From Chaos to Unity: the spiritual path in 4 steps

Tue Dec 19 2023 at 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Amsterdam | Amsterdam

Juniper McKelvie
Publisher/HostJuniper McKelvie
From Chaos to Unity: the spiritual path in 4 steps
A radical simplification for the spiritually ambitious
About this Event

What if it could all be more simple?

We often don't realize how difficult we make our experiences on the path to freedom and unity. The fulfillment of our goals seems far away, or we convince ourselves we can power-organize-control-manipulate-prove our way to inner ease, peace, and success. What would it be like to instead know that inner peace is always and already only a few steps away?

And then once you get the hang of mastering these 4 steps, you realize there are really only 2 steps in this process.

And then it naturally follows... we see there's only ONE.








It can be just that simple.

Find out more in this free workshop that fuses meditation, gentle movement, and imagination to discover the secret to inner balance.

You have the power to learn these steps and bring body-mind-spirit into a unified whole within you, moving forward in life with confidence and unshakable inner peace.

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The workshop is taught by Juniper McKelvie, a freelance nun with an acting habit. Juniper used her 25 years of experience with meditation and spiritual theory to create Juniper's String Theory, a radically simplified approach to the spiritual path that is compatible with any or no religions. She also infuses her passion for acting into her teaching, fusing meditation with imagination for a more lighthearted approach to inner quests.

Juniper is also the creator of the Pause for Peace podcast and workshops.

The spiritually ambitious are especially encouraged to attend. Are you impatient to realize Unity Consciousness? Are you ready to live without the constraints of time or distance?

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Juniper with Poppy, the horse who is a master of the 3rd stage. Juniper will share some of what she learned from this lovely white mare.


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