EMPOW(HER) Weekender vol. 3

Fri Oct 27 2023 at 12:00 am to Sun Oct 29 2023 at 12:00 am

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Amsterdam

Sabou Dance Academy
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EMPOW(HER) Weekender vol. 3

**— WHAT IS IT —** 

A transformative 3 days mini-retreat filled with the tools mindsets and safe space you need to build confidence and express your voice without fears. 

On the menu: 

- Getting out of your head and into your body through dancing painting and storytelling

- Educating yourself by getting the resources and tools you need to experience growth in the different areas of your life through coaching and brainstorming sessions

- Getting inspired by meeting connecting and creating genuine bonds with like minded Women from all walks of life


Friday October 27th 

- 18.30-22.30 — Painting workshop by Frenchie (inclusive of all painting materials and canvases drinks & snacks)

Saturday October 28th 

- 10.30-11.00 — welcome introduction & setting intentions with Sabou

- 11.00-12.15 — Understand your hormonal cycle with Nina

- 12.25-13.40 — The Essence of Bellydance workshop (guest coach to be announced)

- 13.40-14.10 — break lunch & get together

- 14.10-15.25 — Storytelling workshop (guest coach to be announced) 

- 15.40-16.55 — Sensual Heels (guest coach to be announced)

- 16.55-17.30 — cool down & closing by Sabou

Sunday October 29th 

- 11.00-11.30 — welcome introduction & setting intentions with Sabou

- 11.30-13.00 — Brainstorm & Creative session (guest coach to be announced) 

- 13.10-14.25 — Female Dancehall (guest coach to be announced)

- 14.25-14.55 — break lunch & get together

- 14.55-16.25 — Dream Big & Visualise 2024 mood board workshop (guest coach to be announced) 

- 16.25-17.40 — Afro Fusion workshop by Sabou

- 17.40-18.10 — cool down & closing by Sabou

**— FOR WHOM IT IS —** 

If this is you? 

- You're feeling misaligned with your identity and your values resulting in you showing up unauthentically to yourself and to the world

- You love dancing and moving it brings you so much joy but you've been feeling disconnected from your body feeling stiff and tense not knowing how to move anymore

- You're longing for support and guidance but you don't know who to turn to and don't dare to ask for help

- You feel stuck in your head and overthink a lot which makes you more hesitant in taking risks in your life

- You compare yourself a lot which in turns makes you feel even more insecure and dims your light a bit more

- You’re super self-conscious and pay (way too much) attention to others’ perceptions of you always seeking external validation…

And you're looking to: 

- Get out of your head and reconnect to your body in a healthier enjoyable and more loving way

- Build more confidence in your own ways of expressing yourself and moving through life

- Unstuck yourself from the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs you've been feeding yourself with

- Lead a life that is aligned with your core values that is meaningful and that has purpose

- Bring more kindness ease and flow into your life!

Then we're so looking forward to meeting you!!! <3 

**— WHERE IT IS —** 

We'll be meeting in different places in Amsterdam between Friday workshops and the weekend workshops. 

More details about location will be shared in your purchase ticket of course but know that both locations are easily accessible by public transport bike and car. You'll be able to use the free parking on Saturday & Sunday. 


Being with the same group of women for 3 days is such a powerful way to experience enough shifts and transformations: simply because you don't have any other choice but drop your guard down. Our previous participants felt such a longing to share connect speak up without filters that it created a true sisterhood bond from the very first minute they entered the room. 

We're so honoured and proud we've been able to see their transformations: 

- They got out of their heads and reconnected to their bodies, moved freely, sharing their feelings and emotions without judgment

- They felt more confident, brave and courageous to show their true colours, dared to express with more vulnerability and authenticity

- They've connected and created unique and genuine bonds with one another, feeling and receiving the support and love they fully deserve

- They felt empowered and inspired to explore more of who they are and what they stand for, making bolder decisions and creating the habits they need to bring more ease, flow and happiness in their movements

- They learnt to shut their inner critic down and move from a place of love and self-trust


I still don't have the words to express how grateful I am for this experience. I'm not in the best moment of my life and I will never forget how happy you made me feel that day! So thank you darling! - Veronica

I liked the safe space we created all together. I felt no pressure and was not thinking about how I look how I dance am i too much where is my space etc. I had so much fun felt lot of connection emotions and realness! - Cheryl

The fun honest sharing and dancing together as beautiful powerful ladies together. But the exercises in pairs made the biggest impact on me. Dancing with your biggest values and showing them and walking with supportive talk behind you wauw ? - Fleur

For me it was great to see such diversity on the workshops. Because of that I did something I didn't see myself doing it before <3 - Veronica

Very warm and encouraging setting! The connection with other women was great the room full of respect towards each other I feel very grateful to have been able to participate. - Floresta

It worth every cent and minute I spent! I can compare it to a couple of months of therapy with a good psychologist. - Sofia

I LOOOOVED it! I'm really impressed by how all the coaches were aligned with this body positive and empowerment vision and were so closed to you. It really created a sense of community from the start which is very special. Thanks for the bottom of my heart for this weekend baby <3 - Maëla

All the teachers you’ve chosen were just perfect. They all brought their own message knowledge energy and beauty to the table. Not just dancing but going deeper. - Bianca 

You’ve created such a safe space for everyone a space to just be to find the next step in our own journeys and to be utterly and completely ourselves. - Bianca 

I could have never dreamed of dancing the way I did last weekend I didn’t know I had it in me and yet it felt so natural so liberating so free. - Bianca 

I just feel so blessed to have met you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience for your love and care for your hugs for you being you. - Bianca 

A transformative liberating experience which pushed each of us into our deep femininity with kindness gentleness and strength. - Coralie 


You'll have the opportunity to purchase either a DAY PASS or a FULL PASS. In both cases you'll have access to: 

- All workshops for 1 participant

- Food & drinks

- Your welcome gift

- A 60min 1:1 session with Sabou post event

Please note that tickets are non refundable exchangeable or cancellable. If you can't attend anymore please make sure to sell your ticket and let us know the name of the new student via email at [email protected]

********If you feel the call but cannot afford to join a day or the full weekend please contact us at [email protected] for more information about our partial scholarships.******* 

We're just SO excited to be connecting with you!!

Much love **


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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