Social Media Workshop For Local Businesses

Fri Aug 05 2022 at 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

Auckland | Auckland

Digital Whiskey
Publisher/HostDigital Whiskey
Social Media Workshop For Local Businesses
How to grow your business through social media, without spending hours trying to figure out what works and what doesn't!
About this Event

Join Digital Whiskey in our first ever New Zealand workshop, all the way from Australia. You'll get to sit with 3 expert speakers over the course of a couple hours and cover social media relevant topics to grow your business:

1. Social Media Strategy & Foundations

Many people we talk too are posting on social media with NO PLAN. They don't know what they want to get out of it or HOW they will get the desired results they want. Maybe you're in the position of knowing that you NEED to be posting and creating, but don't really see the results or ROI from it.

We'll walk you through building a social media strategy, giving you all the tools to feeling like you know what to do, what NOT to do & what to do MORE or LESS of.

2. How To Create Engaging Content With Ease

The foundation of everything we do on social media is centred around this: Relationship with our audience!

We also understand it can be tough to consistently be posting or thinking up new ideas that will engage your audience. So let us help you. You're going to get the content pillars our team uses for our clients & we'll dive into actionable content creation that everyone can do.

(ps. you don't need to be creative or even know how to design posts).

3. Our Proven Strategy To Build Your Social Media Following

Now that you have a plan and engaging content that your target market desires... let's get you to scale. In this topic we'll cover the best practices to add new followers consistently that love your business.

We'll take you through the exact path to grow all your social media accounts, creating a warm and engaged audience.

4. How To Set Up Paid Advertising - How to monetise your social media accounts to make a profit

You'll get a step by step walkthrough on how to implement our Facebook Ads Strategy - The 'Velocity Method'. This is our signature strategy that we developed while spending $650,000+.

The Velocity Method is a proven step-by-step system built on 4 pillars that we will clarify & set up:

• Target People 'Ready-To-Use Your Service'

• Predictably Book Appointments With New Qualified Prospects Directly Into Your Calendar

+ ALL the templates & tools to implement it seamlessly.

The 'Velocity Method' makes it easy to acquire 5-20 new clients in 90 days!

✔ Consistent New Client Acquisition

✔ Get Appointments, NOT TYRE KICKERS

✔ Make New Sales Effortlessly

5. Individual Q&A

This is your opportunity to interact with our team of experts in a LIVE Q&A exchange to go through any specific scenarios or questions directly related to your business. We will give you actionable advice and help you so that you have a really clear pathway to success.

BONUS SESSION: Understand Your Personality Type - Learn How You Work Most Effectively

We've organised to have Hannah Coffey, Certified MBTI Coach to come in and give a bonus session. Even the best of businesses, and marketing ideas can fail when there is lack of planning and understanding. Pouring all the money and effort in the world into the business can be in vain.

Created specifically with business life in mind. You'll unpack and dive into the Myers-Brigss Type Indicator (MBTI) where we'll identify and answer questions such as:

How do I make decisions?

What criteria do I use in decision making?

How do I like my life to be organised?

How do I interact with information?

What information do I prefer to have?

How do I recharge?

Where does my energy come from?

How have my experiences helped shape my personality?

Talent Rich Speaker Lineup:

Ange - Co-Founder of Digital Whiskey

As the owner of a Social Media Marketing business, Ange Smith leads a team to execute social media strategy, content marketing and personal branding for both professional businesses and NFP organisations.

As a social media trainer & speaker, Ange has a skill for putting the whole, complicated world of digital media in plain language.

Described as an excellent communicator, Ange is passionate about helping others to understand and leverage the power of social media to grow their business or organisation.

"Ange has an exceptional ability to simplify and provide actionable insights and strategies that have had a significant impact on Bluey Technologies approach to social media. I highly recommend her as a trusted and experienced advisor" - Grant Stewart (CEO of Bluey Technologies)

Ethan - Co-Founder of Digital Whiskey

Ethan is an online advertising specialist who leads the paid client acquisition department of Digital Whiskey. With years of experience managing paid advertising for businesses all over the world, he prides himself on using social media to predictably grow businesses. Regularly consulting to businesses on their Facebook Ads, Ethan enjoys guiding businesses to the predictability that comes with implementing and executing an effective advertising strategy.

"Ethans been fantastic with me. Overseeing all the ads, helping me build them out. All the training I have access to is brilliant. I wouldn't be anywhere in the vicinity, in the stratosphere of where I am right now with ads if it wasn't for Ethan." - Patrick Hemus (Owner of Cold Mountain Digital)

Hannah - Certified MBTI Coach

As a Certified Myers-Briggs Facilitator, Hannah helps people identify their preferences when making decisions, processing information and organising their daily life. When people understand not only their own preferences, but also those of the people around them, it helps relieve frustration and communication can become more effective.

Throughout Hannahs career, she has worked with many different organisations. Having worked with teams in Universities comprised of both students and faculty. Participated in event planning as both the lead coordinator and an assistant. And having worked in the Dallas Police Department working in high risk environments where effective teamwork is a matter of life and death.

Through all of those experiences, and many others, Hannah is well aware of how crucial understanding yourself and others can be to creating success. She has seen it done well, and learned from negative experiences. It is because of this that she is passionate about helping teams thrive.

"Hannah presented the program in a fun and engaging way. Using the Myers-Briggs personality traits we were able to discover our own preference types and how we can use this to enhance our communication skills. Hannah is warm, welcoming and helpful with her knowledge of the personality types. Thanks again for everything." - Bridgette

From: Ethan Smith Co-founder of Digital Whiskey

"THIS ISN'T SOME 'EVENT': Most online events, coaching or training programs absolutely suck!

Before we created this workshop - We had a lot of people approach us feeling like they were working way too hard on this social media thing, only to yield NO RESULTS! They were wearing all the hats in their business and social media was just another burden that they knew had to be done, but didn't know how to utilise it effectively.

And to top it all off, most had been burnt by horrible trainings, gurus or marketing agencies that promised the world but really didn't understand the needs of the modern day local business.

The truth is that this workshop was built based on our experience working with roofers, landscapers, cafes, pavers, electricians, solar, painters, beauty salons, make-up artists, renovators, gyms & personal trainers +More!

That was a mouth full ...but you can see, we specialise in local businesses. (So keep reading).

Again we didn't want to be the typical 'online zoom event' so we decided we are going to fly all the way from Australia to come and do an in-person workshop (we feel that is most effective).

Something that most local businesses have in common is that they want to take the next growth leap, but don't have a predictable way to run their social media and get new clients.

Maybe you've been posting consistently or running advertising to grow your business, but despite your efforts each month you aren't seeing the results for your effort!

OR Maybe you are seeing good results with social media but want to go to that next level and need actionable advice on what's next.

So look, if you sit there trying to think of captions to write, or what to post on social media next but always get stuck thinking of something... and you can't confidently go out and acquire 5 new clients next month with predictability, then it's going to be hard getting your business to where you want it to be and your efforts on social media may be going to waste.

It doesn't have to be like this ...there is another way.

A way where you don't have to be tech savvy, you don't have to be the smartest operator or even know all the new social media platforms.

This way will ensure ...

• Your social media is effective

• Reaches your target market

• Grows your business

• Qualified prospects are begging to work with you

• You can sell and win new work, jobs or clients with ease

• And that you automate the entire process so you can free up more of your time to enjoy your life (and business)!

What we do has yielded amazing results, we understand not everyone is comfortable with social media or tech. That's why we've made everything with this in mind. No skill needed!

We’re going to give you examples of some of our most effective social media clients and ads for your industry. AND we’re going to give you templates to use them for your business.

Hate technology? We will walk you through, step-by-step and show you how to set everything up.

The best part... If you have ANY questions or need help, you get to work with us LIVE!

We've made this workshop bulletproof, specifically so the modern day local business has EVERYTHING they need to THRIVE.

We're so confident in the workshop that we will also provide you with our ZERO RISK GUARANTEE...

Here's our promise... Try it with ZERO RISK.

We want to enable you to be a part of the workshop with no barrier so that we can impact as many businesses as possible.

This is our mission ?

We've spent over $650,000+ trialing, testing and refining the systems in this workshop.

If you don't find it valuable, we actually don't want your money.

Therefore, we're going to give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend the workshop and feel like it wasn't for you or you didn't get any value out of it, we'll give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

With zero risk, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by... Register and claim your seat at the workshop!

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