The Lost World of Socotra | 5 DAYS in Socotra, Yemen

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The Lost World of Socotra | 5 DAYS in Socotra, Yemen
When a whole week in Socotra is just a little too much paradise, why not make a short trip to tranquility, have a little taste of endemic civilization, and a small excursion to an island paradise unlike any you’ve ever seen! Join us for extended weekend in Socotra, where the Dragon Bloods sway and the blue waters spray. You’ll wonder why you didn’t stay a week!
Lying in turquoise seas between Arabia and Africa hundreds of kilometers off the coast of Yemen is one of the world’s most untouched archipelagos, the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, a treasure trove of biodiversity found nowhere else on Earth! From the umbrella-like Dragon Blood trees to the freshwater crabs scurrying across white sandy beaches, even the small population going about their lives unaffected by the world around them, you’ll think you’ve discovered a lost world on another planet.
Used since antiquity as a medicinal cure-all, the crimson-red resin of the Dragon Blood tree earned its name through legends of battles between dragons and elephants and withstood millennia on this island paradise since the dawn of humankind. Recognized for its strange appearance, like an upside-down umbrella, it’s found only on Socotra and cannot survive anywhere else on Earth.
Besides the Dragon Blood tree, Socotra is home to more than 300 species of flora and fauna endemic to the island, from tiny Socotri scorpions and terrestrial reptiles to countless birds, ghost crabs, bats, and chunky, pink-flowered bottle trees, the entire island is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site!
Life evolves on Socotra uninterrupted from the modern world, before the airport was built in 1999, the only way to see the island was on a cargo ship! When such paradise is in our own neighborhood, making extended weekend possible to a place where such beauty is not long for this world to the Island of Happiness.
Let's go!!
Day 01 // Arrival, Qalansiya & Detwah Lagoon
After arrival and immigration formalities, hop in our 4x4s and head to western side of the island to the fisherman’s town of Qalansyia with its traditional Socotri houses and narrow alleys with long beach of fishing boats ready to set off for catch of the day.
Take a dip in the bay, watch the sea birds take flight from the lagoon, or take a short trek up rocky viewpoint to enjoy the setting sun before dinner and rest at camp.
Day 2 // Wadi Shibanm & Firhmin Forest
After breakfast at camp, we’ll pack up and head to the mountains for Dragon Blood tree overload! First stop is the village of Shibahn and nearby Wadi Shibahn where we’ll get our first views of stunning mountain-scapes dotted with Dragon Bloods where we get up close and personal with these amazing trees.
We’ll have a picnic lunch under the shade before hopping back in our 4x4s down the wadi and back up again to Firhmin forest with thousands of Dragon Blood trees, the only such forest in Socotra!
Day 3 // Hoq Cave, Arher Freshwater Creek & Beach
After breakfast, we’ll drive to eastern side of the island and start our trek up to Hoq Cave. Due to erosion of the limestone plateaus and mountains, there are many cave systems on the island. We’ll explore one of the biggest, Hoq, with it’s subterranean water supplies, underground dwelling animals, and archaeological findings. Our ascent to the cave entrance will take approximately 2 hours, longer due to many stops to take in the blue sea water views below.
Day 04 // Homhil & Infinity Pool
After breakfast at camp, we’ll pack up and drive to Wadi Shafa and start our trek up to the Homhil protected area with more fabulous sceneries, you’ll think you’re in prehistoric times! The moderate ascent takes approximately 1.5 hours up the ravine.
Once we reach the top, explore surrounding walking trails through the dragon blood and bottle trees, meet the local children selling dragon blood resin and frankincense, and take a cool dip in freshwater infinity pool! Some of the most spectacular views await while floating above the sea and mountains.
Day 05 // Farewell Socotra
After early breakfast, head to airport for short flight back to Abu Dhabi.
Level of Difficulty: Moderate with limited facilities ahead.
Activities: Trekking/swimming/caving/camping.
Duration: 5 days
Trip Start & End: Direct flights ABU DHABI
Accommodation & Meals: Camping, all meals included.
You'll need light sleeping bag, tents and mattresses provided.
Cost: AED 7,250 all incl. flights and visa until NOV 23rd.
Flights & Visas: Flights and visa are included in trip budget.
AUH – SCT 09:00 - 10:20 Report at check-in max at 07:00AM
SCT – AUH 11:50 - 15:00
Specifically Excluded: Insurance - compulsory.
See yah in Socotra x
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