WOMEN OF TRUTH Awards Ceremony and Vision Visibility Conference

Sat Dec 03 2022 at 08:30 am to Sun Dec 04 2022 at 04:00 am

Studio one | dubai

Women of Truth
Publisher/HostWomen of Truth
WOMEN OF TRUTH Awards Ceremony and Vision Visibility Conference
Our worldwide platform elevates global female leaders and their expertise. Specialising in integrative health, innovation & thought leaders.
About this Event

Women of Truth is a worldwide platform that elevates global female leaders and their expertise. We specialise in integrative health and unique thought leadership on body mind connections to revolutionise the future of women s' health. Our 'unique content' scientific and spiritually conscious blend attracts profound speakers in annual visibility/publicity partnerships that galvanises a group message with our 21 media and platform partners. Our collaborative and determined approach shares long awaited women s' wisdom with the world, ensuring global visibility and global change influence and impact that raises women up. This is our credibility building and authority marketing offer - to let us do the same for you !

✔️Are you looking for more all round integrative health awareness and education support and spiritual inspiration ?

✔️Tired of trying to keep stable and happy in such turbulent times,

✔️Disillusioned and ready to crack open the old paradigm of traditional medicine into one that merges science spirituality and integrative medicine?

Join us for an unforgettable intimate mastermind and retreat in exotic island Cyprus and the patron Goddess Aphrodite circle of divine feminine leadership support.

Learn about our incredible circle of global female leaders and the 21 Media partners we work with.

We know the new dawn is happening now so we elevate you and your vision to revolutionise the future of health now.. We are the ancestors of the future, we build a meaningful legacy for all.

___________________________ THE EXCLUSIVE WOMEN OF TRUTH GROUP

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_________________________ MEET OUR MEDIA PARTNERS

Magazine - Business Fit, Holistic Bliss, Ladies in Business, Divine Boss

Private TV - Expert Channel TV

Podcasters - Sharon Foulke, Clarissa Kristjansson, April Mahoney,

Publicity Agents - Jill Lublin, Conscious Media, Womenlines

Conference and Speaker Networks - HerStory, Womens Economic Forum, Star Conferences, Venture Cafe, Women of Truth Conference, Women Speaker Association

Global Change Projects - Female Wave of Change, Mental Wellness, The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute, The Global Library of Female Authors, Women of Truth Sustainability Youth and health Summits

Womens Organizations - Female Ventures, Cyprus Womens International Organization, Womens Business Initiative International, Female QuotientAPHRODITE S' ASSEMBLY 2022

Many of us get overwhelmed, forget our value and power because we have been disconnected from our Spiritual Legacy as women. This women s' wisdom circle helps us learn and remember our magic from antiquity, feminine mysteries and the divine feminine principles, psychological relevances of the archetypes and Goddess culture. We weave into our modern lives, the golden thread from antiquity, the special spiritual Mojo Magic of what is being called

_______________________________________ENJOY the day before and after the conference in AHANASSA DIVINE FEMININE LEADERSHIP RETREAT

Includes : APHRODITE S' ASSEMBLY Meetings, Beach Spa with gourmet picnic, Goddess Museum, Special feature sharing of gifts, Frame drumming ritual, Lovelace gift box journal, book and bag

See more details here : https://www.helenaha.com/events/  

     Learn from 'Goddessence' three powerful things :

     1. to reach your higher self and inner unique wisdom of your life

2. become aspirational to elevate your destiny. 

     3. to embrace and love your shadow aspects or parts you dislike.

     4. connect deeply with your essence and true pure nature for peace stillness and truth.

Sink into your divine feminine gifts. Tune up into a high energy feminine magic in this womens' wisdom circle every second Tuesday and last Sunday, plus we share special posts in the group.

Learning the major turnarounds to Self abandoning, Sabotaging Success and Mistakes Women Make, Healing the Mother Wound, Connecting to the Divine Mother, Intergenerational Healing, Powerful Activations meditations into Divine Love.

We travel each month into the AHA Experience to...

A.waken Attract

H.armonise Heal

A.rrive Abundant

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Studio one, Al Seba St - Dubai Marina, dubai, United Arab Emirates


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