YOU WERE BORN RICH - 18th & 19th November

Sat Nov 18 2023 at 09:00 am to Sun Nov 19 2023 at 05:30 pm

52A Jetty Street | Adelaide

Louise Macartney Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Publisher/HostLouise Macartney Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
YOU WERE BORN RICH - 18th & 19th November
A life-changing 11 hour, two day workshop widely considered to be one of the most powerful personal development programs in the world!
About this Event

You Were Born Rich is a powerful personal development program created by Bob Proctor, Law of Attraction Teacher From 'The Secret' and world-renowned speaker and motivational coach. It is about living a life that’s ‘rich’ in everything that matters to you - health, family, relationships, finances, contribution, legacy etc.

Sadly Bob Proctor passed away in February 2022 so this week-end will be a tribute to him. His legacy will live on for many generations to come!

“Everyone is born rich; … For over 50 years, Bob Proctor successfully helped millions of people realise their personal and financial goals using the formula laid out in his step by step manual.

Once you uncover the richness you were born with, everything in your life changes.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the things you’ll learn:

☑️ How to release and replace any old ideas about money that cause uncomfortable feelings.

☑️ The amount of money you need to become financially independent.

☑️ A powerful idea, the concept of Image-Making, you can use to reach your goals—financial and otherwise.

☑️ Why the principle of Let Go and Let "God" is critical in reaching your goals.

☑️ How the Laws of Vibration and Attraction work and how to use this knowledge to get into harmony with the things you want in life.

☑️ How to become more focused on what you want to do rather than thinking about all the reasons you cannot do those things.

☑️ The triggering mechanism which attracts every good you desire into your life.

Understanding and applying any one of these things can have a profound effect on your life.”

The best part? Once you discover and uncover the richness you were born with – everything changes.

Time is our greatest asset so what a luxury to sit for two whole days with a group of incredible pro-active people committed to their personal growth and be inspired about the meaning of life and how, as a community, we can make a difference in this challenging world we live in!

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"Such a brilliant weekend of personal growth! I love learning and this was just what I needed. Undoing learned conditioning to be able to create new thoughts, feelings, actions and results. Everyone needs to do this!! What a pleasure to learn surrounded by loving and supportive feminine energy, nourishing food, and a roaring fire. Forever grateful I met you Louise Macartney thank you for your hospitality" Amanda (August 2022)

Such an inspirational weekend. I absolutely loved it. Thanks for hosting us Louise. I'll be there for the next one. Alicia G (August 2022)

I'm so grateful to Louise for hosting this amazing week end. It was everything this community stands amazing group of health conscious, positive people, sharing healthy food, a strong commitment to personal growth and shared learning in a warm and welcoming space. Now to implement it all. Ella (August 2022)

So many gems in the Born Rich training that tie in with a lot of the modern day personal development teachings! Can’t believe we’ve been sitting on these nuggets since the 70’s.So good to revisit these concepts in such beautiful company. You’re the most generous host Louise Macartney. Thank you for having us all. Leonie (August 2022)

Thank you SO much Louise for your incredible hospitality & generosity! What a wonderful weekend you organised with a beautiful bunch of positive women! I feel blessed to have been a part of this event…& the food was amazing! The time has come! No more tip- toeing thru life. This is not a practice run! Let’s go, girls! Leonie (August 2022)

Thanks to you Louise Macartney for introducing me to this incredible workshop, inviting me into your home, providing us with beautiful food and introducing me to such an incredible and inspiring bunch of people! This has certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world and I’m very much looking forward to implementing as much as I can until we do it again. I enjoyed every second, thanks Louise . Alicia H (August 2022)

On the way home I was thinking about how good I felt! Great to revisit this valuable workshop. Such a lovely group and an abundance of delicious nourishing food which supercharged everything. Feeling inspired! Thank you Louise . Vicki C (August 2022)

What a wonderful couple of days spent with like-minded ladies. Thank you Louise for your hospitality and the beautiful, nourishing food. You really went above and beyond! Born Rich is so powerful. It is a course that can make a massive difference in everyone’s lives. I will definitely encourage friends to come along for some great personal development. I can’t wait to get stuck into actioning what I have learned and am excited to see what a difference it will make to my life! Thank you Louise. Mel (Sept 2022)

Thank you SO much Louise for an awesome 2 days of inspiration, delicious food and wonderful company. I'm so grateful to be able to do Born Rich again in such a nurturing environment. So many light bulb moments over the 2 days but for me the concept about letting go of the past, "Let the dead bury the dead" to not dwell on it or ' think in reverse' and giving away unwanted things to make room for the new, whether thoughts, beliefs, habits or many things really that I am excited to start to work on. Thank you So Much! Linley (Sept 2022)

Born Rich is a powerful personal developmental two day seminar that was held in Louise’s home, a nurturing environment. This motivational seminar can be applied to all of facets of life not just financial. Louise provided healthy nourishing meals and refreshments for the two days, a credit to her. Perfect host. I would recommend attending this seminar even if just to confirm current thoughts and beliefs. Thank you Louise for the experience. Rosalie (Sept 2022)

What a great / worthwhile investment the 2-day Born Rich program was for me. So much rich, logical and practical information that anyone can readily apply to all aspects of their life (if they commit to action)! I love the higher order thinking and tapping into our authentic potential. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is open to strategies that work in shifting their thinking and enhancing their life. Louise is the ultimate 'hostess with mostess' who goes above and beyond! She created such a welcoming environment and nourished us with the most amazing plant based meals and beverages - exceptional value! Vicki W(Sept 2022)

I left the weekend absolutely ‘buzzing’ from all the information I learnt. It was just so incredible to spend the weekend in such a warm and welcoming venue with delicious, nourishing and healthy food and a group of amazing people all interested in transforming their lives for the better. The whole experience was invigorating, from the content to the food and spending a weekend of personal growth with like minded people. I left the weekend feeling excited and full of possibilities. I am already making short term and long term goals to achieve a life full of possibilities. I can honestly say I left the session on Sunday with a totally changed mindset and vision for my future. Kelley (May 2023)

I walked out of Louise’s place on Sunday afternoon feeling like a completely different person to the one who arrived on Saturday morning. It was lovely to be with the other participants who were all completely committed to content. Louise is a generous facilitator and natural leader. The whole weekend was exceptional and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make real changes in their personal and professional life. (May 2023)

It was an amazing weekend surrounded by like minded people radiating enthusiasm. . Louise made me feel so welcomed in her gorgeous cottage home. The breakfasts, morning teas & lunches were vibrantly colourful, healthy & delicious! Louise provided so much encouragement, I felt so uplifted & supported throughout the program. I now feel as though I have a much clearer direction in my life & know that I can happily thrive rather than just survive! (May 2023)

Where do I start? Upon entering the gorgeous cottage filled with aroma of herbal healing tea, I knew I was in for an incredible weekend. We were provided with a healing green smoothie for breakfast and a herbal tea to settle into our 9am start! The morning session flew by and we were provided with the most delightful morning tea of home made dips and savoury condiments to dip along with homemade crackers. The afternoon sessions were delivered on time with our heads now spinning with so much valuable self development knowledge that can be used for Self Development, Family Life, Social Life, Business Life or Income Life. A beautiful lunch consisting of protein and salads outside in the sunshine and then onto to the last sessions for the day. The last sessions delivered some very powerful tools and quotes, my favourite - Your Greatest Power! Day 2 we were greeted with a delicious homemade omelette whilst we sat tuned in from 9am and the never ending pot of herbal tea constantly brewing for all to help themselves to. A beautiful walk around the River to refresh after the morning session and straight back into it whilst we were provided with some Irish Soup. It was time for the most powerful meditation I have ever experienced. Lunch was served and we pushed on for the last few sessions to finish at 5pm. Heidi (2023)

Although I found there was so much information to try and absorb, I am so pleased I finally did Born Rich. I think I have been putting it off for 12 years. My take away moments were learning about Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Let Go and Let God (I am not religious, but wow!) I had the most amazing personal experience from this lesson and the meditation. I can’t thank Louise enough for never giving up on me, oh how I wish I had of attended Born Rich 12 years ago! Don’t be like me and put it off, register now! You can change your life by the way you think. My heart is full, thank you Louise x x (Kylie 2023)

9am to 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday

What is included:

➡️ The You Were Born Rich program is hosted by Integrative Nutrition health Coach., Louise Macartney, over two days

➡️ 72 page digital You Were Born Rich Work book

➡️ Bottomless herbal teas and green smoothies all week end!

➡️ Two morning teas

➡️ Breakfast day two

➡️ Two high plant-based organic lunches

Optional and own cost; Dinner on Saturday @ 6pm at a local restaurant TBA.


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52A Jetty Street, Grange, Adelaide, Australia


AUD 220.00

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