Silva Mind Method Workshops

Sat Apr 27 2024 at 09:00 am to Tue Apr 30 2024 at 06:00 pm

ReDefine Wellness | Singapore

Pooja Arora
Publisher/HostPooja Arora
Silva Mind Method Workshops
Deal with stress effectively and experience total relaxation through alpha and theta level meditation
About this Event

The only thing standing between you and total intuitive living is the resistance within your mind.

Remove this resistance, and you enter a higher level of decision making. Silva calls it: intuitive living—the secret key to your success. Think about it! Behind any success story, there’s that lucky hunch or amazing coincidence. This “inner knowing” is the guiding force that will lead you through life without missing a step. You can avoid the agony of indecision, worry, and fear.

Imagine Being Able To…

  • Get a “gut feeling” on vivid, accurate courses of action that rocket you towards your business and career goals.
  • Gain strong and accurate guidance to make important life decisions, i.e. marriage, career changes, investments, etc.
  • Use higher intelligence to create instant and lasting improvements to your relationships.
  • Dramatically enhance your learning capacity by freely channeling a limitless sea of information into your mind.
  • Deal with stress effectively and experience total relaxation through alpha and theta level meditation.

Experience shows that over 97% of Silva students attain an astonishing level of intuition after just two days of our intuition training. These extremely high success rates are a result of over 5 decades of research and millions of dollars spent in perfecting the process of enhancing human intuition. After working with millions of Silva students of every age and demographic, we are confident that this workshop is one of the most optimized, tested and effective intuition programs out there.

This experiential learning will help you….

Master the art of meditating at deeper levels : Learn to reach deep Alpha and Theta levels within 60 seconds flat. This is a deep level of consciousness associated with Intuition and Creativity.

Understand & control your mind at deeper levels : the techniques can be used to get guidance and insight on what actions needed to be taken to overcome difficult problems.

Healing for self and others : You will discover scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to expedite recovery from illness, to relieve pain and injury, to obtain radiant health, to prevent illness and disease.

Discover and fulfil your life purpose : You will learn how to identify your personal mission in life and to use the creative power within to propel yourself toward this goal.

Develop your intuition : The Silva Intuition System will teach you exactly how you may tap into your mind, drawing upon intuitive powers you already have to further yourself in every way imaginable.

Connect to your source of energy for creativity & inspiration : You will experience the expansiveness of connecting with your source and draw on that for any solutions you need - be it for physical, emotional or spiritual growth & healing.

With this experience you will learn to trust in your abilities and use them in all areas of your life and accelerate your journey to success. You have the capacity to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. The Silva Method offers you the concepts & tools to develop a more vibrant, positive and powerful lifestyle.


  • Enhance your intuition
  • Recognize and trust your inner voice
  • Mental projection & insight
  • Understand & control mind
  • Discover your life purpose

Silva Life System (2 Days Workshop)

  • 27th and 28th April 2024 @ 9am to 6pm

Silva Intuition System (2 Days Workshop)

  • 29th and 30th April 2024 @ 9am to 6pm

Workshop Fees :

Silva Immersion (Life + Intuition) : S$1200

Workshop Venue : ReDefine Wellness @ 333B Beach Road, Level 3, Singapore 199563

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You can join us for a free Introduction To Silva Method : Tap Into Power Of Your Subconscious Mind virtual talk if you want to understand more about the Silva Method :

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