Four Fabulous Workshops w. Katie Cobalt

Mon May 30 2022 at 05:30 pm to Thu Jun 02 2022 at 08:30 pm

Happy Feet Studio | Copenhagen

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Four Fabulous Workshops w. Katie Cobalt
We are happy to announce a fabulous week of workshops with the wonderful Katie Cobalt!
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Katie Cobalt is an international Swing Jazz instructor with a wealth of experience teaching all over Europe and she will be visiting Copenhagen in the end of May.
We have been so lucky to organize a series of workshops with Katie while she is here. There will be workshops in Lindy Hop aimed at followers as well as workshops in Solo Jazz dancing.
You can sign up for just one of the workshops or all four. There is a discount when signing up to more than one workshop.
Monday 30/5,17.30-18.45: __Dancing *as* the music__ (solo jazz)
Tuesday 31/5, 20.30-21.45: __Follow Skills__ (solo Lindy Hop)
Wednesday 1/6, 17.30-18.45: __Follow Style__ (solo Lindy Hop)
Thursday 2/6, 20.30-21.45: __The Jazz Jigsaw__ (solo jazz)
All workshops will be taking place in Happy Feet Studio, Ørnevej 33 st, 2400 Kbh NV.
All workshops are open to all levels and none of the workshops require a partner.
When: Monday 30/5, 17.30-18.45 - Alhambra room
Description: We all love it when a dancer has musicality! But what actually is it and how can you do it? We will learn about music structure, riffs and breaking out of the solo jazz shapes to find ways to move to music. We will be working solo but all these concepts can easily be applied to partner dancing for delicious musical dancing regardless if you're holding someone's hand.
When: Tuesday 31/5, 20.30-21.45 - Savoy room
Description: In this class we will be looking at some fundamental skills you need to be a fabulous follower. Spins, turns and balance, these are the building blocks to being a great dancer. Open to all genders!
When: Wednesday 1/6, 17.30-18.45 - Alhambra room
Description: In this class I'm going to help you find your own personal follower style! We will experiment with variations, find your swivel style and talk about what you could do with your arms. Open to all genders!
When: Thursday 2/6, 20.30-21.45 - Alhambra room
Description: Do you love the music but have no idea how to dance to it solo? Do you find yourself just doing the same move over and over until you're bored? Do you like a puzzle? This is the class for you! We will be looking at some classic solo jazz shapes, working on transitioning between them and building something awesome from something simple.
Katie Cobalt is an international Swing Jazz instructor with a wealth of experience teaching all over Europe. She is known for her classroom energy, dancefloor sass, and infectious enthusiasm for all things Jazz. As a teacher, she focuses on individually helping her students on their own dance journeys as well as sharing the rich cultural history of the dance.
Katie holds first place titles at Savoy Cup, International Lindy Hop Championships and Balkan Lindy Hop Championships. While she continues to throw down in international competitions, Katie most highly values the joy and playful spirit that made her fall head over heels for Jazz dance.
Watch Katie dance here with Areski at Savoy Cup 2019:

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