Unshame Series; workshops to shift your relationship with shame. #4 Shame & Money

Thu Apr 11 2024 at 06:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Calmer Being | Edinburgh

Calmer Being
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Unshame Series;  workshops to shift your relationship with shame. #4 Shame & Money
Unshame series - 5 workshops to shift your relationship with shame.
Let’s be honest we have all felt and may continue to feel shame around money. Why we carry shame around money is very personal to us as it’s a deep internal feeling. The stories we heard growing up form our perceptions and beliefs around money. Whether we believe we are rich or whether we believe we are poor are both right. We manifest it into existence.
Money shame can present as a deep feeling of inadequacy or embarrassment due to having too much or too little money.
It’s important to reframe our relationship with money as we were all born abundant beings. Money is energy. Nothing more or nothing less. It is the meanings, experiences and generational beliefs we have around money that allow us to be either open and receptive to receiving money or we are closed, constricted, fear money and repel it.. Shame can be a real barrier to your financial well being. Regulating our nervous system allow us to increase the capacity to hold more wealth.
Regardless of what stories or beliefs we have around money we can decide today to change. Let’s start by having open, honest and judgement free conversations around money.
In this 2.5 hr workshop Nerys and Niamh will share practical tools to begin shifting out of shame and rewriting our new belief around money and abundance. Through journalling, visualisations, shared experiences, good music and so much more we will begin to shift the old energy around money and create space to become open, receptive and abundant beings.
We are SO excited to welcome you all.
Niamh and Nerys. **

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Calmer Being, 21 Walker Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7HX, United Kingdom,Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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