Weight Loss Goals Club - The Slow Down Diet

Sun Feb 26 2023 at 09:30 am to 12:30 pm

The Life Design Studio | Adelaide

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Weight Loss Goals Club - The Slow Down Diet
An 8 month in depth program for women who want to eat for pleasure, energy and weight loss
About this Event
The Weight Loss Goals Club™Eating for Pleasure, Energy & Weight Loss

An 8 month in depth program for women who want to lose weight by transforming the way they feel about food, their body, and their life!

Join MindBody Eating & Nutrition Coach Suzanne Ingleton and discover how to find a way to find peace with food and be happy in the skin you are in. Suzanne will take you on a personal journey over 8 months designed to heal the missing link between food, metabolism and a life that sets you free to enjoy food, while also losing weight and improving your health.

There is a way to get off that nasty dieting merry go round and debilitating negative self talk, and it does not involve restrictive diets, intensive exercise routines, or weighing & measuring everything you put in your mouth. Suzanne's secret to success with her clients comes from addressing the hidden psychological and biological blockers that prevent them from losing weight.

Over these 8 transformational months, you will be working with The Slow Down Diet Program, which has been developed by Marc David M.A. who is the founder and primary teacher of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, from whom Suzanne has been fully qualified as a MindBody Eating Coach.

Become one of Suzanne’s incredible SHRINKING WOMEN!

This 8 month Weight Loss Goals Club is perfect for you if you've been wanting to work with Suzanne privately, but have not had the available funds to do so. In a small group setting, you’ll be guided through the same steps that Suzanne uses to help her private clients achieve results they have never been able to achieve before.

This series of 8 MindBody Nutrition workshops is right for you if;

- You've felt alone & that no one understands.

- You're confused about what to eat and just plain sick of being on that nasty dieting merry-go-round.

- You're catapulting through life at a dizzying pace that is not supporting a healthy lifestyle

- You're sick of diets and just want to think and feel like "normal" people do about food, weight & body shape.

- You're eating on the run, skipping meals, often under stress and not getting any pleasure from food.

Join this exclusive Club to get back on track and become fully motivated to take action and get the results you crave!

As a member of the Weight Loss Goals Club this is what you’ll get:

- An 8 month MindBody Nutrition program delivered in person at the Life Design Studio in Adelaide.

- In the room group coaching sessions working directly with MindBody Eating Coach Suzanne Ingleton in a small intimate setting..

- Workbook, Goal setting trackers & Journaling exercises to keep you accountable & moving towards what you really want.

- A copy of the "The Slow Down Diet" paperback book written by Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

- Tools & resources to help with your ongoing support, including Hypnosis Audios, Meditations & Audio book recommendations.

I'm going to help you take the weight off your Mind and Body!

Join me, Suzanne Ingleton, MindBody Nutrition Coach, and take a deep dive into the 8 Universal Metabolisers, which are some of the most important missing pieces when it comes to the puzzle of working with metabolism and Weight Loss. We will be working with the fundamentals of MindBody Nutrition and Eating Psychology which are scientifically backed and have resulted in successful and lasting weight loss.

Get the support and guidance you need to create healthy and positive mindset changes around your life in a way that is easy and sustainable.

Using a powerful combination of Eating Psychology and Nutrition Coaching, you will completely transform your relationship with food, your body, and your mind so you can lose weight and keep it off.

Over the next 8 months, you will be able to put your new found knowledge into action and keep the momentum going as well getting the accountability & support you need that will help you see significant results that will change the way you eat, think and live!

Here's what we'll be doing;

Sunday 26th February - The Metabolic power of Relaxation

We will discover the connection between stress and weight gain

This is what we’ll cover:

• The Stress - Metabolism Connection

• The fastest way to burn calories

• The power of slow to build a healthy body and mind.

Sunday 26th March – The Metabolic Power of Quality

Learn how to elevate the quality of your food to elevate the quality of your life

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• Empowering your inner nutritionist

• A guide to Anti-nutrients

• How to Energise your Pantry

BONUS: Group Hypnosis Weight Loss session with Hypnotherapist and MindBody Eating Coach Suzanne Ingleton aka The Weight Loss Coach PLUS Take home Hypnosis Audio designed to rewire and reprogram your brain!

Sunday 30th April – The Metabolic Power of Awareness

Develop your own gut wisdom by listening to what it really wants.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• Digestion begins in the mind

• The Brain in your belly

• Eating for Energy

Sunday 28th May – The Metabolic Power of Rhythm

You will learn that being in alignment with the rhythms of life brings our metabolism into its fullest force.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• When and HOW to burn more calories

• How to redesign and rebalance your metabolic rhythms.

• What, When and How to set up key strategies to your greatest advantage.

Sunday 25th June – The Metabolic Power of Pleasure

Discover that when you are turned on by food, you turn on your metabolism!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• How to create your own healthy Pleasure Inventory.

• Supercharge your body’s ability to absorb more nutrients.

• How our food experience mimics our life experience.

Sunday 23rd July – The Metabolic Power of Thought

Find out the fundamental building blocks of nutritional metabolism and how it affects the way we do life and food.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• How your brain eats.

• Good food, bad food.

• Uncover your core limiting beliefs to reset your motivation

Sunday 27th August – The Metabolic Power of Story

Learn how our inner story and daily narratives hold the keys to unlocking our metabolic power.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• Identify how your unique nutritional story unfolded..

• Who is really showing up at your table?

• Rewrite you NEW story to transform your metabolic health.

Sunday 24th September – The Metabolic Power of the Sacred

Discover how love, truth, courage, commitment, compassion, forgiveness, faith & surrender are potent metabolic enhancers.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• How to create practices to access meta-chemistry.

• Finding the cure in the challenge

• Nutritional lessons for the soul


Please feel free to jump into our Private FB Group below to get connected with like-minded people who are warm, supportive, motivated, and inspirational, as well as get even more weekly FB LIVE’s, inspiration, and tips!


Your Ticket payment to all 8 x 3 hour monthly workshops is just $790


4 x monthly payments of $225

NB: Please email us at [email protected] to book directly and save ticketing fees or to make part payment arrangements.

We will invoice you directly.


Here’s what people said:

"A safe environment of like-minded women all wanting to achieve similar goals"

"Great start to journeying with groups. Loved the recipe and the bliss balls.. Thanks!"


"It was great! Very different from other weight loss clubs I have been a part of with the contributions from all participants who care for others and respect each other"

"It was positive and worthwhile. My goals changed - not just about weight loss"

What did they like most?

"Setting goals & learning about how stress affects your gut health"

"Planning snacks for the week. The time to actually focus on me"

"Ideas for active and healthy living"

" Listening to others who are going thru similar things"

"Getting my mind-body balance even"

"Hearing other people's experiences and what worked well for them"

"Group strategies on how to relax. Feeling inspired and motivated to focus on using different ways to relax in my everyday life"

So Don't put this off and be stuck in the same horrible cycle of dieting & weight gain year after year………take action and join the Club NOW

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

To your weight loss success

Suzanne Ingleton

MindBodyEating Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Time Line® Therapist.


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