Sola: Solo Female Traveller Network - Movie Night: Wild

Mon Apr 22 2024 at 06:30 pm to 09:00 pm

20th Century Flicks | Bristol

Georgia H
Publisher/HostGeorgia H
Sola: Solo Female Traveller Network - Movie Night: Wild Sola: Solo Female Travel Network is hosting a private screening to get you inspired by amazing female travel stories.
About this Event

is hosting a movie night to get you inspired by amazing solo female traveller stories. Meet at 20th Century Flicks on the Christmas Steps for a private viewing of Wild (2014) featuring Reese Witherspoon as the real-life pioneering solo traveller, Cheryl Strayed.

I've booked the venue's VideoDrome theatre which can host up to 18 people for a cosy film viewing, so there are only limited spaces. Tickets are £10 per person to cover the cost of hiring the venue.

We'll be meeting for pre-film drinks and chats at the Christmas Steps pub (just across the street) for 18:30, before heading across the road for the film viewing at 19:00.

Hope to see you there! Let's get inspired for some new adventures!


What we’re about

?️ Who are we? ?️

We are a group of solo travel enthusiasts who identify as women, womxn or non-binary - led by seasoned solo travellers. We’re here to support each other, offer friendship, and share tips, advice, stories and travel know-how.

Whether you're currently at home or on the road, you can join, participate, and put questions to our supportive community.

Experience of solo travel is not necessary to join and we actively encourage anyone who has never tried it to join us and find out more.


What do we do?

? In-person social meetups to connect seasoned solo and would-be solo female travellers, make friends, and informally share tips and stories. A space to make friends and ask questions.

?Online international meetups and guest speakers. Our free online events enable us to go international! We host online events with guest speakers from all over the world, who cover topics from living as a long-term digital nomad and top safety-tips, to what it’s like spending 3 months living in a car during the Mongol Rally, and how to help manage the concerns of friends and family.

?️The network is also an ideal place to find potential travel buddies and answers to any questions you might have about travelling in specific countries or regions.


We are:

Inclusive. No matter your level of experience of travel or solo travel, anyone who identifies as a woman, womxn, or non-binary is welcome. Whether you’ve travelled to 90 countries or 9, or even if you’ve never left your home country, this is a space for anyone who has a passion for or inclination towards solo travel.

Equal. No person’s experience is more valid than another’s. So whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first timer, your voice will be heard and appreciated.

Respectful. Solo travel is highly personal, so everyone will have a slightly different opinion on how to do it, and what works best for them. We respect our differences and recognise that the experiences of others are valid, even if they’re not a match with our own. If we want to challenge somebody’s view, we do so calmly and respectfully.

Honest. We don’t downplay the risks of travelling alone. Nor do we over exaggerate or intentionally frighten others. We are clear, practical and upfront about the challenges we inevitably encounter. We are candid and share the facts; we are just as much about the sweaty bus journeys as the sunset beach walks.

Passionate. We’re passionate about adventures, experiencing new places, people, and cultures, the wind in our hair and sand in our boots. From mountain tops to salsa bars, just talking about travel gets us fired-up - and we’re committed to sharing that enthusiasm with others.


? Why do we do what we do? ?

Travel shapes and changes us, enables us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves, others, and the wider world. From connecting us to nature and challenging us to learn new languages, to giving us a deep sense of our own autonomy and power, solo travel sends us on both inner and outer journeys. It helps to give us a much clearer idea of who we are and what we want from life.

Historically, and often to this day, the narrative sold to women, womxn and non-binary folk is that solo travel is unsafe, or is to abandon and neglect our social responsibilities. We believe this narrative is, at bottom, a patriarchal construct which attempts to cut us off from our own sense of power and self realisation. Once we realise we can climb mountains (both literal and metaphorical) we become unstoppable.

In both adventure and solitude there is deep connectedness and each and every one of us needs a strong foundation to stand on in order to access it. That’s what we aim to do with Sola, to create a network and foundation for adventure inclined women, womxn, and non-binary people that provides the support, comradeship and self-confidence that nurtures and actively encourages our lust for life.

Event Venue

20th Century Flicks, 19 Christmas Steps, Bristol, United Kingdom


GBP 10.00

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