Bikepacking the Munda Biddi: Ultra-Light!

Wed Oct 18 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm

Paddy Pallin Perth | Perth

Paddy Pallin
Publisher/HostPaddy Pallin
Bikepacking the Munda Biddi: Ultra-Light!
The Munda Biddi Trail - an iconic Bikepacking route that caters to a variety of riding styles. Here, we focus on riding it light and fast!
About this Event

TLDR - The Munda Biddi Trail - an iconic Bikepacking route that caters to a variety of riding styles. Here, we focus on riding it light and fast!

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The Munda Biddi trail is a world-class bikepacking route that provides riders with a variety of different ways of getting from one end to the other. At this event, we look into the world of light and fast bikepacking. You're not out there to smell the roses! You want to cover distance. Quickly. With as little weight on your bike as possible. There are a number of things to address when planning for a trip like this.

In this session, we go into:

The Munda Biddi

  • An overview of the track, trail towns, mapping options, and the Foundation itself.


  • What are the essential items you'll need
  • How to decide what is right for you
  • What are the downsides of going lightweight


  • How to get to and from the start and finish
  • How to resupply food
  • Where you can get spare parts on the track
  • Planning your days: how to figure out your distance to cover each day


  • What sort of food should you be focussing on?
  • How many days worth of food do you need to be able to carry?
  • Hot food or Cold? Weighing (literally!) the options


  • Saddle-sores: how to avoid, and treat.
  • Numbness and pins and needles
  • Neck and back pain and the importance of a good bike fit.

"Prizes? Giveaways? Did I hear you correctly?!"

Absolutely! We'll have some giveaways from our brand partners.

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Event host:

Brad Serls - Assistant Manager, Paddy Pallin Perth

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Back in 2016 Brad completed his first Munda Biddi end to end and since then he’s helped countless riders with their bikepacking adventures. Working at both Wembley Cycles and Cycles Bespoke for ten years he lives and breathes bikes and understands exactly what it takes to push both machine and rider on the most gruelling endurance rides. Over the years Brad has presented multiple information nights for the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, helping riders grasp what they need from gear preparation to dealing with mechanicals. From simple overnighters with his mates to taking on his biggest challenge – The Hunt 1000, an information evening with Brad will help you get out there and enjoy the satisfaction bikepacking has to offer.


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Paddy Pallin Perth, 849 Hay Street, Perth, Australia


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