BLACK TOP with Xhosa Soundscapes for Free Radicals a Jam Session

Fri May 10 2024 at 06:30 pm to 08:00 pm

Legacy Centre Of Excellence | Birmingham

Legacy Centre of Excellence
Publisher/HostLegacy Centre of Excellence
BLACK TOP with Xhosa Soundscapes for Free Radicals a Jam Session
A live jazz jam. Join Black Top, Pat Thomas and Orphy Robinson with special guest Xhosa Cole, for unfettered improv exploration of sounds.
About this Event

Dive into the heart of improvisation and innovation at the Legacy Centre of Excellence on May 10th, for an unforgettable night of live jazz that promises to expand your perceptions of musical boundaries. Join the illustrious ensemble Black Top, featuring the iconic Pat Thomas and Orphy Robinson, as they collaborate with the sensational special guest, Xhosa Cole, for an evening of unfettered improvisational exploration.

Uncharted Grooves is not just a concert; it's an immersive journey into the depths of sound, frequencies, and the essence of jazz. The night will unfold through a series of improvisations, disseminations, collaborations, and enlightening conversations, offering a unique experience that resonates with jazz aficionados and novices alike.

Highlights of the Evening:

  • Live Performances: Experience the magnetic interplay between Black Top and Xhosa Cole as they weave together an eclectic tapestry of sounds, creating an improvisational masterpiece that is as unpredictable as it is enchanting.
  • Improvisational Exploration: Delve into the realm of pure creativity with performances that defy conventional structures, embracing the freedom and spontaneity that lies at the core of jazz.
  • Musical Conversations: Beyond the notes and rhythms, engage in insightful conversations about the art of improvisation, the history of jazz, and the transformative power of music to convey stories and emotions.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Witness the magic that happens when artists of such calibre and creativity come together, sparking inspiration and forging connections in the moment.

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Legacy Centre Of Excellence, 144 Potters Lane, Birmingham, United Kingdom


GBP 10.00

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