Blackout pres. Décadance 'UNLEASHED'

Sat Apr 06 2024 at 10:00 pm to Sun Apr 07 2024 at 05:00 am

The Mothership | Auckland

Blackout pres. D\u00e9cadance 'UNLEASHED' Blackout Presents
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"Unleashed" describes a state of empowerment, typically referring to the release of one's inner potential or the breaking free from constraints that hold back personal growth or enlightenment. In essence, being "unleashed" implies breaking free from the illusions of separation and limitation to realize one's inherent divinity and interconnectedness with all of existence. It's about tapping into the infinite potential that resides within each individual and expressing it authentically in the world.
We invite you to the exploration of your desires, fantasies, or kinks in a unleashed or unrestrained manner. It implies a sense of freedom to fully embrace one's fetishistic interests.
Belu Colombo
Copper Maesteal
Harry J Dee [Naarm]
Juano Z [Naarm]
Lucy Lynch
Oli Mathiesen
Wiser [Naarm]
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D̷R̷E̷S̷S̷ ̷C̷O̷D̷E̷ ̷I̷S̷ ̷A̷L̷M̷O̷S̷T̷ ̷S̷T̷R̷I̷C̷K̷L̷Y̷ ̷K̷I̷N̷K̷Y̷.̷. If you don't have such attire to wear, ask your friends to borrow something or a pure black outfit is permissible. DRAG, BODY PAINTING AND FX encouraged too!
C♥o♥n♥s♥e♥n♥t is fundamental and applies universally, whether at a fetish party or elsewhere. It's important to respect boundaries and ensure explicit agreement before initiating any physical contact. Touching without permission is never acceptable. Always prioritize consent in all interactions. Now that we have reached our liberation - let's celebrate and share within our community.
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Event Venue

The Mothership, 7 Shortland St, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand,Auckland, New Zealand


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