SELLING FAST - Tate's Mates Business Networking Events

Tue Apr 30 2024 at 08:00 pm UTC+00:00

Birmingham Central | Birmingham

Tate's Mates
Publisher/HostTate's Mates

Want to meet fellow Top G's?

Come join our Real World War Room where you can meet real people who you can align with and bounce ideas off. Find out what strategies they are using to escape the Matrix and make allies.

We want the night to create strong bonds to see how we can collectively escape the Hive. The lifelong friends you make can help you propel when you've lost focus. Together with determination and focus we can all be on the path to exit the Matrix.

So come along and make that first step on the long road to a Billionaire lifestyle or you can take the blue pill and stay in watching Netflix you decide your future.

Event Venue

Birmingham Central, Birmingham, United Kingdom


GBP 6.00

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