Sound bowl & Energy healing session In Leeds Uk

Sun Jun 23 2024 at 09:30 am to 10:30 am

Shadwell, West Yorkshire | Leeds

Amanda Jane Ibbotson
Publisher/HostAmanda Jane Ibbotson
Sound bowl & Energy healing session In Leeds Uk Sound bowl And Energy Healing
? ??‍♀️✨??
The 582hz solfeggio frequency crystal bowl known as the “miracle” or “DNA REPAIR” bowl & beautiful element chimes Fire, earth, air & water deliver the most tranquil sound
While you relax, release and surrender anything holding you back in life.
It is a beautifully profound healing session ?
A Sound Bath is a relaxing, meditative immersion in healing sound. ?
The sound produces a range of vibrations which you absorb, creating the conditions for your body and mind to heal themselves.
Sound Baths provide an ideal environment for you to truly relax - the ultimate healing rest. Some people have actually fallen asleep before now but that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from the sound and reiki healing ❤️‍? they 100% do!
Relaxation calms the nervous system and lets your body, mind and soul rest and find their natural balance. ?
?Clinical research has shown a relaxed person heals better?
Activities such as Sound Baths and energy healing help change your brain waves to a more meditative state, and expand your consciousness. As the Sound Bath sends waves of pure sound and vibrations washing over and through you, you may notice a sense of great peace and heightened awareness.
Some people experience emotional and physical healing, and may access deep insights into their lives, and sometimes describe being in a place between sleep and wakefulness.
If you suffer with stress, insomnia, ailments, anxiety and depression this will be incredible for you, sound baths have been known to also ease pain and emotional trauma ??
As a Sound Healer I'm trained to use sound bowls and other instruments (Koshi chimes) with a powerful healing intention.
I will be using this sound bath to help balance your energy centres in your body known as Chakras, when they are out of balance all sorts of discomfort’s can be present in your body and mind!
I will speak more about this in the session.
you can bring comfy throw/blanket, yoga mat and a pillow if you like! Some people bring eye masks along to the session ?
A Sound Bath is unique to each person, and there's no right or wrong way to feel. It can be an unforgettable experience, leaving you feeling vibrant and alive.
People who have attended my sessions often return back for more?
If you're attending for the first time or know you're particularly sensitive to sound and feel uncomfortable at any time you may leave the session anytime quietly.
At the end of the session I'll bring everyone out of their relaxed state and gently back to the room, and help you all to ground.
An oracle card will be pulled for you at the end of our session ???

Please let me know if you have any of the following:
- Ear infection, conditions affecting the ears and balance, such as Meniere's, tinnitus, labyrinthitis
- Hearing aids (most people prefer to remove their hearing aids during a Sound Bath)
- Epilepsy
- A sever mental health condition diagnosed or undiagnosed
- A pacemaker or other medical device implanted in your body
- Advanced stages of cancer
Some people find that if they have one of the above conditions, a Sound Bath may exacerbate things temporarily for them.
- If you're pregnant, you should not attend a Sound Bath in your first trimester.
- If you've had a bone fracture, please wait 6 weeks after this before attending a Sound Bath so it can heal properly,
- metal in your body
(The work we are doing can cause powerful vibrations which are felt in the body and can sometimes irritate an effected area of the body)
- If you've taken recreational drugs or consumed alcohol on the day of a Sound Bath, it isn't advisable to attend the session.
- If you have a bad cough or cold it's better to wait until you've recovered before attending a Sound Bath but if you feel ok that’s ok to attend.
The group Sound Baths I run are aimed at people aged 16 years or over.
? Healing session after care :
It's important to make sure you're properly grounded after a healing session, You can achieve this by drinking plenty of water, stamping your feet or stand bare foot on the ground (grass), walking in the fresh air, or rubbing your feet or have a cool shower. A quantum flame & sound bowl session can be a profound experience, so make sure you rest and drink lots of water after receiving a session. Your body will continue to process the sound 24-48 hours after the session, and you may experience emotional or physical changes and perhaps vivid dreams. There are many ways in which
people respond because we're all different, and there's definitely no wrong or right way to feel.

I'm on hand for you to contact me anytime please email me: [email protected]
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Shadwell, West Yorkshire, Bardsey, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Leeds

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