InpowerU: Elevate Your Potential to Attract Higher Income and Impact You're Destined For

Fri Feb 09 2024 at 10:30 am

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InpowerU: Elevate Your Potential to Attract Higher Income and Impact You're Destined For
"Embarking on a career transition isn't just about changing roles and becoming your next-level version, rather it is an evolution into becoming who you've always been, your truest version." Skills For Your Career
Are you applying for higher-level roles or considering a change in career due to redundancy, contract completion, or a desire to return to work?
If yes, and you want clarity and direction on your next steps in a learning environment with like-minded and purpose-driven individuals, InpowerU is the perfect opportunity for you.
With its holistic approach to career development and well-being, a Career Alignment Mentor, Resume Writer and Spiritual and Life Coach, InpowerU provides a meaningful space for self-reflection, empowerment and success to help you take the next step in your career.
Hi there! I'm Loretta, your Career Alignment Coach, and I've transitioned through various roles from redundancies and career changes during my purposeful journey. These shifts forced me to foster greater self-confidence, and optimism and embrace self-compassion and trust guiding me to make informed decisions while exploring new possibilities.
I've come to realise that a transition isn't just about change; it's a transformative process, a journey of growth and adaptation. For those who feel they're destined for something greater, it's not merely a shift in roles; it's an evolution into becoming your truest and most fulfilled self. It's a calling to embrace your purpose and embark on a transformative journey toward aligning your life with the destiny you envision.
What if your next transition could be a catalyst for embracing a new mindset—one where setbacks and challenges are stepping stones and resilience is the cornerstone to achieving your purpose?
Is this you?
- Are you seeking guidance that resonates with your career and purpose-driven aspirations?
- Are you looking to apply for mid-senior level positions in the government or private sector in 2024?
- Do you feel uncertain about how to start or write your applications?
- Are you looking to gain practical tools and resources that can transform your perspective on career success and growth?
- Are you struggling to effectively showcase your skills and accomplishments to demonstrate your value in the workplace?

InpowerU empowers you not only to craft your most important career documents but also to create a fulfilling career that aligns perfectly with your passions, strengths, and values.

?️ Workshop Titles and Dates:
Discovering Your Path to Interview Success: Elevating Your Resume with Your Authentic Brand and Impact
Date: 9th February 2024 10:30am - 4:30 pm - Investment is $350 (Normally-$500)
Enhancing Your Path to Interview Success: Elevating Your Selection Criteria or Cover Letter with your Authentic brand and Impact.
Date: TBA February/March 2024 - Half day $170
Discover What Awaits You in the Career Growth and Wellness Series: InpowerU
Elevate Your Writing:
In our first workshop, you'll gain insider insights from a professional resume writer, learning how to craft resumes that leave a lasting impression. Discover the art of showcasing your skills, experiences, and unique qualities with authenticity and impact.
Master Your Applications:
The second workshop empowers you to address selection criteria using frameworks and leveraging your authentic brand. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity as you learn how to write aligned responses that perfectly match your dream roles.
Nurture Your Well-being:
At "InpowerU," we understand that career success goes hand in hand with well-being. Our series embraces a holistic approach, offering mindfulness practices and self-care techniques to thrive in both your personal and professional life.
Unlock Your Full Potential:
"InpowerU" isn't just about writing; it's about embracing your authentic self and unlocking your full potential that meets your purpose.
Invest in Yourself and Your Future:
Don't allow uncertainty to hinder you from pursuing your dream career path. Take the step to invest in your growth and career success with InpowerU. This is your opportunity to learn from industry experts and empower yourself for a fulfilling and purpose-driven career at the salary expectation you deserve.
Remove the Stress and Make a Memorable Impression:
Imagine confidently applying for your dream job, knowing that your resume, cover letter, and 1 x selection criteria response are impactful with the dedicated support from a professional resume writer. With InpowerU, you'll remove the stress from the application process and make a lasting impression on employers.
Rising Beyond Setbacks:
Hear Inspiring Stories of Clarity, Confidence, Purpose and Career Success from motivating speakers and professionals offering advice and examples of how they overcame setbacks and experienced clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue their career potential and desired roles.
The theme of InPowerU is the journey within.
We believe that to empower ourselves and take conscious and deliberate action, we must first connect with our core values and passion, guiding us toward authentic alignment in our career journey.
InpowerU is your opportunity to discover your authentic path to career fulfilment and unlock your true potential, aligning your professional journey with your passions, values and aspirations.
As we approach the new year, it's the perfect time to start anew and align ourselves with our true selves and core values. InpowerU offers job search strategies that have been developed and refined over 15 years, proven to elevate your impressive brand and set you apart in the competitive job market.
Join InpowerU to share experiences with other purposeful individuals and connect with like-minded, purpose-driven souls. Together, we can support each other's purposeful path.
If you feel aligned and ready to pursue your career calling for 2024, register now.
Secure your spot and invite a friend before the spots fill. 15 spots available

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