City of One Thousand Tales | Weekend in Baghdad + Samarra, Iraq

Fri Sep 29 2023 at 03:00 pm to Sun Oct 01 2023 at 10:30 pm

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City of One Thousand Tales | Weekend in Baghdad + Samarra, Iraq
Baghdad, a city of uber rich history, mix of races and religions that extends for centuries, has been often referred as a Cradle of Civilization, New Babylon or even Gate of Gods. It is indeed the original trading hub of the Islamic Empire and the birthplace of cosmopolitanism, where cultures collided peacefully and created one of the first learning center for the rest of the world, in a form of Mesopotamian arts, science and literature
Today, over short walk you can experience here The Tales of the “One thousand and one nights” with Shehrazad statue sitting on the riverside of Tigris and watching the old streets and markets, pass by worship places from the shrine of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, Abu Hanafieh al-Nu’man to the Church of the Virgin Mary and all the way into busy streets of bustling modern metropolis, that has already forgotten the recent years trouble and craving to enter new golden era.
Let's go!
Day 1 // Friday
Meeting at Dubai Terminal 2 at 15.00 for a direct flight at 16.50; arrival, immigration procedure, dinner, overnight in the hotel.
Day 2 // Saturday
After breakfast we will take a short drive to visit the Martyr Monument dedicated to Iraqi soldiers who died in 80’s Iraq-Iran war, Iraqis today generally consider it a commemoration of all the martyrs of Iraq.
Continue to remaining ruins of what has been appointed as Babylon – cradle of Mesopotamian civilization dated 18th - 6th BC, with the Hanging Gardens, that were supposed to be attached to the Palace of King Nebuchadnezzar. Appointed as Seven Wonders of Hellenic World, have presence in various literature sources but its physical existence has never been proven.
Located nearby Babylon, in fact overlooking it from atop a hill, stands proudly Saddam's Palace. Once a symbol of dictatorship powers, today covered with graffiti, is a remarkable symbol of passing away and indicates a warning to future generations.
Next point on our map is Babylon Theater, one of the most important Hellenistic monuments in the city and Mosque Al-Kadhimiya Shrine (Golden Dome) - the tomb of Imam Musa al-Kadhim and his grandson, Imam Muhammad al-Jawad, one of the most prominent Muslims and the seventh imam of Twelver Shiites.
Dinner, overnight in the hotel.
In the evening, check on the local nightlife.
Day 3 // Sunday
Check out from the hotel and hit the road to the city of Samarra. We will visit Samarra spiral minaret - one of the prominent distinctive landmarks of Iraq, due to its characteristic shape of the ascending spiral conical design.
After lunch, last point of our journey will be Save the Iraqi cutler monument. The monument is a broken and crumbling cylindrical stone column representing Iraqi culture. Souvenir shopping on the way to airport and fly back home.
Level of difficulty: Easy, available to everyone
Activities: sightseeing and getting amazed with uber rich Iraqi culture
Rooms & meals: 4 star hotel - sharing. Local meals excluded.
Cost: 5000 AED all incl. flight. Payment by cash only during briefings.
Specifically excluded: Meals, visa, insurance.
Visas: EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Saudi, China, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Japan passports - visa on arrival. Other passports - ask us about visa availability. More info here.
Pre-arranged visa lead-time: minimum 3 weeks, 200 USD.
See yah in Baghdad x
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