Walk & Talks (for Fitness & Support)

Sun Dec 03 2023 at 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm

Central Park | New York

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Walk & Talks (for Fitness & Support)
Need to (a) stretch your legs or get some fresh air, (b) time away from the house/office? (d) take a load off your mind & squeeze in fitness
About this Event

Walk & Talks are a perfect break to add in some activity, while taking time to talk to a new friend, cheerleader, and add-on support.

Walk & Talks are situated in local parks, beaches, hiking paths, or scenic neighborhoods; weather permitting. You can schedule a walk together with a coach from Candid Chats, or a telephone call to have someone to talk to on a walk you prefer to take on your own. The point is you do not have to go it alone...the walk ...or a talk is available when you need to bounce some thoughts on an individual outside your networks.

Feel free to discuss anything that is on your mind, including but not limited to the highlighted topics for discussion below:

  • Professional Pursuits or Work Woes+
  • Academic & College Planning*
  • Family Planning/New Parent
  • Ruminations about Retirement
  • Relationship Reviews (Breakups, Pre-Marriage, Divorce)
  • Social Situations
  • Health Goals (including Addictions and Habit Breakers)
  • Friends or Foes
  • Adults with Difficult Parents
  • Stresses & Messes
  • Economic Endeavors
  • Gains, Pains & Losses
  • Wellness vs. Wholeness
  • Worldly Hot Topics (Media, Music, Movies etc.)
  • Check in Chats with the Elderly

If you need to remain sedentary...alternatively, you can schedule a Coffee Chat with us on Calendly.



If you need extra time obtaining some coaching during your job search...we can plan an early AM, mid-day or after work Walk & Talk to stretch your legs and grab some air when you need a break from editing your resumes.

Whether you need some time to reflect on anything but your career, or everything having to do with it – our coach is available to help you break free from the routine and into the relevant, rare, and utterly fun or fury of the ridiculous!


Also, when you need to go outside your network, Walks & Talks provides an outlet to discuss difficult decisions and/or moments with family and friends. Our coach has both reacted and reflected in moments of family discord. Coming from experience, it is pivotal to take time to identify end goals and outcomes when it comes to family. This allows individuals to minimize loved ones from acting or re-acting on ego, abusing self or others, and potentially sacrificing or sabotaging each other out of a need for control, revenge or spite (among other concerns). The bonus…the walks allow you to burn off steam, clear one’s mind, and re-energize and oxygenate.


Need to get out of the house with or without the stroller during the day, on the weekends, or to get back in shape? Call on us to be there to discuss all your new found worries and blessings at the same time.

Fee: $30 per walk . Discounted Coaching for Professional and Peer Supports. Confidential Conversations.

Questions? Contact us in advance at 646-953-5334.

Walk & Talks are a service of Fatima Partners,LLC.


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Central Park, Central Parl, New York, United States


USD 30.00

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