4th annual Technology for Change Asia

Tue Feb 27 2024 at 08:00 am to Wed Feb 28 2024 at 03:30 pm UTC+08:00

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong | Hong Kong

4th annual Technology for Change Asia
Get ready for the 4th annual Technology for Change Asia, where innovation meets impact, happening in person on February 27, 2024!
About this Event

Asia-Pacific has unique challenges, but new technologies put resilient economic growth and a more sustainable future within reach.

This February, 300 solutions-oriented leaders from across Asia-Pacific will meet at the fourth annual Technology for Change Asia event in Hong Kong—an international financial, economic, and technology hub.

Featuring the founder of Wikipedia, internet entrepreneur, wiki pioneer, and technology visionary Jimmy Wales, and globally-renowned theoretical physicist, activist, futurologist, and popular science writer Michio Kaku, join us for an inspiring two days. Gain new insights from an exciting mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions, debates, and unique networking experiences, and discover the latest technology solutions resonating with today’s socially conscious consumers, attracting and retaining talent, and contributing to positive social change.

Take your place and explore how pioneers at the cusp of the technology curve are addressing digital and financial inequality, access to food and education, mitigating climate change, and shaping the future of AI.
Together, we will explore:

  • The future of work: AI as a co-pilot
    Critics of AI worry that it will replace humans at work because it performs tasks better, faster and more accurately. On the other hand, AI proponents say it will be just another tool to make the workforce more efficient, and that jobs will change rather than disappear. Does the technology augment workers or eliminate them? Where is the right balance between human and machine labour? How can businesses determine when to use AI? When can you trust it— and where might it fall short? What will the future of work look like if AI is the co-pilot (or the other way around)?
  • #AIpositive: revolutionising supply chains
    AI optimists croon about its potential for increased productivity, and many industry leaders foresee sustainability benefits. How could AI speed up digital transformation and establish more efficient supply chains? How could it improve outcomes and lower costs in the health-care industry, whether in research or in patient care? Could AI protect food security? Could it be a force for peace?
  • Web 3.0 innovation: data, cyber-security and decentralisation
    Web3 promises a more transparent, open and decentralised internet. How do we maximise its potential to foster social good? What opportunities and challenges does the shared ownership of web3 present? How can it be used to drive digital inclusion and strengthen cyber-security? How can businesses use web3 to mitigate risks and boost safety and trust? Might web3 create a more level playing field for e-commerce to benefit small and micro enterprises? Can algorithms be made ethical and unbiased?
  • How to become the next smart nation
    A thriving digital economy requires resilient digital public infrastructure (DPI), interoperable networks and easy access to data and information. Which technologies will help transform emerging economies into the next “smart nation” following the lead of Singapore and elsewhere? What is the role of cross-sector partnerships? What successful models in the Asia-Pacific region can we learn from?
  • AI and the investors’ next bet
    When technologies create new buzz, the financial sector often influences how they are developed and adopted. How can investors cut through the hype surrounding AI and other nascent technologies to identify those with the most commercial promise and potential to boost sustainability? What is the best way to direct investment towards initiatives that will benefit people and the planet?
  • Travel tech: what novel solutions will help boost returns from tourism?
    The covid-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the tourism and hospitality industries. Find out what measures are needed to increase tourism with its benefits for local economies. What innovative tech solutions will return hospitality and travel businesses to profitability? Which digital and operational technologies present an opportunity for investment and may spur a recovery?
  • DeFi and crypto: regulation, future trends and inclusion
    With heavy regulation and recent turbulence, the path ahead for DeFi and cryptocurrencies is unclear. Who looks likely to control the future of finance: the crypto-blockchain-DeFi crowd, technology firms or central banks? Might clear guidelines and regulations lead to a resurgence in crypto and show it can co-exist with traditional financial systems? What will be the future of cryptocurrencies on the next-generation web? Can DeFi deliver on its promise to promote financial inclusion and security?
  • The role of the Greater Bay Area in applying technology for impact
    The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is a financial and economic hub. Find out how this region can lead the way in technological innovation. What are the next big investment opportunities in the GBA? Can Hong Kong become an international hub for the crypto industry under newly issued guidelines and licenses? What’s the policy blueprint for the next decade?
  • Is an AI apocalypse coming?
    The rapid progress of AI is both exciting and concerning. Join superforecasters and AI experts to explore how to worry wisely about AI. How worried should you be? Is a “terminator scenario” possible?

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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


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