Slice of Paradise | Andaman Archipelago, India

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Slice of Paradise | Andaman Archipelago, India
Appearing as mirage in the Bay of Bengal, uninhabited and exotic, with swaying palms on snow-white beaches is the archipelago of 500 jungle-covered islets with pristine coral reefs along clear blue waters where modern resorts are no-where to be found.
Despite the geographical proximity to Thailand, the Andaman Islands administratively belong to India. Around 30 islands are inhabited by over 300,000 islanders and tribes associated with the hunting community. The Nicobar Islands, which are closed to tourists, are also part of the archipelago, separated from the Andamans by the Tenth Degree Channel. Initially, the Andaman Islands were inhabited by indigenous peoples, such as the Onge, Jarawa, and Sentinelians, who were not fully integrated with the rest of the Indian population. The archipelago first appears in historical records from the ninth century, thanks to Arab traders who conducted business in this part of Asia. Over the centuries, the islands came under the control of the Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Japanese. The culture of the local inhabitants is preserved through special laws that restrict tourists from visiting the entire archipelago. Although tourism has not fully developed, the most frequent visitors are divers, bird enthusiasts, and honeymooners seeking an escape from civilization.
The Andaman Islands are mostly visited by travelers seeking a genuine sense of exoticism, pristine natural beauty, and warm waters. As you glance out of the airplane window for the first time, you are immediately greeted with a breathtaking sight of the magnificent islands spread across the vastness.
Although you will find the most stunning Indian beaches here, the Andamans are not overcrowded like the rest of India. This allows to find an ideal escape from civilization and fully indulge in a dreamy and restful vacation in one of the picture-perfect corners of Asia.
When we arrive in the southern region, the Capitol - Port Blair stands out as the most populous area. Rich with vibrant Oriental culture it is the only location that still bears traces of its colonial history. The name of this place is derived from Colonel Reginald Blair, a researcher who worked on the island during the 18th century. Colonel Blair is well-known for building the notorious prison. Port Blair offers interesting maritime museums and monuments that pay tribute to Indian freedom fighters. Additionally, there are evening performances featuring light and sound**. This island is the closest we will come to civilization before venturing further towards forests and remote beaches.**
Here, you will have the chance to experience serenity alongside the vast sea with swaying palm trees accompanied by gentle breeze.
Let’s go!!
Day 0 // Meeting at airport for a flight to India.
Day 1 // Connecting flight to Port Blair, arrival, check in to hotel followed by visit of the capital Port Blair and Ross Island with the first swaying palms on our way!
Day 2 // After breakfast we will take a ferry to Havelock Island, a tropical paradise where we will spend next 2 nights. Tucked away from the crowds in the warm waters of the Andaman Ocean, the island is covered mostly in dense jungle and fringed with white sandy beaches shaded by tall green trees. The crystal clear waters with shades of turquoise blue everywhere you look! Today we will head to Radhanagar Beach and unwind to its serenity.
Day 3 // Wake up to the sound of waves and morning breeze. Full day relaxed exploration of the Elephant Beach until purple sunset calls us back home. Optional water sports and night fishing.
Day 4 // After breakfast we will hop on a ferry and get back to “the mainland”. After lunch we head to southernmost tip of the island – Chidiyatapu, climb up the light house and bring our feet to the high cliffs of Munda Pahar, for a look a sunset over endless horizon.
Day 5 // Today we head to Baratang where boating across the mangorooves we will reach to the complex of Lime Stone Caves for some short exploration of vibrant biodiversity here. In the evening we will check on local night life.
Day 6 // Departure
Time to bid farewell to Andamans and return to airport for flight back home.
Level of Difficulty:
Easy and relaxing beach holiday with short hikes, available for everyone.
Beach strolling, hiking, swimming, boating, island hopping.
Accommodation & Meals:
Hotels and eco lodges, double sharing. Meals excluded.
Cost: 5100 AED incl. flights until MARCH 3rd.
Specifically excluded: meals, visa, insurance.
Visas: Most of nationalities are eligible for E-visa:
See yah in Andamans x
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