ART x YOUTH: "The Power of Our Narratives" Youth Creative Workshop

Sun Apr 21 2024 at 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm

TASWIRA | Seattle

ART x YOUTH: "The Power of Our Narratives" Youth Creative Workshop
ART x YOUTH : "The Power of Our Narratives" Poetry & Art Workshop w/ Author Rajnii Eddins at TASWIRA African Art Gallery
About this Event
<h4>TASWIRA welcomes all students to join us this Sunday afternoon for our second community workshop, and meet/greet with the renowned author -Rajnii Eddins!</h4>

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The Program:

"The Power of Our Narratives" is a transformative workshop that focuses on African-centered creativity, ingenuity, and oral tradition through the spoken word and visual art. Led by renowned Author/Poet Rajnii Eddins and TASWIRA Founder Avery Barnes, this workshop offers a unique opportunity for youth to practice embracing their voices and unique perspectives, cultivating a sense of agency over their stories and the power to effect change within themselves and their communities.

Through a dynamic blend of live poetry readings, interactive discussions, and hands-on artistic expression, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration. Rajnii Eddins, celebrated for his poignant and thought-provoking publishings and speaking events, will guide participants in tapping into their own voices and experiences to craft expressive spoken word pieces. Drawing inspiration from African oral traditions, participants will learn how storytelling has been used for generations as a powerful tool for connection and empowerment.

Avery Barnes, esteemed Gallery Founder and curator, will lead the visual arts component of the workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a collaborative painting session, where they will use colors, symbols, and imagery to visually interpret the themes explored in their poetry.

Key Workshop Components:

1. Live Poetry Reading by Rajnii Eddins: Rajnii will share excerpts of his book “Their Names Are Mine”, highlighting themes of identity, heritage, and empowerment. 

2. Creative Writing Workshop: Participants will engage in guided writing exercises and discussions to develop their own spoken word pieces.

3. Collaborative Painting Session: Led by Avery Barnes, participants will work together to create a visual representation of the themes explored in their poetry.

4. Reflection and Discussion: Participants will have the opportunity to share their creations and insights, fostering a supportive and empowering community environment.

5. Closing Ceremony: The workshop will conclude with a collective celebration of creativity, resilience, and the power of storytelling.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained valuable skills in creative expression, self-reflection, and community building. They will leave feeling empowered to use their voices as instruments of change and to continue honoring the rich heritage of African creativity and oral tradition in their own lives.

About Rajnii Eddins:

Originally from Seattle Washington, Spoken Word Poet/Emcee and Teaching Artist Rajnii Eddins has been engaging diverse community audiences for over 30 years. He was the youngest member of the Afrikan American Writers Alliance at age 1, founded by his mother, and has been actively sharing with youth and community in Vermont since 2010.

Rajnii’s diverse talents and passions allow him to offer a wide variety of powerful experiences that foster connection, learning, and mutual growth. He thrives at creating spaces that are educational, explorative, and celebratory, whether in a classroom, a conference hall, a community center, or online.

Learn More:
Check out the upcoming production w/ Rajnii Eddins, The Lion Tells His Tale

About Avery Barnes:

Avery Barnes is an entrepreneur, African art curator, and community advocate. Awarded in 2023 for Forbes 30 Under 30 Seattle Class, Avery owns and operates TASWIRA, Seattle’s only African art gallery and event space in the heart of Pioneer Square. Avery is active in the community and is often invited to speak on panels about her work and the inspiration behind it. She also campaigns for causes that empower women, people of color, and small business owners.

Established in 2022, TASWIRA has become a neighborhood staple designed to celebrate the diaspora of African arts and culture. Inspired by her roots, Avery journeyed to Africa to work with the Bamburi Women Empowerment Center in Mombasa, Kenya. It was at this place that the vision to create a social impact company was born. Today, TASWIRA has evolved into an established art gallery and community space that not only celebrates African heritage through historical pieces but is also home to a collective of local and globally renowned contemporary artists.


Established in 2022, TASWIRA is a premier Art Gallery and Event Space next door to Lumen Field in the heart of Pioneer Square. The gallery showcases revolving collections of historical African artifacts and contemporary Pan-African artworks of rising artists locally and globally. Curating modern expressions of the past and present, we've transformed 2,000 sqf into a versatile event venue with an unforgettable ambiance for special gatherings, corporate events, cultural soirées, and more.

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