THE HUNT (Jagten) 2012

Thu Apr 25 2024 at 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

CineCycle | Toronto

THE HUNT (Jagten) 2012 Cinemaniacs are back and thrilled to feature a very special edition of european movies with modern, contemporaries and stunning topics.
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A teacher lives a lonely life, all the while struggling over his son's custody. His life slowly gets better as he finds love and receives good news from his son, but his new luck is about to be brutally shattered by an innocent little lie.


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A powerful and thought-provoking movie that explores the themes of justice, prejudice, and the power of rumor. It’s a movie that will make you think deeply about the nature of truth and the consequences of our actions. The film is a must-see for anyone who loves great storytelling. (Metacritic)

The Hunt is a slick, incisive picture: aesthetically assured, narratively tight and convincing. (The Quietus)

The Hunt” is a merciless examination of the fear and savagery roiling just below the surface of bourgeois life. Because the film is set in a community of hard-drinking deer hunters, its comparisons of humans to the creatures they stalk run deep. (New York Times)


Østerbro, København, Denmark

An intense presence in international film since the late 1990s, actor Mads Mikkelsen enjoyed considerable popularity in his native Denmark with turns as brooding, often violent men on both sides of the law in "Pusher" (1996) and on the television series "Rejseholdet (Unit One)" (DR1, 2000-04) before leaping to stardom in America as men of action in "Casino Royale" (2006) and "Clash of the Titans" (2010). Despite his flinty, often taciturn screen image, Mikkelsen also excelled in comedies like "The Green Butchers" (2003), as well as more sympathetic turns in the Oscar-nominated "After the Wedding" (2006). His performance as the icy terrorist Le Chiffre in the James Bond thriller "Casino Royale" (2006) brought him to the attention of Hollywood, which cast him largely in period action features like "Titans" and "The Three Musketeers" (2011). A Best Actor Award win at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival as a man haunted by child abuse allegations in "The Hunt" (2012) underscored his standing as one of Europe's most popular leading men. His subsequent casting as the iconic serial killer Hannibal Lecter on the TV series "Hannibal" (NBC, 2013-15) also highlighted an acting career on a skyrocketing trajectory.

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CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada


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