Spyro Gyra ~ 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Thu May 09 2024 at 07:30 pm to Sun May 12 2024 at 09:30 pm

Dimitriou's Jazz Alley | Seattle

Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
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Spyro Gyra ~ 50th Anniversary Celebration!
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley welcomes 12x Grammy-nominated multi-platinum selling jazz band Spyro Gyra four four nights and six shows. Band members are Jay Beckenstein (sax), Scott Ambush (bass), Chris Fischer (keys), Julio Fernandez (guitar) and Lionel Cordew (drums). Show times Thursday, and Sunday at 7:30pm. Show times Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. Doors open at 6pm Thursday, and at 5:30pm Friday – Sunday.
Spyro Gyra has long been known to its peers in the contemporary jazz world as a “well-oiled road machine” due to its relentless schedule of 48 years of performing. To date, they have logged more than 10,000 shows on six continents and released 35 albums, garnering platinum and gold records along the way. Spyro Gyra rose from humble beginnings in Buffalo, New York in 1974 to their current international prominence in the jazz world. Every year, they continue to exhibit how to remain among a relative handful of artists who will be able to say that they have worked constantly in their 50 year -career into the year 2024. Their energy and joy in concert match their unmatched musicality.
“My hope is that our music has the same effect on the audience that it does on me,” says Beckenstein. “I’ve always felt that music, and particularly instrumental music, has this non-literal quality that lets people travel to a place where there are no words. Whether it’s touching their emotions or connecting them to something that reminds them of something much bigger than themselves, there’s this beauty in music that’s not connected to sentences. It’s very transportive. I would hope that when people hear our music or come to see us, they’re able to share that with us. That’s the truly glorious part of being a musician.” A Historic Reflection of Spyro Gyra – by Jonathan Widran, Jazziz Magazine
While so many of today’s smooth artists seem to have been created of the format, by the format and for the format specifically, Beckenstein is proud to realize that Spyro Gyra and artists of their generation were the innovators around whom radio rushed to create a formalized genre. Somehow, they responded to what Samuels calls the “Spyro Gyra Salad Bowl.” “When we first started,” Beckenstein recalls, “a lot of the jazz purists got on our case about calling what we did jazz and now it’s funny to hear us getting respect from the same people. Like, wow, what you guys did was so much more intriguing than some of the stuff they hear today. Purists tend to be protective of their art form, and at first, they didn’t understand a band mixing in all these extraneous elements. “But,” he adds, “the reason I got into jazz at all was the freedom it gave me from the strict structures of pop. It’s ironic that it’s more the jazz community who is insisting on certain rules or forms in order to be considered jazz. If that now means that you can’t call what we do jazz, then call it something else. All I ask is to be judged not by style, but by content. Art manifests itself in a multitude of styles and contexts. Isn’t that why we started to play in the first place?”
Spyro Gyra’s is music whose core and desire was never for strictly commercial purposes. There was no calculated effort to sell millions of records, sell out concerts throughout the world, and inspire a whole new generation of musicians seeking an eclectic road of their own. When Beckenstein and Wall first started jamming back in Buffalo, they just did it because it was a blast, pure and simple. They made lyrical, jazzy music for a few folks at Jack Daniels, developed a high energy live gig, one thing led to another, and suddenly, instrumental music was never quite the same. The fun was suddenly not just theirs, but ours as well.
“Aside from one of the most amazing live shows in instrumental music and killer, killer songs, Spyro Gyra endures as an audience favorite because they created an original style that sounded like nothing that came before it.” - Art Good, creator and host of Jazz Trax

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Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, 2033 6th Ave,Seattle,WA,United States


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