Sensuality Arts Temple (beginner friendly)

Thu Feb 29 2024 at 06:30 pm to Sat Mar 02 2024 at 11:00 pm

Wamos - Veranstaltungszentrum | Berlin

Sensuality Arts
Publisher/HostSensuality Arts
Sensuality Arts Temple (beginner friendly) ⚡ Energize your evening with deep connections and nourish your body with a nettle nutrient-filled bomb.
About this Event

Energize your weekend with deep connections and nourish your body with a nettle nutrient-filled bomb.

Welcome to a sensual, playful Temple evening. ???

Join us for a playful, sacred, se.xy and full of connection eve. Connection to oneself and others. This is an explorative event designed to dive into your sensuality, s•xuality; setting/exploring boundaries and to experience intimacy in a group, within a safe, conscious and respectful space.
? It's a touch, body and se.nsuality positive space. This is an experience where slowness and acceptance to just BE where you are in that moment are promoted.
? There are no expectations as you will design your experience. In this event, panties will stay on at all times. *Please read the FAQ regarding nudity and s€x positivity.

★★★★★ "I really appreciate how Raminta shows up with her values and her vulnerability in the moment during the facilitation and all the exercises. I was new to the temple: I felt very safe and cared for. She intentionally creates a beautiful, safer, playful space. I would recommend to anyone to participate to learn about setting boundaries, expressing desire, connecting and experimenting pleasure!"

Experience level: All. (suitable for beginners and advanced)
Facilitation language: English*
Nut!ty level: panties on


? ? ?
Due to an unsustainable amount of cacao consumption in the conscious scene, and because I absolutely love tea & various plant ceremonies, I am introducing a european native aphrodisiac nettle plant to this tasteful event.

? In this particular edition we will explore what is often quickly gone through - our Sensuality. Which is one of the key factors for great pleasure, release and relaxation. Especially for vulva owners. ? Panties will stay on and we will dive into sensing and intimate play. ?‍⬛

☕ We will also enjoy a special Nettle Potion, which will refresh and rejuvenate us with its potent elements and minerals + connect us with ourselves and bring us to a deeper flow. (nettle + "Temple in a Bottle" elixir, cinnamon and a few other ingredients. No illegal add-ons.)

? And will dive into a beautiful free-flow journey with the group.
?We will provide you with a couple of communication tools for your intimate contexts. Which you can apply right away in the playful free flow.

Important to know

?️ As intentionally, I don't film or take pictures of the participants in my events to respect privacy, which results of a lack of visual material to show how beautiful events are and some beginners being scared of not knowing. SO, for this upcoming gathering, I've invited a video maker from our community. In exchange, I am offering this Temple for a very special price of 15€ instead of 55€. The videographer will be recording footage during the first workshop part, ensuring no nudity or free-flow content. This footage will be used for my website and social media. The video will be shared via email for your prior confirmation. Naturally, your comfort is our priority. You have the right to decline any shot that makes you feel uneasy. By purchasing a ticket, you agree with our filming and the specified use of the video.
We had photographers before in our Temples and they act like invisible panthers. The temple will be held beautifully as usual.

Looking forward to creating beautiful and respectful memories together! ?

★★★★★ “I felt that I could exactly do what I wanted to do (or not wanted to do), while being present in my feelings and clear in my boundaries.” - Anna

? Apply & get your ticket here on TicketTailor. ?


Those who wish to explore relating physically in a safe and consensual group setting. It is also designed for those who want to open up or further explore their couple's relationship. And for those who want to play and explore their s3nuality and s3xuality in a safe, inspiring and held space.

? I believe, that learning how to know one's own needs and body better is very important not only in healthy relating and intimate settings but outside of it too. These spaces are designed and dedicated to explore and tap into your own inner authority who is the Boss and the Guardian to tell the world what you want and don't want. Knowing one's own boundaries and having the tools and the language of how to communicate, will expand not only from your intimate settings but as well to your professional and any relational life and that is one of the amazing side effects of working with one's own s3xuality.


? Doors Open: 18:30 | Doors Close: 18:50 (be on time. Dors will be closed to provide safe space)
? Temple space opening (guided part + Tea mindfulnes session + free flow)
? Closing Circle: 22:30
? End 22:45 (we will close the space together, no drop in and out, unless personally agreed upon it)

We are aiming to finish all together as a group
★★★★★ "Safe, warm and playful space that Minty created was way too good, not to join your play temple again and again. The music that surrounded us was a nice wave in the background. The fruits invited to stay and get to know each other at the very beginning. The warming-up games and the followed free flow were super sweet and spicy. I loved it. Thanks for having me. I am looking forward to all the juicy group activities that are coming next. - Malte


?️ No previous experience in a Temple or conscious s•xuality setting is required, but very invited


We want you to feel comfortable, sexy, sensual, playful, creative, connected to your desires, self-expressive, and juicy in your authenticity. If there’s an outfit that you feel would support you in this intention - bring it on!
No street clothes or jeans though ! ! !

★★★★★ "Minty’s Temple was just what I needed! Minty created a safe space and used gentle, yet necessary assertiveness to facilitate the learning and embodying of boundaries around receiving, accepting, taking, and allowing. I support Minty’s mission of creating more non-goal-oriented, safe, and sensual experiences for all to explore themselves and others in ways that oppressive systems around us do not allow in our every day. Thank you, Minty! Your facilitation and created space have allowed me to step into my sovereign power." - Taylor (transformational life coach)

This is a sober event.
? Get high on inter-connectivity. Sensuality, conscious Kink and play.

??????????? :

? In my spaces, I try my best to select the best compatible group. Which means I do a selection process. Which requires time, energy and sensitivity. There are no random applicants at my events. I do this in order to provide a better intimate space for you. ❤️

You will be requested to fill out a short form. Please fill it out intentionally, truthfully and thoroughly. An application with 4 words of motivation only, will be immediately declined, no questions asked.
IF you have participated in Raminta's Temples before, you do not need to fill the long questions thoroughly. Under the motivation question, please specify in which Temple you've been.
★★★★★ “Minty is a mastermind of creating highly synergistic groups of people. You can tell the amount of care and consideration she puts into this aspect of her temple spaces. As a participant it feels like the perfect constellation of beings, all brought together for the nourishment of the group, all having a very important role in co-creating the energy, flavour, feeling, and transformative quality of the experience.”

?????? ????????:

In exchange for including the video making, I am offering this Temple for a very special price of 15€ instead of 55€
Otherwise, it's a regular beautiful Temple.
✨15€ - non-refundable reservation (Ticket Tailor)
✨20€ - non-refundable reservation (Eventbrite)
( + platform fees apply)
*Helper ticket: 0€ (few spots) Fill out this form:

*Helper ticket. I am looking for helping hands.
Apply for a helper spot - FILL THIS FORM: We will need you to commit to joining from 17:00 until 23:30. I will contact you if it's a yes with more details about the support. If you can't support on-site, I am happy to hear your offer.

Event Venue

Wamos - Veranstaltungszentrum, Hasenheide 9, Berlin, Germany


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