of your system 3 days prior to receiving KAP. They will affect the transmission.

You want to come as pure as a vessel as you can. Healing means allowing yourself to lovingly feel everything, release it, then integrate it.

Allow yourself time to integrate all that was experienced in the class, so nothing that numbs before or after so that it won’t interfere with the natural integration process.

Dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to move around. If you may be cold, try layering your clothing as opposed to bringing a blanket. Blankets can put you in a cocoon position restricting your movement. You want to allow yourself to have as much range of motion as possible.

Bring your own yoga mat and plenty of water for drinking.


KAP is not recommended for people prone to manic or psychotic episodes.

Those who suffer from depression, PTSD or anxiety are ok to attend, just as long as they don’t suffer from psychotic episodes.


Venant Wong is a Master Transmission vehicle, and the founder of KAP. He has hand-picked and trained a select number of facilitators to do this work throughout the world, and through his unique ability to work with kundalini energy, has imparted the ability for his facilitators to also transmit this energy. Marlyn is a certified KAP Facilitators trained by Venant.

More on Venant: www.venantwong.com


I have spent the greater part of the last 7.5 years immersing myself in the holistic healing world learning as much as I can. After a period of time with being ill myself, I was tired of not seeing results from western medicine, which led me to seek further answers in the holistic health world. It all started when I decided to give up on western medicine and learn more about ways to heal my mind, body, and soul through holistic ways. I started to see the connection that emotions had on the physical body. Emotions when stuck in the body create dis-ease and distress. Then nervous system gets stuck, so healing can't happen. My dis-ease (gut issues, food intolerances, bladder issue and back issue) didn't just come about magically. I had to learn that my stuck emotions from my entire life were what was keeping me ill and that my body, mind, and soul needed assistance in a different way. My illnesses became my biggest blessings opening me to seeing more. And, slowly I started to heal. It took being ill for me to learn meditation, become a Reiki Master, and now a KAP facilitator. There is so much more to healing than we've been taught. As we open our consciousness, we begin to see how we're choosing to stay stuck in pain without even realizing it. Whether it's physical pain, emotional pain, traumatic pain, etc. there is always a root cause to suffering that isn't being seen with the ways we are traditionally living. Every aspect of life is connected. It's such an honor to assist those seeking to change their lives by awakening their life force.

**You can contact Marlyn on Instagram @kapbymarlyn or email: [email protected]


My fellow KAP sister Alexandra explains it so well:

Yes, it is.

If you do a google search on Kundalini Awakening, you may come across some pretty wild claims about people going mad.

Most of the things you’ll read about Kundalini is in reference to the ascent, raising the kundalini from the root chakra up, which is not what KAP does.

There is a second kundalini that descends through the body. This is the movement of Grace from above that is commonly associated with shaktipat or darshana.

This descent of grace opens and nourishes our lower chakras, empowering our feelings of safety in our bodies and healing our relationship to surviving on this Earth.

It gives us power and presence to live as the active principle in our lives.

KAP is a downward descending force. It establishes its presence in our system all the way to the root, and then begins flowing in both directions.

This is the main reason KAP is safe in the greater scheme of things.

Spiritual practices that take us out of our body, out of our humanity, out of our lives, out of this world are increasingly a thing of the past.

Kundalini is your life force, the presence of which is wildly alive! And, we are safe to be alive. We are safe to feel into ourselves. We are safe to gain awareness and insight. We are safe to expand, to want more, to speak our truth, and to put ourselves first.

**By Registering for this class, you Acknowledge that you have Read and Agree to our Release & Waiver:

I understand that KAP may involve physical movements as well as an opportunity for stress reduction and improved mental well being. As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious, disabling or fatal, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I will listen to my body, discontinue the activity, and ask for support from the instructor. I will continue to breathe smoothly. I assume full responsibility for any and all damages, which may incur through participation. KAP is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. KAP is not recommended and is not safe for those prone to mania, delusion or psychosis. By signing, I affirm that a licensed physician has verified my good health, physical and mental condition to participate in such a program. In addition, I will make the instructor aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations before class. If I am pregnant, become pregnant or I am post-natal or post-surgical, my signature verifies that I have my physician’s approval to participate. I also affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice KAP and participation is at my own risk. I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or may have hereafter against KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) and it’s instructors. I have read and fully understand and agree to the above terms of this Liability Waiver Agreement. I am signing this agreement voluntarily and recognize that my signature serves as complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law in the United States and the State of California.

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Event Venue

Vibe Dance Studio & Creative Space, 2939 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States


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