WOMB MYSTERIES -The Feminine Flow

Sat Apr 20 2024 at 02:30 pm to 05:00 pm

86 Causewayside, EH9 1PY Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Edinburgh

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WOMB MYSTERIES -The Feminine Flow
Womb mysteries- the feminine flow
Come and join me to find your rhythm and tap into your womb mysteries
To be held in this sacred space to reconnect with your feminine flow
,to be one with your body
Through gentle movement, breath and sound we will focus to move and clear the energy pathways. practices that encourage to balance the hormones ,clear out stuck emotions and strengthen the Qi- your vital force for the healthy Menstrual flow /menopause

we will move
we will sound
we will breath
and we will rest

In Oriental Medicine -menstruation is recognized as physical, emotional and spiritual experience , involving multiple organs and moving through several meridians within the body It is also referred to as ,, Heavenly waters.. and flow in conjunction with the Qi of Heaven
And that is why so many women cycles line up with the cycle of the moon and have their bleed with the Full or New moon cycle, and run approximately 28 days

Healthy menstruation is dependent on the healthy flow of the Qi- in particular movement of the blood (Liver Meridian), the strength of the essence (Kidney Meridian) and nourishment required to make the blood and hold the uterus in the place (Spleen Meridian)
Suppressed emotions ,especially anger, play role in healthy uterus because they can cause Qi and blood stagnation

we will work gently with the flow through this pathways as well as connecting your heart and your womb
❤️‍?❤️‍?❤️‍? May the Fire of your Heart melt the Ice and Fear of your Womb???
???May the Waters of your Womb cool the Fire in your Heart ❤️‍?❤️‍?❤️‍?
❤️‍?To balance the Compassion of your Hear❤️‍?
?the Empowerment of your Womb?

come as you are , all is welcome
please bring water, yoga mat ,blanket and cushion to be comfy

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86 Causewayside, EH9 1PY Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 10 Sciennes House Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1, United Kingdom,Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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