The 9 Month Professional Intuitive Healer Certification Program

Mon Sep 18 2023 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Wild Ginger Apothecary Studio | Sarasota

School of Awakened Living
Publisher/HostSchool of Awakened Living
The 9 Month Professional Intuitive Healer Certification Program

School of Awakened Living's 9 Month Professional Intuitive Healing Certification Program begins September 18th at Wild Ginger Apothecary in Sarasota!

​Even if you’re not sure whether or not you’re intuitive we teach methods just about anyone can do. Wake up excited to start your day and feeling good about the work you're doing in the world.

You've probably been feeling the pull to something more for awhile now but weren't sure where to begin. This one of a kind in depth program will give you the tools you need to start a career that's in alignment with all of who you are. Heart mind body and soul.

Our kind experienced teachers will hold your hand through each step of becoming an excellent intuitive healer. There's so much more to it than just learning how to read oracle cards or doing Reiki. By the end of the 9 months you'll have everything you need.

Learn the easy way with your own tribe of heart-centered supportive people. You’ll have plenty of safe nurturing opportunities to practice your new skills in a beautiful sacred space.

You can ask your teachers anything. Not only have we had extensive training with top leaders in the field we've been doing this work professionally and teaching for more than 15 years.

One of the best things about the program is you get to heal yourself too. This is one of the most important parts of becoming a great professional healer.

You can finally stop second-guessing yourself and really trust your guidance. Trust yourself. This is a healing program awakening journey and professional training all rolled into one.

Are you ready to truly heal and make a difference in the world doing work that feeds your mind body soul and heart?

If you're getting a YES take the first step! Email jennifersm[email protected] or call or text 941-323-3145 to learn more.

Details about the Program Here:


Energy Healing The Chakras and Chakra Healing

Past Lives Reading, Tarot Reading and The Art of Prediction Couples Readings

Gods and Goddesses, Angels, Starseeds and Spirit Guides

Sacred Geometry Activations and Healing

Healing DNA and DNA Activation Techniques

Reading the Energetic Body, Psychic Body Scans


Reading Symbols and Signs

Pet Readings

Clearing Old Contracts Agreements & Vows

Ancestral Healing

Languaging and Communication Skills

Coaching Skills and Counseling Skills

Removing Obstacles and Struggle, Creating Ease


Group Healings and Meditations

Attracting Abundance

Crystal Reading, Healing and Grid Programming

Clearing Spaces and Creating Sacred Space

Creating Healing Grids for Homes

Healing with Nature and Animal Totems

Forgiveness Techniques

Seeing Auras and Energy

Psychic Protection and Healthy Healing Boundaries

Working with the Higher Self

Healing the Soul

Gratitude Practices

Intuition Development

Mindfulness Meditation

Clearing the Energetic Field Techniques

Self Love and Honoring the Body

Creating Shrines and Altars

Tantric Healing Practices and Devotion

Heart and Third Eye Opening

Innerchild Work and Safely Working with Trauma


Healing Ethics

Carl Jung Shadow Work Archetypes and Symbols

Manifesting and Guided Visualization

Grounding and Running Divine Energy

Sacred and Soul Contracts

Working with Difficult Emotions (yours and the clients’)

Clairvoyance Clairsentience Claircognizance Clairaudience Clairalience Clairgustance

Karma and Letting Go of the Past

Authentic Relating and Vulnerability Training

Healing and Creating with the Creative Arts

Transpersonal and Positive Psychology

Spiritual Emergence, Spiritual Awakenings and Unitive Experiences

Healing Prayers, Ceremony and Ritual

Automatic Writing

Authentic Listening

Distance and Remote Healing

Event Venue

Wild Ginger Apothecary Studio, 6557 Superior Avenue , Sarasota, United States


USD 4000.00

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