Foxy Boxing Competition 2021

Wed Oct 20 2021 at 08:30 pm

The Voodoo Lounge Perth | Perth

The Voodoo Lounge Perth
Publisher/HostThe Voodoo Lounge Perth
Foxy Boxing Competition 2021 Foxy Boxing is a frivolous, fun filled, take-off from serious boxing, where two girls face off with giant, over-sized boxing gloves. It is a three (3) Round match, with three (3) matches per night, over two consecutive weekends at the Voodoo Lounge.
The rules are simple: both girls must be correctly attired to FBAS (Foxy Boxing Association Standards, of course), which means they are only allowed to wear the smallest bikini’s bottom (Foxy Boxing, is of course ‘topless’).
The loser of each round is divested of her panties (like in pool, ‘getting pantsed’). A panel of three (3) judges call the decisions, whilst the Referee is assisted by two (2) or three (3) ‘Ring Men’ to assist him in maintaining order in the ring.
Victory is determined by ‘popular vocal decision’ or a TKO (Taken all Klothes Off). Remember, even though boxing is viewed by some as an extreme sport, we will be extremely surprised if you don’t find this event extremely enjoyable. It provides a fantastic fun night out for everyone, girls and guys, in what is undoubtedly the best nightclub of its kind in Australia today.
The Voodoo Lounge are always keen hear from sponsors or social groups looking for something different to do of a Wednesday night and who want to serve on the panel of judges or as associate referees.
But remember, the Voodoo Lounge does not permit entry to intoxicated persons nor dickheads, so don‘t come along to this event if you think you are Mike Tyson.

Event Venue

The Voodoo Lounge Perth, 174 James Street, Perth, WA, Australia 6003, Perth, Australia

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