Taoist Morning Meditation - Healing "Pain Bodies" Within the Body!

Sun Feb 25 2024 at 10:00 am to 11:00 am UTC-07:00

People's House | Denver

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Taoist Morning Meditation - Healing "Pain Bodies" Within the Body!

In this class, you will learn an ancient meditation routine along with we will take a deep dive into how this practice heals pain bodies within the body. We will use Nature Sound Healing, and Taoist breathing to open up the Heart! Meditation can help Negative Thinking, Stress, and Anxiety While Developing Your Intuition. Enjoy the power of meditating as it heals and opens you up to the light within you.

To Be Aware of Your Body is the Beginning of Self-Love

  • What you will learn in this class:
  • Observe The Mind
  • Observe The Breath
  • Observe The Emotions
  • Reprogram The Mind
  • Integrating SELF
  • Silent Meditation
  • Nature Sound Healing Mudra Meditation
  • Discussion on Meditation, energy flow, pain bodies, and spiritual bypassing

About this Ancient Meditation Rountine

I will teach you how to integrate mind body and spirit while working with the ancient healing Called Sum Faht Meditaition. Sum Faht is a form of meditation and energy work in which we activate the divine energies of the heart. The name comes from the Cantonese phrase “soi sum peen fah faht” which loosely translated means whatever the heart desires will manifest. When we meditate we are seeking purification through the blending of our personal energy with the energy of the Universe and through the circulation of spiritual energy through our physical bodies. The spiritual energy cannot communicate directly with our physical bodies nor can it communicate with our egos our intellects or our rational minds. It must communicate with our Inner Selves — our own spiritual aspects — our hearts.

In Chinese Medicine they were aware that traumas from either our present or past can land inside the body, leaving what some people call pain bodies. While practicing meditation or doing breathwork can release pain bodies, or stir up different emotions. If you want to feel better, breathe more deeply in silent meditation. This breathwork flows through our meridians and chakras until it touches every organ, muscle, bone, skin, pineal gland, etc., uprooting and transforming stored contraction and fear along the way. The power of this expanding energy cleanses our energy system.

  • Low-stress movements.
  • Limited Seating - Please RSVP
  • All yoga mats blankets and pillows are supplied.
  • Questions text 303-204-9307 or email me at - [email protected]

Blessings --Tiffany


Event Venue

People's House, 3035 W 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80211, United States


USD 20.00

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